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Nightmare Fuel / Accel World

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  • The Armor of Catastrophe. Not only does it have the appearance of a monster, but when its mouth opens, it reveals what looks like a black hole. And then there's its sole instinct: to devour anything and everything.
    • The Black Hole has the same art style of the Incarnate System... at the least, when Noumi starts his for the first time in the series. Given that the Disaster Armor is first created through abuse of the Incarnate System... it appears Haru nearly revived the Disaster Armor at one point. Thankfully, the time ran out.
  • Niko's speech to Haru in LN 13, about why she and Pard and all the girls in Nega Nebulus look out for him (he's so honest and forthright that they all feel safe and secure around him). It's such an Adult Fear that it's worth more or less quoting:
    "... us F-type Neurolinkers are always afraid when we're in the real world - just a little, but still."
    "A...fraid? Of what?"
    "...Other people. Or more specifically, real-world M-types, I guess. [...]When we're duel avatars in the Accelerated World, we're protected by hard armor. F-types and M-types all have enough power to fight as equals. But once the duel's over and we return to the real world, that power disappears. The more hours you spend as a Burst Linker, the more you end up feeling how weak and helpless your real body is. [..] I mean, at school, just ending up alone with a boy for some weird reason is enough to make me nervous. Even though I know in my head, he's not gonna do anything to me, it's still no good."
    "Even with the social cameras?"
    "Yeah. You can't not feel it. The fact that I'm not protected by armor, that I don't have special attack or Enhanced Armament or anything at all - that fear just gets bigger the more time you spend in the Accelerated World. At any rate, maybe you just always end up having fear wrapped around you when you're in the real world."
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  • Haru immediately realizes that Niko's fear in the real is so acute precisely because she's so impossibly powerful in the Accelerated World. Which also ties in heartbreakingly well with her being a near-pure red type that specializes in defense - to the point of being nicknamed the Immobile Fortress.

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