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  • Badass Decay: Lilith goes from being able to curbstomp all but 8 of her first year classmates (and those 8 had a heck of a struggle working together) to being barely able to keep up with Julie alone.
  • Complete Monster: Narukami Sakaki pretended to befriend Toru Kokonoe so as to gain entry into Toru's family sword-training dojo. Once inside, he casually murders everybody inside before setting the building on fire, while mocking his victims as "being weak." Next Sakaki turns his sword on Toru, which Toru only survives because his grievously wounded younger sister, Otoha, took the blow instead. Narukami then mocks the Heroic Sacrifice by saying "how boring, all she did was die." Some time later, Narukami does something similar to a boy who would later be named "K," killing the latter's older brother before him resulting in his family being torn apart, and him being sold into a criminal organization that made him a combination slave/test subject/Child Soldier, and when "K" wound up in prison after attacking Toru at Koryou Academy, Narukami teleported him out and sliced him in half, vertically, letting him live just long enough to tell him that his life was meaningless and his role in the story is over. When Toru returns home on a yearly pilgrimage to honor the dead, starting with his sister at the cemetery, he finds Narukami waiting for him at the site of his former dojo, acting as if nothing's wrong, and doesn't understand why Toru's angry. After trying to make Toru sound crazy for wanting to avenge his fallen loved ones, Narukami gets bored and slices Toru's shield in half—along with the arm behind it.
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  • Ending Fatigue: Many find the final episodes of the anime to be a pain to sit through. Primary reasons usually are because the pacing is rushed, the fighting comes off convoluted, and Miyabi Hotaka going Yandere comes almost completely out-of-nowhere.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Imari Nagakura. She was only seen in the first episode before getting Put on a Bus, but had a likable enough persona that had many wishing for her to return somewhere down the linenote . Helps that she has Asuna's voice actress as well. It won't be surprising if some fans prefer Toru to be with Imari instead, given that he shares voice with Kirito.
  • Fight Scene Failure: If episode 3 proves anything going into this series, it's that the animation for the action sequences are terrible.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Toru and his childhood friend Tora.
    • Tomoe and Miyabi. They even have their own ending theme that's filled with this.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Toru Kokonoe. It's a Harem series after all.
  • Moe: Julie Sigtuna fits this to the bill.
  • Moral Event Horizon: If Narukami Sakaki didn't cross it killing people in Toru's dojo (including Otoha), he most certainly did killing K. He also got worse trying to kill Toru by slicing his arm off.


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