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  • Episode 1:
    • The classroom scene, in which Tsukimi enters and acts like a total ditz. The entire class has no idea how to react.
    • Julie keeps staring at Toru but every time he tries to look at her, she quickly looks away. The anime is doubly hilarious because it has "stare lines" that wrap around Toru.
    • After the temporary duos have been decided, the homeroom teacher comments that Toru is lucky to be paired with Julie but states that there are somethings they are not allowed to do, if he catches her drift, flustering poor Toru.
  • Episode 2:
    • During breakfast, Tachibana and Hotaka ask to sit with Toru and Julie. They then ask Toru whether there were any issues on account of them being a boy-girl duo. Julie says no and says that they in fact cuddled, which was severely misinterpreted by Tachibana.
    • The classroom scene where Tsukimi asks Tatsu a question. He simply flexes and she accepts this as the correct answer, leaving the rest of the class dumbfounded at how he was apparently able to convey this to her with simple body language.
    • When the teacher says she wants everyone to train hard and be macho, the class immediately reacts and say they don't want to be machos.
  • Episode 4:
    • When Tora bows in thanks to Tachibana and Hotaka for helping them, Toru is shocked that Tora would bow to anyone, annoying Tora.
    • There is also this:
    Toru: It's fine. Just because his name means "tiger" doesn't mean he bites.
    Tora: What weird picture of me do you have in your head?!
    • Julie usually ends up sleeping next to Toru but this time, she asks him first, causing a Spit Take.
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    • Most of the shenanigans that occur during the trip to the mall are funny, but seeing a drunk Julie takes the cake.
  • Episode 7: Toru takes down a female ninja trying to ambush him, only to find that it's Imari. She only smiles asking him to get his hand off her breast.
  • Episode 8:
    • The Running Gag of Toru waking up to find Julie sleeping next to him is taken to the next level, as both Julie and Lilith are not only sleeping next to him, they are both naked while doing so. Naturally, Tachibana walks in on them before Toru can get them to cover up.
    • Many of the antics at the beach, but the highlight has got to be when Tsukimi hits the beach ball at Toru's head hard enough to knock him out.
  • Episode 12:
    • Tsukimi is being chased by her students. Why? Because she saved them, so now she has to deal with her adoring fans.

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