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As a series about broken individuals who find friendship with each other, it's not surprising that Accel World has more than a few heartwarming moments.Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages. You have been warned.

Main Series

  • Chiyu telling Haru that he has good qualities he doesn't realize, such as sharing his snacks with her, finding her charm and fixing her Neurolinker.
  • Kuroyukihime-sempai's Heroic Sacrifice to save Haru's life from a speeding car.
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  • Haruyuki saving Taku, aka Cyan Pile despite the guy kicking a lot of dogs. Because not only were they friends, they still are. And then he says how they both have to man up and tell Chiyuri everything.
  • The light novels reveal that one of Araya's many acts of cruelty against Haru was to take the black knight net avatar that Haru had crafted for himself and force him to use a pig avatar instead. Once Araya's dealt with, Haru keeps on using the pig avatar, because Kuroyukihime likes it.
  • At the end of Volume 2, Niko reveals that after being eliminated from Brain Burst, Cherry's back to his old self, and the two are keeping in touch even after he got adopted by relatives.
  • In Episode 15, after Haru's at his lowest point as a result of losing his wings and getting into a fight with Taku, Ash Roller realizes that Silver Crow's not acting like his usual self. He gives a good-natured Quit Your Whining to Haru, saying that he didn't let Silver Crow successfully negating his bike's advantages get to him, and then taking him to see his guardian, Sky Raker.
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  • In Episode 17, Taku reveals that he realized that Haru lost his wings to Nomi, and challenges Nomi to get Haru's wings back. After Taku ends up losing, Haru manages to get Nomi to include him in a battle royale, and ultimately gains the upper hand on him as a result of some excellent teamwork with Taku. While the two had been in a rough patch ever since Episode 15, they make a great team.
  • At the start of Episode 23, Chiyu insists on accompanying Haru and Taku to their final showdown with Nomi. Haru's a bit uneasy, but Taku insists that they can trust her, recalling the time Haru chose to spare Taku after their duel. Not only does this show how much Character Development Taku has gone through, but it pays off- Chiyu restores Haru's wings.
  • The end of episode 24, with Kuroyukihime and Fuuko reuniting. It starts out somewhat awkward, but with a push from Haru, Kuroyukihime calls out to Fuuko and the two old friends tearfully embrace.
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  • Episode 24, when Haru gets his wings back, and realizes that Chiyu never betrayed him- she used Nomi in order to unlock her abilities' full potential so she could get back what he stole from Haru.
  • Kuroyukihime and Chiyu becoming friends at the end of the fourth volume, with the former going from calling Chiyu "Kurashima-kun" to calling her "Chiyuri-kun," and the latter joining Nega Nebulus despite having been reluctant to associate with the former. They'd started out on poor terms considering their Mutual Envy over the other's closeness with Haru, so it's heartwarming that Chiyu trusts Kuroyukihime enough to seek out her help, thus enabling the two of them to get closer as a result of helping the same person who's important to both of them.
  • Haruyuki's duel with Kuroyukihime in Volume 5, in which he helps get her fighting spirit back and forces her to fight seriously. For all his issues, Haruyuki can return the favor and provide support to Kuroyukihime.
  • In Volume 5, when Fuuko comes over and playfully teases Kuroyukihime about her closeness with Haru, Haru notices that while they have a fair ways to go before they reconnect, they were very close friends.
  • The part in Volume 5 in which Haruyuki comes to think of Nega Nebulus as like a family and resolves to protect them.
  • The climax of volume 5 has multiples: First, Blood Leopard comes up with the plan for her, Ash Roller and Silver Crow to team up to get Sky Raker to the finish line of the Hermes' Cord race. (Remember, Blood Leopard sees Fuuko as her most Worthy Opponent, and Ash is her Child, but they're both from different Legions.) Secondly, during the final moments, Sky Raker tells Crow that she's unworthy to finish the race; Haru convinces her that she's the most worthy one to finish the race, because she's the only avatar meant to fight in space. Thirdly, as Raker flies up to the finish line, Haru watches as the fulfillment of her dream enables Sky Raker's amputated legs to regenerate.
  • At the end of Volume 5, after Sky Raker informs Kuroyukihime that she got her avatar legs back, the two simply hug, with nothing more needing to be said, before thanking Haruyuki for his help.
  • While the circumstances behind Chiyu qualifying for Brain Burst - her being given a Neurolinker so her father could communicate with her despite having his voicebox removed due to cancer - are quite unfortunate, it goes to show that she has significantly more loving and caring parents than most of the rest of the cast.
  • In Volume 9, Kuroyukihime admonishes Haru for even considering flying off to the edge of the Unlimited Neural Field and leaving everyone else behind, saying that his friends wouldn't give up on him after everything he did for them. Not only does this show the kind of group that Nega Nebulus is, but it also shows that while Haru may be the sort to distance himself from others when he's troubled, there's little he won't do for his friends.
  • In Volume 12, Haruyuki, after hearing Kuroyukihime's darkest secret- that she was kicked out of her family after attacking her sister, thereby losing her family as well as her legion- tells her that he believes that they can rebuild Nega Nebulus, bring back the Elements, recruit new Burst Linkers, and eventually take down White Cosmos, with him at her side every step of the way. She then thanks him and says that she's grateful that she chose him.
  • Kuroyukihime reuniting with Akira/Aqua Current in Volume 13, thus putting her one step closer to reuniting the old guard of Nega Nebulus. Even better, Akira says that Kuroyukihime's still the same Legion Master Akira remembers, even after all this time, and this is a good thing.
  • In Volume 13, Ash Roller, aware that the only way to save Rin from the side effects of his parasitized Enhanced Armament may be to use the Judgment Blow on him and destroy him for good, asks Haru to become friends with Rin in real life, and forge a connection that's about more than just dueling... quickly adding that he doesn't want them to be anything more than friends.
  • In volume 14, after Aqua Current's Duel Avatar is rescued from Seiryu.
"...I'm home, everyone," Akira said, enunciating each syllable, slowly blinking eye lenses beneath the flowing water that covered her face mask.
Haruyuki had to have been seeing things to imagine that even through the film of water, Akira's eyes looked warm and damp.
  • In Volume 14, it's revealed that Mihaya/Blood Leopard doesn't hold a grudge about Akira/Aqua Current trying to erase her memory to spare her from being trapped and trying to save Aqua Current.
    Aqua Current: I told you... you were supposed to forget me.
    Blood Leopard: Can't forget your parent.
  • In Volume 15, it's mentioned in passing that Scarlet Rain and the rest of Prominence's leadership were fine with Blood Leopard staying at Level 6 in order to save points for her rescue of Aqua Current from Seiryu, even though staying at a lower level was arguably detrimental to the Legion as a whole. This isn't lost on Pard, who realizes that she's indebted to a lot of people, which is why she tries so hard to save Scarlet Rain from Black Vise.

Infinite Burst

  • The members of the merged Prominence and Nega Nebulus(as well as Rin, whose Duel Avatar is part of Great Wall) enjoy a festival together, with Haru expressing the hope that even if Brain Burst comes to an end someday, it won't be the end of their friendship.
  • At the very end, Risa's teammates, as well as the Burst Linkers who'd defeated Nyx, all visit her in the hospital.

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