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Accel World characters (index)
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A list of characters introduced in Accel World/dural: Magisa Garden.

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Skazka Priskazka

    Aluminum Valkyrie 

Chiaki Chigira/Aluminum Valkyrie
Chiaki Chigira - RL
Aluminum Valkyrie 

The main protagonist of the manga spin-off Dural: Magisa Garden, Chiaki recently returned from America, enrolling into an all-girls school. Her brother used to tell her stories about a "Snow Black Princess" and her adventures in a magical kingdom before he died. Seeing an opportunity, two of her seniors try to install Brain Burst on her, only to be rejected. Turns out her brother already installed it three years ago on his deathbed, and is an unknowing Avatar.

  • Animal Motifs: Idolized Kuroyukihime to the point where her own public avatar is designed around a swallowtail butterfly.
  • Badass Adorable: She is a very cute young girl and quite badass in real life, thanks in no small part to her years of study in America where she learned parkour and several martial arts.
  • Berserk Button: She does not take too fondly to people talking about her height. Even if someone isn't actually talking about her height.
  • Blood Knight: She loves a good fight and loves looking for one in the hope of growing stronger so she can be more like Kuroyukihime.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Smashes her teacher's desk with one foot on her first day. And that's just as a greeting.
  • Fingerless Gloves: Wears a set of fingerless gloves.
  • Shana Clone: Not surprising, considering the fact that Ayato Sasakura, the artist of Dural, also worked on the manga adaptation of Shakugan no Shana. She's just more of a Genki Girl than most examples.
  • To Be a Master: She wants to become the eighth King to impress Black Lotus.

    Orange Raptor 

Yuuko Hoori/Orange Raptor
Yuuko Hoori - RL

Head of Enbuken. In the real world wears a bear head on her swimsuit for some reason.

    Violet Dancer 

Kurumi Kuruma/Violet Dancer
Kurumi Kuruma - RL

Member of the Math Research Department staff martial arts division. In the real world has a habit of cross-dressing, garnering herself many fans in their all-girls school. Her avatar looks like an exotic Arabic dancer.

  • Bifauxnen: Her overall appearance in real life complete with short hair and penchant for boyish clothing.
  • Boyish Short Hair: Her short her really helps with her Bifauxnen look.
  • Dance Battler: The theme of her avatar.
  • Red Baron: Also known by the title Violet Violence.
  • Rings of Death: Her chakrams, which her fighting style revolves around. Usage of the chakrams drains her Special Gauge, but if she has a lot saved up, she can call more than one to use and is even capable of controlling up to eight of them at once.

    Iris Alice 

Lilya Usachova/Iris Alice
Lilya Usachova - RL

Russian-Japanese student and newcomer to the Math Research Department staff martial arts division. She had been bullied because of her lack of proficiency with Japanese. Eventually becomes Yuko's "child".

Has an Alice in Wonderland motif to her design and attacks.

  • Your Mind Makes It Real: Lilya has a worse nightmare than anyone else in the cast or, for that matter, in the Accel World, as her trauma causes her to materialize a giant monstrous rabbit to destroy her enemies. Nothing less than the Chrome Disaster can possibly match.

    Ivy Capture 

Ena/Ivy Capture

Sword of Sodan

    Glacier Tiger 

Touga Toudou/Glacier Tiger

    Vanilla Slicer 

Tokinori/Vanilla Slicer

    Zircon Paladin 

Zircon Paladin


    Jasper Jack 

Jasper Jack


    Brass Eagle 

Noriko Washizuka/Brass Eagle

    Pyrite Jabber 

Kiyomi Koriyama/Pyrite Jabber

    Rubber Dresser 

Inoa/Rubber Dresser

    Pulp Bag 

Riku/Pulp Bag

Other Characters

    Glass Monarch 

Souya Chigira/Glass Monarch

Chiaki's older brother. As one of the few who knew of Black Lotus' real-life identity, he admired and used to tell stories about her to his little sister. However, he perished three years ago due to an incurable disease, passing the Brain Burst program on to Chiaki.

    Maroon Balloon 

Maroon Balloon

    Phosphorus Fog 

Phosphorus Fog

    Pineapple Sheep 

Pineapple Sheep

    Nocturne Hider 

Nocturne Hider

Alternative Title(s): Accel World Skazka Priskazka, Accel World Sword Of Sodan, Accel World Faceless, Accel World Colorless


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