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Heartwarming / Absolute Boyfriend

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  • Soushi confesses to Riiko that he's loved her for a long time and tries to kiss her, then Riiko slaps him away with a pillow and yells at him for not admitting anything sooner, and then says that she doesn't care if he thinks she's an idiot for buying herself a boyfriend because Night was always there for her when she really needed him.
  • Late in the manga, when Riiko finally chooses Night and properly rejects Soushi. Soushi leaves and Night and Riiko cuddle, with Riiko even calling him her 'one and only boyfriend'.
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  • When Night is put into a tiny body, he admits he raised hell at the company because he wanted to get back to Riiko as soon as possible, even if it wasn't in his original body.
  • Miniature-Night telling Miyabe that her large scar on her back won't prevent her from falling in love or from being loved.
  • During the brief period of Night malfunctioning and constantly switching his spoken language, he holds Riiko and tells her, in English, "I love you".
  • Very late in the series, when Night and Riiko finally sleep with each other. It took obstacles, but it makes the scene that much more heartfelt.
  • The entire last chapter, when we see Riiko and Night together, just like a normal couple. Of course, given the events of the last chapter, it's also bringing tears of happiness and sadness.

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