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Funny / Yu-Gi-Oh!: Capsule Monsters

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  • Tea just wants things to be normal, as whenever the group goes somewhere, trouble arrives. As she thinks about there being no magic or Pharaohs for once, Yami Yugi asks if she's ready to go.
  • Joey packs a ton of luggage for the trip to India, including a hair dryer and ironing board, despite the fact that they'll only be gone a few days.
  • As they explore India, Tea wonders if she's the only one who thinks walking through a jungle filled with man-eating animals is a bad idea. When Joey says that they're more afraid of them than the other way around, he's startled by Tristan gasping and clings to a tree, begging to be told it isn't a wild animal.
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  • Joey yells at a large Kurama that's carrying him through the air, only to realize it's probably a good idea to not be let go.
    Joey: Hey birdbrain! Lemme go, and I won't eat your cousin for Thanksgiving! [looks down] Uh... I'm gonna take that back. Whatever you do, do not let go!
  • Joey is attacked by a group of baby Kurama and falls into a nest with more Kurama while falling off of a cliff. Multiple times. Eventually, he wonders what's over the next cliff... only to realize there is no next cliff.
  • Upon receiving Baby Dragon, the Kurama flock soon catches up to Joey. He gives his new friend a sound piece of battle advice.
    Joey: Hey pal, it's time you were schooled in the Joey Wheeler technique of battle. If ya can't beat 'em.... run for your life!
  • This Gilligan Cut early on after Yugi defeats the Trents.
    Yugi: I'm sure by now they've realized we're not in India anymore!
    Joey: This guide to India is useless!
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  • Joey finds a treasure chest and dances over it, declares he'll be richer than Kaiba, and gloats at the chance to be a spoiled brat. What's actually in the chest is a Yamatano Dragon Scroll, which captures him.
  • Right after Tea says Joey will be dropping by any minute, Joey literally drops in from above.
  • Joey and Tristan doing the can-can while singing they kicked some can-can. Their song later offends the Island Turtle, who starts to sink.
  • When the group enters La Jinn's temple, they see the genie's lamp before La Jinn himself appears. This exchange occurs.
    Joey: So what's with the giant teapot?
    Yami Yugi: That's no teapot. Stand back!
  • Solomon and Yugi fall behind when running, as Mutos have short legs.
  • During a fight with some Skull Servants, Yugi's grandpa has this nonchalant reaction as the skeletons sneak up behind him.
    Solomon: Fiddlesticks! I still can't summon that monster.
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  • Joey declares himself Flyin' Joey Freewheeler and sings the Mighty Mouse song as he rides Baby Dragon over a wall... and crashes off an invisible forcefield, falling to the ground, and Baby Dragon is returned to its capsule. It crosses over with a heartwarming moment as he begs Baby Dragon to speak to him.
  • After Joey saves Red-Eyes Black Dragon, he falls asleep from exhaustion and Tristan lampshades his tendency to get stuck carrying unconscious people around.
  • Joey eats a ton of fruit in a forest, then hopes he didn't eat the apple required to clear the challenge.
  • Tristan bursts into tears when he sees an enormous melon and markers his face on it so no one will steal it. It gets even funnier when it turns out to be a Petit Moth... and still has the marker on its face.
    Tristan: It's always been a dream of mine to eat a humongous cantaloupe!
    Tea: Okay, that's the most disturbing thing I've ever heard.
    Tristan: I was the president of the National Melon Lovers Fan Club for four years!
    Joey: Not somethin' you wanna say out loud.
  • After wandering around in a maze and finding nothing but dead ends, Tea thinks of how Yugi and Joey would never throw in the towel... and it cuts to Joey declaring he's throwing in the towel as he tries to figure out the maze.
    • Shortly after, as he starts trying again, a Battle Ox creeps up behind him, and taps him on the shoulder, and when Joey ignores him it taps him again. When Joey turns around, he summons Red-Eyes to fight it... only for the much larger dragon to get stuck in the maze.
  • Tristan doodling his face on the maze wall to mark his place. Thunder Kid draws his face too, and when they keep repeating the same loop the wall is covered in their faces. Eventually, Tristan wishes to never see his face again.
  • Tristan's Shovel Crusher is characterized as a hyperactive cuckoolander, running around and destroying whatever it runs into.
  • When Yami Yugi eats the golden apple to evolve his monster, Joey points out this isn't the best time for a snack break.
  • When the maiden prays for the Blue-Eyes White Dragon to save Yami Yugi, this exchange occurs.
    Maiden: Divine one, please hear me.
    Joey: I hear ya. But please, call me Joey!
  • After spending much of the fifth trial as a Mysterious Waif, the maiden tells Joey that they must solve one more riddle after passing the test, only to reveal she was joking.
  • A serious flashback turns funny when the Millennium Ring detaches itself from Alexander, bounces away and rolls out the door on its own.
  • When the group realizes they have no food due to running away from a pack of Flower Wolves, Joey and Tristan claim they won't share any food they find. Tea threatens the same thing, then immediately pulls out a pack of cookies while Grandpa gives Yugi a can of beans.
  • When the heroes return from the Capsule Monsters world and head home, the pilot wonders how they left for vacation with four people and ended up with six.


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