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Heartwarming / Absolute Duo

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  • Episode 2: When Toru realises Julie does't have someone to be her partner, he immediately rushes to her so she can have him as her partner.
  • Episode 5: Toru rejects Lilith's offer to be her partner. The reason? Because he wants to remain by Julie's side. When Toru later tells Julie what happened, she is grateful Toru chose her.
  • Episode 11: Tomoe and Miyabi have a moment once the former frees the latter from the Rebel's control.
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  • Episode 12: As a Berserk-Julie tries to kill him, Toru gives her a Cooldown Hug, which succeeds in snapping her out of that state.
  • After finding out Julie is an El Awake, Toru still wants her, and only her to be his duo, and swear the vow again.
  • Kibitsu finding out that Tsukimi survied K's assault and embracing her in class is clearly this. Tsukimi's flustered response is a Crowning Moment of Funny in universe.

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