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  • Apparently, Celty is afraid of aliens.
    Celty: "What if it was a space alien?!"
    Shinra: " this where I'm supposed to laugh?"
  • It's safe to say anytime that Shingen is onscreen, there is bound to be hilarity. Other moments include Shinra accidentally (he thought it was Celty) walking on him in the shower. As well as the whole argument where Shinra and Celty are trying to get Shingen's blessing.

    Light Novel 

  • The Omake Story "Everyone Gets Along," ...a lot of it, but mostly Erika's explanation of how she and Walker met Kadota and Shizuo imagining Izaya eating hot-pot all alone, in an Imagine Spot strangely reminiscent of "forever alone."
  • The prequel story to SH, Nicococo!!, is hilarious.
    • Celty attempts to create a video game walkthrough to post online and selects a game with 'Blue Kappas' as the monsters. Her logic is 'if they're not aliens, they won't scare her'. She is found an hour later hiding in the closet and nearly attacks Shinra when he finds her, as the monsters were actually aliens, they were just called 'Kappas'. Even better, when Shinra asks her what sort of game she tried to play, Celty tells him it was a farming simulator.
    • Later, Celty and Shinra decide to play an 'unknown' and 'super-hard' game. Said game happens to be one made by none other than Izaya Orihara when he was in high school. He created it with the sole purpose of testing someone's patience. The game starts out easy enough, however after ten seconds, the character falls down a hole and never stops. After a while, a seemingly endless block of text appears beside the character as it falls, mocking Celty and Shinra for several minutes before Celty tries to close the game. This opens up ANOTHER block of text that once again taunts Celty.
    • Celty opening up the game and seeing the title.
    Game Text: "Fiendishly Hard! Izaya City! Or, a Challenge From Izaya!"
    Celty: "I'm sorry, Shinra. I'm pissed already."
    • The absolute amount of trolling in the game:
    Game Text: "Your character simply keeps falling, and falling, and falling, towards the bottom of a dark pit. Rather than crushing to the ground and meeting his end from the impact and the pain, he just keeps falling, feeling his fear. Eventually, fear turns into anxiety. The end doesn't exist, does it? Without hope for an end, wouldn't it be that I can only keep falling forever, and death is not even an option? The anxiety then turns into a sense of loss. Both fear and anxiety are uprooted from his heart, and he falls prey to the feeling that he was losing his own past and his feelings. But wait, he might be thinking like this: do I still have those feelings to begin with? My life ended when I fell into this pit. Didn't I leave my memories, my feelings, even my reason for existing behind me, on the sun-lit grounds above this pit? What am I, then? Still falling, he now loses even the will to consider the meaning of his existence. Why was I even born, if the only thing I'm allowed to do is to fall?...With that thought on his mind, your pathetic character becomes one with the act of falling, which is now his symbol. If he had any emotions left to speak of, it would be a hatred towards you, dear player. Why did you so carelessly take that step? If you knew that Orihara Izaya was behind this game, why did you still allow yourself to be carried away by the fantasy that the floor was just what it seemed – the floor? It was all your fault. You were the reason your character lost everything and ended up trapped in this monotonic falling motion. I can't forgive myself I can't forgive myself I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't...that's what you're thinking, isn't it? Well, there's no need to feel guilty, for the same is true for you. Doesn't this character – with only those pitiful excuses for residual images to prove that he is still falling – seem to symbolize your own life, dear player? How much time did you already spend on this game? In this meaningless game, have you been able to find anything that you can call nourishment for your life? Oh, you're saying that you're only playing it to kill some time? Have you been able to kill any, I wonder? Or did you simply compound it by burdening yourself with this difficult task, which is making your life even more unwieldy for you than before? If there is nothing to distract you from your boredom except pain, then alas, you're really no different from this character, who just keeps falling, and falling – "
  • When the twins start their first day at Raira, there's a small part where their teachers nervously discuss the fact that the their last name is Orihara, and that they are the younger sisters of Izaya Orihara.
  • The 'Bloody White Day' story. In high school, one Valentine's Day, Izaya sent every girl a fake love note from Shishizaki, whom they were all infatuated with. This lead to them all getting in trouble for skipping class to get candy. On White Day, Izaya sent cutesy, hand-made love notes to every boy in the school, instructing them to meet up later with candy. Despite his suspicions, Shizuo complied, and as the first one there, he was assumed to be the culprit. Needless to say, it ended in a very large, very one-sided fight.
  • The girls' cooking skills are ranked. Mika scores a perfect one hundred, Namie scores ninety-five, Erika scores seventy, Anri scores thirty-five, Celty scores thirty and somehow Emilia scores negative twenty.
  • Mairu is introduced by reading porn in the middle of class and commenting very loudly.


  • Masaomi's recap of the first time he saw Anri.
    Masaomi: "Cute smile... bitchin' boobs... ! Okay, so maybe she wasn't smiling..."
  • Izaya jumping up and down on the back of a thug, then following Mikado home with Celty making motorcycle noises all the way.
  • Episode 3: "Sooo... let's go pick up chicks!" Already one of Masaomi's funniest non-sequiturs, immediately followed by a Match Cut to him attempting to pick up girls. Adult women. From their point of view.
    • Also in this episode, Shizuo's punch sends a gang member flying through the air, and his clothes fly off!
  • In Episode 3, out of nowhere, a trash can flies from off-screen to hit Izaya in the face, sending him sprawling on the ground. Kida cringes but Mikado just stares.
    "Why? Why? Why did a trash can... ?"
  • Shinra walked into a shower. He was expecting Celty. His face was of utter glee. Then he sees his father in the shower.
    Celty: "What happened?:
    Shinra: "I have seen the face of hell..."
  • Shinra's HA HA HA— No moment after Izaya trolls him by handing his cellphone number to the police.
    Izaya: "How was it? Gave you quite the adrenaline shot, didn't it? Did you and Celty just grow to love each other even more due to the misattribution of arousal?"
    Shinra: "Ah hah hah. Go die chest-first in a clay ice shaver, Izaya."
  • Izaya laughing as he's stomping on a cell phone.
  • "Actually, I'm trying to seduce you."
    • And she looks so hot doing it!
  • Whenever Erika has a Yaoi Fangirl moment. She has shown a particular liking for a Shizuo/Izaya pairing as shown when Shizuo says he's going to Izaya's place (to murder him...) and she sparkles with blush stickers saying that he must love him. Everyone (Celty and Kadota's group) cuts her off with a Big "NO!".
    Shizuo: "I'm off to Shinjuku to murder Izaya."
    Erika: "Hey, hey! Shizu-chan's definitely in love with Izaya. Two guys... Like BL!"
    Celty, Togusa, Dotachin and Walker: "No!"
  • Simon trying to get his Russia Sushi signs in front of the TV cameras.
  • Masaomi comparing things to polygamy and voicing his approval. It's ridiculous enough by itself, but then Mikado just says, Ployga-what?
  • "Call me 'daddy!'" (Holds up sign).
  • Really, all of Episode 6 is a CMOF, from the kidnappers spilling chloroform on themselves to Togusa's face at the concert to Kadota forgetting to keep his internal monologue internal from Erika and Walker to "Sparkling naked~!" to Shizuo throwing a plastic elephant at Izaya...and also, the dog.
  • From Episode 7: "Shizuo is acting like he's going through puberty?" Oh Simon...
  • In Episode 7, Shizuo gets fired from one of his jobs by beating up the Power Rangers. Made all the more hilarious when you realize that Izaya's voice actor was a former Power Ranger.
  • Episode 7: Shizuo's remark about how much Shinra's changed after Raira.
    Shizuo: "This idiot — well he's the same."
  • In Episode 10, Mikado's brain goes into overdrive when he mistakenly believes Anri is a Stalker with a Crush (due to her joking around with him). On the flip side, if she's cute then maybe it's okay to be stalked. But then, Mikado starts to imagine puppet show scenarios where Anri goes Yandere. Scene 1, stabbing him with a knife. Scene 2, burning his house down. Scene 3, kidnapping his parents. Of course, this becomes somewhat Hilarious in Hindsight when it's revealed that Anri is the wielder of Saika, an Evil Weapon with Yandere tendencies towards humanity.
    • What follows after that is Mikado and Anri meeting the ringleader of Ganguros and her second boyfriend, looking to get payback for her cellphone getting stomped by Izaya in episode 3. Mikado's face upon remembering what happened sells it.
      • In addition, the exchange that follows:
    Ringleader's Boyfriend: So, you're friends with the guy who broke my girlfriend's cell?
    Mikado: Well, I wouldn't really call him my friend...
    Ringleader's Boyfriend: Then what is he? Your parent?! A cosignernote ?! Huh?!
    Mikado: I think your assumptions are a tad biased...
    • Celty's attempt at lying to Mikado about Mika being her lost relative. Mikado sees right through it, and again, his face sells it.
    Celty: I'm looking for a girl. She's a relative of mine, who's gone missing. I found her yesterday, but then she ran away for some reason.
    Mikado (Wide Eyed): It's a terrible liar.
  • In Episode 11, Isaac and Miria are apparently members of the Dollars. This being Isaac and Miria, even a minor cameo manages to be amusing.
  • In the epilogue of Episode 12, Mikado works up the courage to ask Anri out, finds Kida trying to flirt with her, and, finally fed up with it, lays him out on the ground with a kick. Here's how it goes down, as narrated by Celty:
    Celty: "In 30 seconds, the boy will find the girl. In 35 seconds, the boy will discover his best friend hitting on the girl. In 45 seconds, the boy will kick the crap outta him. In 74 seconds, the girl will reject the boy's offer to get coffee. And in 78 seconds, that girl will ask the boy to have lunch with her on the roof."
  • Episode 12.5, Izaya tells some guys that Shizuo stole something from them... This goes about as well for them as you'd expect, and as they're flying out the window in plain view of everyone, Izaya remarks:
    • There's also Saburo and Kadota having an Oh, Crap! moment with armed syndicate men.
      Saburo: What's with the guns?!
      Kadota: We're still in Japan, right?!
      • Walker getting Wrong Genre Savvy when he thinks his idea for a technothriller novel are coming to life.
        Walker: What is going on? Is the good lord ripping off my own novel? Do they have mind-reading devices too? Everything I wrote is being played out right before me.
      • Even Walker gets Wrong Genre Savvy on a bag that contains nothing but clothes and Onigiri.
        Walker: [The bag] probably contains an ultimate built to destroy the entire human race. (Kadota opens bag) No! Don't open it! It's going to blow up!
        Kadota: (Surprised that he found the contents to be harmless.)
        Walker: Or maybe not.
        Kadota: Guess that alien was going on vacation.
    • All of the English spoken in this episode. It's just all so terrible.
  • In Episode 14, Shingen is trying to cheapskate his way out of paying Celty for transporting him. Celty uses her darkness... stuff to wrap Shingen's neck in thorny vines.
    Shingen: "I was just testing you, Celty-kun. If you release me now—Ow ow ow they're poking me! Those pointy shadow things pricked me a little! Shinra! I am in grave danger here!" (Struggling) "If you are my son, you should know what you need to do!"
    Shinra: "Of course I do" (Pickpockets Shingen's wallet and throws it to Celty.)
    • And right after it, as Shinra declares that he would be happy if Celty stole his soul, she blows a heart-shape from her head smoke.
  • Somewhere in the series, Shinra, calls Celty "Enchantress". Take note, Celty's English voice actress Kari Wahlgren played Amora the Enchantress of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!.
  • The Chase Scene in Episode 24 combines this with Moment of Awesome, mostly because Horada and his lackeys are completely out of their league against Shizuo and Celty, and their faces when they realize it...! Celty "seducing" Shinra later on is also pretty dang hilarious.
  • Episode 25 is pretty much 30 minutes of Crowning Moment of Hilarious Awesome. From Yuhei's TV segments, Shinra being Shinra, and Simon's sushi hocking to the parkour fight, Erika being Erika and the twins being the twins, it's just, to quote Izaya, "fun." It's funny when the fighting starts to spread throughout Ikebukuro just 'cause of Izaya and Shizuo trying to fight with each other.
    • The final episode has Izaya getting a shiner from Simon.
  • Season 2 Episode 4: Erika and Walker get into an argument over whether Celty counts as a Tsundere.
  • Shizuo's expression after Varona stabs him in the last episode is like he's just wondering if she is an idiot. Heck just Shizuo in that episode is just so hilarious that I ended up rewatching it several times.
  • If you're into Black Comedy, Yodogiri tells Izaya on the phone that he needs to take a break. Said break consists of him being stabbed with a knife on the streets of Ikebukuro.
  • When Vorona asks Shizuo on what kind of martial art allows you to flick someone without exerting a lot of efforts, Shizuo tells her that it's from the same martial arts that teaches you to smack people.
  • In Season 2 Episode 25, "Even A Chance Acquaintance is Decreed by Fate", continuous hilarity occurs when Celty comes back to her and Shinra's apartment to find everybody crammed in there.
    • Mika and Namie both fawning over Seiji while slinging insults at each other.
    • When Celty criticizes Namie for her amorality, Namie reminds Celty that Shinra had a part in hiding her head, to which Celty says Shinra has been on the receiving end of her fury. "Please, I'm sure you just smacked him once, then messed around in the most disgusting way. Just like a beast." Celty shoots a cloud of shadow out of her neck like a volcano and immediately types, "HOW DID YOU KNOW!?" Shinra, with Blush Stickers, says "That's so rude, calling her a beast! At night, Celty's actually like a little bunny—" at which point Celty shuts him up by gagging him with shadows, ready to die with embarrassment that their sex life is being discussed in front of everyone they know. And Shingen, still being held in mid air by her coils, says "Just what did you and my son do at night? Please elaborate!"
    • Celty worries about what "That pervert" Izaya is doing with her head, to which Shinra assures her that Izaya is only interested in humans. "I'm sure he's treating your head like a mere ball, or, at most an expensive vase or something". Celty says he isn't helping her at all!
  • When the twins meet up with Shizuo.
  • In S2E29, Shooter appears before Shizuo while following Celty through the city in her primal form, stopping to get his help. Beckoning him to get on, Shizuo replies that he's never ridden a horse before. The horse proceeds to turn into bike-form... only for Shizuo to say that he doesn't have a motorcycle license. Cue Shooter absorbing the bicycle that Shizuo got from a bunch of Bratty Half-Pints trying to be tough on him earlier, with any sounds of whinnies replaced with a bicycle bell. Did we mention that Shooter still rockets around at the same speed as he usually does?
  • Walker learns about Saika and immediately starts fangasming over the potential of becoming superhuman, but the moment he learns that the cost of it would be having to love humans (in other words, 3D people). He turns it down, loving 2D too much.
  • In an OVA, Shinra tells Celty that he has some dirt on Izaya from middle school. Cut to a flashback of Izaya haughtily talking about how much he doesn't like dogs vs his love for humans. The camera then zooms out, revealing him clinging to a pole for dear life surrounded by a group of dogs.
    Celty: "He probably wanted you to help him..."
    • Shinra gets fed up with Izaya's attempts at calling him and threatens to talk about the incident... directly after he told Celty the whole story.
    • The dub is even funny:
      Shinra: "Look, if you don't stop calling me, I'll spill the beans on you, the dogs and the pole!"
  • In an OVA, Shinra reminisces about inviting Shizuo and Izaya to their coming of age ceremony, thinking it would be fun if they all attended.
    • When Shinra invites them, both bluntly decline the invite. However, the two end up going, but only because Shinra annoyed them enough.
    • During the ceremony, neither Shizuo nor Izaya is seen, but one can infer from the flying vending machine, followed by the flying Shinra.
      Shinra: "That was a fun ceremony-"
      Celty: "You were terrified."
  • The final Shizuo vs Izaya battle can be somewhat comedic (for a little while). While fighting, they occasionally move somewhat slowly with their arms and legs flailing, made all the more hilarious by the Noodle People limbs.

  • In Chapter 10 of the manga, there's a comedic page featuring Harima and her six phases of stalking. Let's just say it goes from Harima's victim showing natural human kindness to Harima following the poor guy on a family vacation.[1]
  • In Chapter 12, Izaya is giving Namie work to do, starting with doing paperwork and mailing things and ending with what answers to put into his crossword puzzle.
    Namie: "What horrible person designed this crossword?"
  • There's something oddly comedic about the 'Re; Dollars Arc' art style. It has more realism and detail than any other adaptation and gets rid of the Noodle People proportions. Oh, and there's the fact that everything is absurdly pretty, did we mention that?
  • This might be more on the fridge side, but when Izaya is talking about Masaomi, he refers to him as 'a king he can sacrifice'. That is exactly how one loses at chess.



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