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Clockwise from top left: YooA, Arin, Mimi, JinE, Hyojung, Seunghee, Jiho, Binnie
Found you, Oh My Girl!
Hello, we are Oh My Girl!

Oh My Girl is a six-member Korean Pop Music Girl Group, managed by WM Entertainment. They debuted in 2015 with the song "Cupid." The group has become known for their unique concepts and playful yet intricate choreography. Oh My Girl experienced steady growth with each release, but did not get their first music show wins until "Secret Garden" in early 2018.

  • Members:
    • Hyojung: Leader, Lead Vocalist
    • Mimi: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist
    • Seunghee: Main Vocalist
    • Binnie: Sub Vocalist
    • YooA: Vocalist, Main Dancer, Face
    • Arin: Maknae, Vocalist
  • Former Members:
    • JinE: Sub Vocalistnote 
    • Jiho: Vocalist, Visualnote 

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Extended plays/Mini-albums

  • Oh My Girl (Apr. 20 2015)
  • Closer (Oct. 7 2015)
  • Pink Ocean (Mar. 28 2016)
  • Windy Day (Reissue of Pink Ocean, May 26 2016)
  • Listen to My Word (Aug. 1 2016)
  • Coloring Book (Apr. 3 2017)
  • Secret Garden (Jan. 9 2018)
  • Remember Me (Sept. 10 2018)
  • Nonstop (Apr. 27 2020)
  • Dear OHMYGIRL (May 10 2021)


  • "White" (feat. Haha & M. Tyson) - November 28, 2016

Sub-unit and Solo Releases

  • Banana Allergy Monkey (Oh My Girl Banhananote  EP) (Apr. 2 2018)
  • Bon Voyage (YooA solo EP) (Sept. 7 2020)
  • Selfish (YooA solo EP) (Nov. 14 2022)

     Social Media 

Tropes related to Oh My Girl:

  • Animal Motifs: There is a flying pink dolphin in the "Coloring Book" video. At their comeback showcase, it was revealed that this represents JinE, who sang about one in "Liar Liar," as well as having hair styled like a dolphin during that period (according to JinE).
  • Ascended Fangirl: Behind the scenes of their shoot for their commercial for NeNe Chicken, they confessed that they used to order a lot of chicken from that company, and now were excited to help promote it.
  • Bifauxnen: The girls donned suits and fedoras for a turn as "Oh My Boy" performing "One Step, Two steps" as an April Fools' prank.
  • Call-Back: At their first concert, Binnie performed "Can You Hear Me," an OST song from the first drama she acted in, Beethoven Virus.
  • The Cameo: Seunghee had a bit role in Lim Chang Jung's video for "Open the Door" before they debuted as a group.
  • Catchphrase: The page quote is their customary introduction for interviews.
  • Christmas Song: In the form of a very Reggae Christmas with "White."
  • Crapsack World: In the video for "Closer," YooA is the lone inhabitant of a world which most of the other girls have ceased to exist in, save Binnie's ghost-ish character and Arin's frozen form in the car.
  • Cupid's Arrow: Launched by Jiho to make two people fall in love in "Cupid."
  • Death as Comedy: In the "Selfish" music video, YooA is so excited to receive a date invitation from her crush that she has a heart attack and dies. The video then displays a "200 years later" title card and shows her skeleton lying in the chair, still holding the smartphone, surrounded by animated hearts.
  • Deer in the Headlights: Played quite straight with YooA and Seunghee in "Windy Day."
  • Design Student's Orgasm: The video for "Liar Liar" is chock full of bright colors and shapes.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: Binnie in "Closer".
  • Fairytale Motifs: Although not inspired by any specific stories, "Closer"'s video does borrow many tropes and devices from the genre.
  • Funny Background Event: It's not uncommon for one or more members to goof off in the back of their self-camera segments on their V Live broadcasts, with Binnie being a regular offender.
  • Genki Girl: They all have their moments, but Hyojung is nicknamed "Candy Leader" for her almost unyielding energy, positive attitude, enthusiasm and ear-to-ear smile.
  • Gamer Girl: Binnie, Jiho, YooA and Hyojung were pitted in an exhibition match at the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Asia Championship finals against each other. Since none of them are actual gamers, it went as hilariously as one could expect.
  • Girl Group
  • Gratuitous English: Skull and Haha's parts in "Listen to My Word".
  • Distaff Counterpart: They are the sister-group to labelmate B1A4.
  • Hedge Maze: In "Windy Day."
  • Or Was It a Dream?: At the end of the "Shark" music video, the students wake up back on the bus from the start, but one of them is still wearing the boots from the fashion sequence.
  • Shout-Out: The song "B612" is named after the titular character's home asteroid in The Little Prince, and features lyrics which draw from themes in the book.
  • Signature Move:
    • The "Clamshell Dance" from "Closer."
    • The choreography from the chorus of "Windy Day."
  • Stage Name:
    • Mimi for Kim Mi-Hyun, JinE for Shin Hye-Jin, Binnie for Bae Yoo-Bin, YooA for Yoo Si-A note , Arin for Choi Ye-Won.
  • Sustained Misunderstanding: In a rather embarrassing chapter in the group's history, they traveled to Los Angeles to perform at an awards ceremony and shoot photos for their upcoming album, and upon arrival, they were immediately detained at customs for several hours before being unceremoniously put on a flight back to Korea. In the ensuing media flurry, many explanations for the detention were given in a back-and-forth exchange between WM Entertainment and American media outlets. US officials could not fully comment on the matter due to government privacy rules, which means that the true reason may never be known.
  • Tempting Apple: A golden one in "Closer"
  • Toilet Humour: From this backstage short on a music show:
    "Bbom! Okay, I'll begin now." - Seunghee
    "You didn't fart, right?" - Miminote 
    "No!" - Seunghee
  • Truck Driver's Gear Change: Shows up at the end of "Cupid" and "Closer."
  • Updated Re Release: "Listen to My Word" is an updated Cover Version of the same song by Papaya.
  • Western Zodiac: Formations in the choreography for "Closer" mimic the Western Zodiac signs, as explained here.