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  • Is there a reason that Cyan Pile isn't, well, cyan? He's really more of an indigo color.
    • Refer to this color chart for clarification. As you could see, Cyan Pile's color is located somewhere between blue (close-range) and green (defense).
    • Or, to provide a more "verbal" answer - Cyan Pile's colour is cyan, it is just that telling people to draw something "cyan-coloured" without hitting them in the face with a colour chart on a metal plaque is likely to result in them making it "something that looks like cyan" instead of the actual colour taken from the colour charts. Or, in short, it's because different people see colours differently.
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    • According to at least the first five lightnovels, Cyan Pile IS indigo in color; any time his color is described in more detail than "blue", it's always indigo-blue, never greenish. The Japanese-speaking author might just have been confused about the English words Indigo and Cyan. If this is true, then the author finally realized his mistake by the tenth novel in which the official color wheel was published. Looking at the colors on the wheel, the blue that the anime uses for Pile's armor really does sit between Blue Knight's shade and the shade of purple that Dusk Taker sits at the dark end of. Being indigo-blue also puts Cyan Pile closer to "mid-range direct attacks" Purple than "close-range indirect attacks" Green, which makes sense given the range of the Pile Driver and the Lightning Cyan Spike attack.
  • So, what exactly is the deal with all the hate on Haruyuki? Can somebody explain this better to me?
    • Supposedly (I can't say that for sure because I actually like him as a character, due to the fact that he actually gets a lot of character development in the novels, much more than your average run-of-the-mill protagonists) it is because he is fat and weak instead of being just "average". But really, it is because some people are stubborn idiots and love to complain about shows they don't even care to watch.
    • Thanks. I just thought that they simply wanted a tall-and-lanky MC which, quite honestly, is getting old. I also like Haruyuki as a character, if only because he's apparently going the Simon path.
    • Simply put, he's ugly and he whines a lot. His Gonk-ness feels rather out of place in the show, especially since everyone else is drawn 'normally'. He'd be a lot more tolerable if he looked like, say, Taku.
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    • First, as a bullying victim like Haru (but for a different reason), I could tell you that recovering from bullying is not that easy, even if you have the most awesome support system in existence. It takes time, and you do NOT expect Haru to become super-confident in three seconds flat. That breaks Willing Suspension of Disbelief.
      • Because the moment you get out of bullying, you tend not to trust people, and you would think that people are kind to you because they want to hurt you later on. Remember that episode where Haru gave KYH a "Reason You Suck" Speech? That's because Haru was so badly hurt from the bullying that he thinks KYH is just stringing him around. After all, what kind of gorgeous girl would fall for a fat guy like him? The kind that is actually over a hundred years old in mind but still 13-14 years old in body.
      • Noumi had a moment like that, too, in the final moments of his fight with Haru. He takes Haru's claim that if Noumi had simply approached them openly and dueled fairly they would gladly have befriended him to mean they'd only let him hang around out of pity.
    • Second, 99% of entertainment is all about thin and lanky guys, so why not give fat guys the chance to become lead characters? You see, his emotional problems really fit the theme which the author is getting into, which is overcoming your emotional scars and turning them into strengths.
      • People that are too fat, too thin, or too hideous have unique emotional problems that only they can have, thus in the AW Universe, they gain Duel Avatars with unique abilities depending on what kind of emotional scars they have. If the MC was thin and lanky like Taku, then his emotional problem becomes much easier to solve because they don't have the burden of having problems with personal appearance asides from whatever else they have, and he would get a Boring, but Practical ability, and Accel World simply becomes just another anime fighter.
      • The plot would then end faster because it would only then deal about defeating the Six Kings with very predictable signs of personal growth (not power growth) on the MC's part. AND THEN, people would keep asking for more of the MC kicking ass. That sounds like a sick Vicious Cycle to me. Hey, I know a lot of MC's who grew in power and personality despite being thin and lanky, but that's a different story.
      • Also, please bear in mind that Accel World is set in the future, where people worry less about lack of physical activity than we do right now.
    • I have no idea why no one else mentioned this but I guess I should: it is in the proportions. Ok, I can accept a guy who's fat and short to be the protagonist for the drama and development. HOWEVER, did he have to be *that* small and fat? I don't really hate the character itself, just how the creator/animator made it. There is also the fact that he seems to be the ONLY character like that, everyone appears average. Then there is the point, besides the bullies, that hardly anyone seems to actually notice his appearance or how "weird" it is. I mean, where are those teases and jabs at him? Heck, Nico is the type of character who would do those stuff, but nooo, nothing happens. It appears more or less that he's the only one painting himself the bad image. He could just be chubby and shorter than average size. That way, you can imagine him being bullied and also not look at him too weirdly. With the design, I have a bit of difficulty empathizing and instead see him sometimes as a joke character which conflicts with how we should see him.
      • Actually we do hear more jabs and japes shot at him. Remember just before Cyan Pile challenged Dusk Taker and Haru was having to run laps? His classmates were still referring to him as a pig and suggesting he'd make better time rolling around the track. Not to mention how quickly everyone turned on him when Nomi leaked his name as the probable culprit to putting the video camera in the girls' showers. Do you honestly think they'd have been so quick to jump down his throat if his looks were more normalized? And Nico does take pot shots at his weight the second time they meet up, she just does it in a more teasing manner rather than a nasty way. And in her case, it could be argued that someone who already recognizes their own traumatic shortcomings might be disinclined to go full tilt over another's who they consider a friend.
    • I agree. Take for example this image. Notice how disproportional his body is in comparison to the other characters. His head is three times the size of anyone else. I guess that this could be considered a metaphor for how he sees himself in comparison with others, but if the author wanted it so much, he could have find a way to use such symbolism without breaking our suspension of disbelief. For example: create two images of the MC, his inner image and his outer image, one caricatured and the other not so much.
    • Okay, if you're worried about nobody asides the bullies teasing him for his figure, Taku and Chiyu have known him since childhood (self-confidence issues and all), so they don't really feel like teasing him about it. As for Niko and the other Burst Linkers, they don't see him as Haru, but rather as Silver Crow. If you have tried playing MMORPGs at a highly competitive level, the best players aren't always the most attractive people around, and yet you don't see them for how they look, but rather for how they play.
    • While Haru's design does remind me of the fat sidekicks of old, well, see, that's the thing. Ninety-nine percent of fiction is all about thin and lanky people, so why not give Haru's design a chance? Just because he looks like that doesn't mean you have to show notice all the time. If you want to be realistic, one of my old high school classmates looked exactly like Haru ten years ago, but I'm not sure how he looks today.
      • Really? One of your old high school classmates had a head twice the size of a everybody else? Seriously, Haru's skeletal structure downright is absurd. It's like he's another species. I think that's what ticked most people off. It didn't bother me that much, but it could be improved.
  • While editing the main page, it hit me: the distribution and resource model of the Brain Burst software is downright horrid. Just installing the program, you'll need to pass the program face-to-face, there is a chance of failure and you only get one shot at it. Not to mention the point sink just start a match; 1 point to enter Burst mode with the possibility of no opponents, and possibly 10 points for a level 1 vs level 1 loss, AND more points lost when leveling up. And the only other way of gaining points only occurs from level 4 onwards, which means you must have defeated quite a lot of fellow Burst Linkers to the point of forced uninstalling to reach that point. It must have been insanely good luck or a yet unseen (initial?) mass distribution point for the Brain Burst community to reach the size that it has. The Okinawa episode demonstrates how bad things are with this distribution model (the "parent" has to purposely lose a lot of matches and sacrifice a lot of his points to get his "child" to level 4 just to stabilize the situation).
    • While I don't disagree with the premise that the distribution is... less than optimal to say the least, I believe its meant to be part of the mysteries surrounding Brain Burst that will be revealed when someone finally cracks Level 10.
      • Actually, it turns out the that original 100 players could have an unlimited number of "children", and the ability to check for compatibility with the program, ensuring they don't try to download it to someone incompatible.
    • Duels seem like a Zero Sum Game. If one participant loses burst points, the other gains the exact amount. Between using burst point for other things, it would seem like the total supply would quickly run out. The only other infusion of new burst points, is from fighting monsters in the 'Up' world, but they give pathetic amounts. So where all the fresh burst points being infused into the system from?
  • Silver Crow gets his limbs blown off quite a few times over the course of the series, but he's always back in one piece before long. Why was Sky Raker's amputation permanent?
    • Unlike Silver Crow (and anyone else for that matter) who didn't want to lose any part of their body permanently in the game, Sky Raker felt she needed to lose her legs in order to motivate herself to reach for the sky, as she probably felt that without her legs, she'd had no reason to come back down to the ground. Since the game reacts to the user's wishes, her avatar's permanent amputation was the result. She probably realized afterwards that in order to fly, one must first propel himself from the ground itself and jumping is one of the fastest ways to launch yourself from the ground.
    • Sky Raker was also an amputee outside the Accelerated World, so that probably allowed her loss of legs in-game to be permanent due to the avatar being based on self-image.
    • It appears that Sky Raker was in Kuroyukihime's legion. As we know, legion masters have special powers over their soldiers, able to execute them regardless of how many Burst Points they have. It is therefore logical to assume that Kuroyukihime used a variant of this power to annihilate only a part of Sky Raker's body, on Sky Raker's specific request, as shown in the series.
  • I was reading the Alternate Character Reading trope and I remembered this scene where everybody shows off their digital ID cards, (which can't be hacked, as it's probably tied to the national database). When KYH showed hers, Nico commented angrily that it reads... "Kuroyukihime." Fuuko Kurasaki meanwhile calls her "Sa-chan." So can anyone take a guess to KYH's real name that can be alternatively read as Kurokukihime and probably starts with "Sa" (as Fuuko and KYH are best friends after all, so "Sa" in Sa-chan probably is from her first name.)
    • I don't know why exactly is it supposed to be a "headscratcher" since there are no questions, unless "can anyone take a guess" is supposed to be one or there is an implied "am I right now?" question in your words, but I will say this.
      In Japan, "similar" when used to refer to names means that they either use the same syllables (but a different spelling), only one ideogram is different (and the spelling doesn't matter), one of the names has the same ideograms as the other with one taken out (and the spelling doesn't matter, though likely is different), or they are spelled in the same way but are written differently. That leaves a lot of room to guess, and it's like taking two western names and saying that one of them "has the same number of letters or uses the same letters or has a similar meaning or is pronounced similarly or 'is in some other way similar'". It's pretty much having 20 millions of names to choose from and decreasing that number to 1 million. Hurray, only it doesn't help when you are looking for a specific name based only on that.
      And the point of the scene with the nametags was to establish that she, or someone she knows, has the ability to change the content of the nametags, something which is supposed to be impossible to do for people who didn't make them. It is worth noting that every other character had their names on the nametags, both their first and last names; she instead only had her nickname (that being "Kuroyukihime") and with there only being that with nothing that could be her last name, we can be certain that it is not what was originally on the nametag. Although there is a possibility of her nickname being created by mixing the ideograms from both her first and last names, in a similar way to how Kirito from Sword Art Online did it (but using entire ideograms instead of single syllables), but again it doesn't give us enough info (the only standard spelling gives us the name "Setsuki" then, but that's a dead end because she'd be called "Se-chan" then, and non-standard spellings can be many and varied).
      So yeah, the author is trolling us by releasing hints which are not enough for us to do anything with them.
  • In the Okinawan arc, how could Megumi come to Kuroyukihime's rescue when the time difference should have prevented that. Kuroyukihime and company should have been waiting in the 'Up' world for hours if not days for Megumi to come in and get hooked up.
    • Well, and keep in mind I'm just guessing here, from what I saw, Megumi showed up shortly after the group dove in, at which point the scene cut away from her to the linkers. When it cut back, she was essentially in the same position with little to no time passing from her point of view, but the majority of the fight with Sulphur Pot having taken place for the linkers.
  • Okay, so here's something. We know from the very first episode/chapter of the series that the neurolinkers have a safety function that automatically yanks the user out of a full dive if something happens to their real bodies (the light novels seem to say this sensitivity can be set as high as someone coming within a meter of you to as low as a crazy girl with no sense of boundaries rapping her knuckles on your head). Similarly, when Kuroyukihime used the "physical full burst" command to save Haruyuki from Araya's attempt to murder him, his own neurolinker canceled out the brain burst program and yanked him back to the real world when she shoved him. But, what happens in the cast of the Unlimited Neutral Field? Supposedly the only way to log out once you've dove in there is to find an exit portal, but would the neurolinker's safety protocols be able to do it too? What would be the effect of someone finding your body and removing the neurolinker while you're in the field? Do you get yanked back to your real body, or does your mind become trapped in the Accelerated World, leaving you a vegetable until you can again log out?
    • Why no one has answered this yet is beyond me but your question is explained in volume 6. In order to leave there are 3 ways to leave the Unlimited Neutral Field: 1)The leave portal 2) Is cut off your neurolinker global connection 3) is remove your Neurolinker (although, of course, you wouldn't be able to do either yourself). With the later two methods you return to the real world in one piece no vegetable state, the downside is unlike with a leave portal your avatar will, when you next use the Unlimited burst command your will reapear in the place it was when you were when you left(instead of your current locale). Sky Raker made use of this to live on the old Tokyo tower, by setting her Neurolinker to disconnect from the global at certain times. Hope this answers your question -Superside

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