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Tear Jerker / Yu-Gi-Oh!: Capsule Monsters

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  • Any time a Capsule Monster belonging to the heroes is destroyed, it's sad.
  • Yami Yugi is so used to things going wrong because of him that he automatically assumes the Capsule Monster game is his fault, and tries to take on powerful enemies alone to stop anyone getting hurt on his behalf. Joey and Tristan quickly retort that they don't want to see him get hurt, which leaves him at a loss for words.
  • In episode 6, Yugi collapses from the strain of wearing the Duel Armor. Joey and Tristan want to pass the next challenge on their own as a favor to him, and everyone starts to move out, but Tea is visibly worried about Yugi's well-being, which Joey pick up on. He tells her if she wants to stay to look after him she can, and a later scene cuts to her gently taking Yugi's hand in hers as he sleeps.
    • A small moment in episode 5, when Yami Yugi first collapses from the prior battle and Tea lifts him with a 'Say something' moment.
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  • Baby Dragon, Happy Lover, and Thunder Kid sacrificing themselves to save Yugi's grandpa.
    Solomon Muto: You sacrificed yourselves to save an old man...
  • Joey has a serious moment after Flame Swordsman is destroyed. He clutches himself, trembling, before declaring that the monsters responsible will pay.
  • A small one, but Tea's wish that the vacation will be normal. "No magic, no pharaohs." It's sad on two counts. A group of teenagers gets put in constant danger, and Tea associated her own crush, the pharaoh, with things that are dangerous and unnatural, something which isn't really directly his fault.
  • Knowing real-life history makes the moment when Alexander the Great pays his respects to the pharaoh kind of sad, since in real life Alexander only 'sat on the throne of Egypt' because he invaded the country.
  • In the final battle, Alexander tells Yugi to sacrifice his friends and grandpa to catch up to his power level, leading to sad moments from both sides.
    • Alexander's vassals are completely horrified at this, looking near-tears when Alexander says a real king would never value the lives of his servants over his own. Making it worse is that he was a Bad Boss to them before, sacrificing them and their monsters for his own gain without a thought.
    • Yugi's friends argue that they're more expendable than he is and Alexander may have a point, meaning they're okay with dying if it means Yugi can win. Yami Yugi refuses but when his friends still insist, Yugi takes control back from Yami Yugi and yells that while he knows there's a lot at stake, they're his best friends and there's no way he'd desert them. Alexander promptly changes targets and fires a huge energy beam at Yugi, leading to his friends screaming his name before the blast engulfs him.


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