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Awesome Music / Accel World

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  • The first ending, "unfinished" by KOTOKO.
  • Accel World uses heavy amounts of electronic music in the soundtrack, to ear-meltingly awesome effect. Two tracks in particular stand out:
    • The Chrome Disaster's theme, "Core". Also contains Ominous Latin Chanting in the form of repeated miserere mei, Latin for "Have mercy on me". Quite appropriate.
    • Black Lotus' theme, "Alert Sign", first heard in Episode 5. During her fight with Yellow Radio in Episode 11, it gains a kickass beat that firmly cements her reputation as one of the best Burst Linkers currently in existence.
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  • The second opening "Burst The Gravity" by Altima.
  • Haru's theme, "Silver Wing". This theme is the immediate indication that Haru is about to mess you up, try asking Noumi... oh right you can't! He doesn't remember it anymore!

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