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Tear Jerker / Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game

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  • The Unhappy Maiden. The artwork is quite sad to look at, and the effect makes it come across as a Moral Event Horizon to kill her by battle - either player doing so will have their Battle Phase immediately ended.
    • She gets a character in one of the video games that is just as sad.
    • A stronger version of the same character, The Unhappy Girl, seems to take place before she became so worn down.
  • The final fate of the girl present in cards such as Forbidden Chalice and Forbidden Lance. Crime doesn't pay, indeed. Also crosses into Nightmare Fuel.
  • The fate of the village where Dragon Horn Hunter lived. The Flavor Text (she's a Normal/Pendulum monster) says while she left her village to get dragon horns as an ingredient to cure a plague that befell said village, the disturbed dragons came and killed them all, without her knowing it. This also puts her in Woobie territory.
    The horns were needed to prepare a medicine for her village, suffering from a plague. Unknown to her, the dragons burned and trampled her village, once displaced from their den.
    • It somehow gets worse with the release of Invasion of Venom and Dragon Core Hexer. This is arguably worse then what happened to the Condemned Maiden, as Dragon Horn Hunter only wanted to get medicine for her village, which led to her becoming that thing. The card's final sentence in its description definitely puts her in Woobie territory. Like the Condemned Maiden, this also crosses into Nightmare Fuel.
    Many years of dragonslaying have bathed this huntress in countless amounts of blood. Each drop gave her more power, but at a terrible price, as her cursed body now spreads the dragontaint like an epidemic. No village will take her in, and she no longer even remembers what inspired her crusade in the first place.
  • Gishki Avance bears similarities to Thief King Bakura in looks and in backstory, being the only one of the few left after his tribe was slaughtered.
    • Related to the above, the events that happened to him during the Duel Terminal saga's second season. First and foremost, losing his childhood friend Emilia who is sacrificed by her own mother. After she was (kinda) revived and merged with Musto during the war with the Vylon and her body turned into Guskraken, Vylon Disigma assimilated both, and Avance can't prevent it from happening. Sent into the Despair Event Horizon, Avance unleashed the forbidden Photomiror to revive Emilia for good, but the spell went haywire and instead merged the two's souls as Levianima. Noellia later came back into senses and breaks the spell and even revived Emilia for good, but the reunion don't last long as Zielgigas turned his face upon them and forced Noellia to use up all of her powers to protect the two, passing the Aquamirror to them after that. This guy just can't catch a break. Well, at least he later married Emilia and has Shurit as their child, while perfecting the art his clan inherited to the next level...
  • The artwork for the trap card Graceful Tear. The way the card levitates above the angel's hands makes her look like a mother being forced to give up her child.
    • Worse, it's the same angel from Graceful Charity, only looking much sadder than she used to. What happened to her to take the smile off her face?
  • Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit. A sad looking, apparently distressed cute ghost girl whose only companion is a rabbit ghost that follows her endlessly. Just looking at her makes you want to give her a hug, even if doing so would make you lose your soul.
  • The end of the Mekk Knight / World Chalice / Knightmare conflict. Ib is freed due to the power of the Team Pet, and in order to prevent Lee from seizing control again, she kills herself on Auram's sword. Auram is left to cradle her dying body, while Beckoned / Ningirisu looks extremely battered and despairing of this. This, after they journeyed to fight the Mekk Knights to free Ib, only to find her corrupted and fused with Lee. Little wonder poor Auram fled, and by all appearances, swore off his own name in grief.
    • It gets worse years later, after Ningirsu—having since changed his name to Longirsu—constructs a mechanical body for Ib and uses the power of a World Legacy to awaken the Orcust army and begin a huge battle with Avram's Crusadia faction. That the two are fighting each other after being brothers-in-arms before is bad enough—but then Ib's robotic body turns into another Knightmare, revealing that Lee's corruption may well still reside within her, and therefore that Ib took her own life for nothing.
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    • By the end of the World Chalice arc, a revived Ib, Ningirsu and Imduk are the remaining survivors of the World Chalice archetype. Longirsu was reborn as a knight to defend the stars. Auram somehow became the new creator god. Ib has to deal with the grief of losing Auram.

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