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Characters from the Accel World series are sorted according to their main allegiance within the light novels, anime, manga, and video games.

Great Legions
  • Black Legion: Nega Nebulus
    Legion Master: Black Lotus
    Executive Branch (Elements): Sky Raker, Ardor Maiden, Aqua Current, Graphite Edge (former)
    Other Members: Silver Crow, Cyan Pile, Lime Bell, Glass Monarch (former)
  • Red Legion: Prominence
    Legion Master: Red Rider (former), Scarlet Rain (current)
    Executive Branch (Triplex): Blood Leopard, Cassis Moose, Thistle Porcupine
    Other Members: Vermillion Vulcan, Carmine Cannon, Maroon Motor, Mustard Salticid, Moss Moth, Spruce Brevis, Peach Parasol, Persimmon Monk, Blaze Heart, Cream Dream, Freeze Tone, Ochre Prison, Amber Captor, Malachite Hex, Iodine Sterilizer, Cantal Tank, Elinvar Governor, Lavender Downer, Hypericum Cheerer, Aconite Archer, Furs Stick, Straw Barrier, Brick Block, Cinnamon Palaemon, Carnelian Alpheus, Navy Lobster, Beet Beat, Carrot Turret, Paprika Caprice
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  • Green Legion: Great Wall
    Legion Master: Green Grandee
    Executive Branch (Six Armors): Suntan Chafer, Lignum Vitae, Iron Pound, Viridian Decurion
    Other Members: Ash Roller, Rin Kasukabe, Bush Utan, Olive Grab, Jade Jailer, Comet Squeaker
  • Blue Legion: Leoniz
    Legion Master: Blue Knight
    Executive Branch (Dualis): Cobalt Blade, Manganese Blade
    Other Members: Frost Horn, Tourmaline Shell, Cerulean Runner
  • Yellow Legion: Crypto Cosmic Circus
    Legion Master: Yellow Radio
    Other Members: Lemon Pierette, Saxe Lauder
  • Purple Legion: Aurora Oval
    Legion Master: Purple Thorn
    Other Members: Aster Vine, Mauve Wire
  • White Legion: Oscillatory Universe
    Legion Master: White Cosmos
    Executive Branch (Seven Dwarves): Glacier Behemoth, Cypress Reaper, Ivory Tower, Rose Milady, Snow Fairy, Platinum Cavalier



  • Acceleration Research Society
    Members: "Black Vise", Dusk Taker, Sulfur Pot, Nidhogg, Rust Jigsaw, Magenta Scissor, Avocado Avoider, Wolfram Cerberus, Argon Array
  • Chrome Disaster
    Hosts: Chrome Falcon, Magnesium Drake, Centaurea Sentry, Unnamed 4th Chrome Disaster, Cherry Rook
    Related: Saffron Blossom
  • Other Burst Linkers
    • Okinawan Burst Linkers
      Crimson Kingbolt, Lagoon Dolphin, Coral Merrow
    • Petit Paquet
      Legion Master: Chocolate Puppeteer
      Other Members: Mint Mitten, Plum Flipper
    • Helix
      Legion Master: Beryllium Coil
      Other Members: Chili Powder, Cinnamon Raccoon, Azalea Baton, Rutile Check
    • Assault Linkers
    • Miscellaneous
      The Audience, Azure Heir, Cocoa Cracker, Mimosa Bongo, Mirror Masker, Nickel Doll, Nitride Uncia, Orchid Oracle, Sand Duct, Slate Bolt, Teal Poacher, Tin Writer

Non-Burst Linkers

  • Enemies
    Four Gods: Genbu of the North, Seiryu of the East, Byakko of the West, Suzaku of the South
    Four Saints: Archangel Metatron, Amaterasu
    Eight Divines: ?
    Other: Sun God Inti, Goddess Nyx
  • Real World
    • Umesato Junior High
      Araya, Ishio, Reina Iseki, Mayu Ikuzawa, Hoo
    • Crossover Characters
    • Other
      Saya Arita, Chiyuri's Mother

Spin-Off Characters

  • Accel World/dural: Magisa Garden
    • Skazka Priskazka
      Members: Aluminium Valkyrie, Orange Raptor, Violet Dancer, Iris Alice, Ivy Capture (former)
    • Sword of Sodan
      Members: Glacier Tiger, Vanilla Slicer, Zircon Paladin, Jasper Jack
    • Faceless
      Members: Brass Eagle, Pyrite Jabber, Rubber Dresser, Pulp Bag
    • Miscellaneous
      Glass Monarch, Maroon Balloon, Phosphorus Fog, Pineapple Sheep, Nocturne Hider

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