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  • Raj doing the mirror, mirror on the wall bit, only for his retainer to tell him he's talking to a messenger, not a mirror.
  • When Zen sees Shirayuki for the first time, he trips off the wall, causing his retainers to check for a concussion by asking what one plus one is. Later, when Zen claims to be a prince, Shirayuki repeats it, not believing him.
  • Raj tries to avoid Prince Izuna's attempts to send Shirayuki home with him by claiming that Zen thinks of her as his fiance. Zen was not amused.
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  • Drunk Shirayuki in spades.
  • In episode 10, Lord Brecker attempts to sabotage the messenger bird test by throwing the bell that summons the bird into the water and locking Shirayuki in a room. Shirayuki jumps out a window to escape and retrieve the bell, right as we cut to Obi walking up the stairs. He sees Shirayuki through the window of the staircase he's on. The way his face switches from "Wait, what?" to "OH, SHIT!" is hilarious.
    • Obi's manga reaction is much the same but happens right when he arrives and gets off his horse, one of the assistants points out the tower and Shirayuki jumps out the window right as Obi looks up.
  • When Kiki cuts her hair, Obi has this to say...and later Shirayuki says the same thing.
  • Izana requires that Zen must go on a date with one of his potential suitors. So he goes on date with Kiki since she is a noblewoman. Izana admits that was clever, and it was his mistake for not taking her name off the list.
  • Obi teases Zen about peeking in on Kiki and Shirayuki in the bath while the two of them are bathing together.
    Obi: Well, master... Shall we try to find a spot where we can peek in on the ladies?
    Zen: [blushing] STOP IT!
    Obi: [laughing] Calm down, master. I was just kidding. You're so gullible.
    • Zen was at least half saying stop in in response to Obi standing up in the bath and coming towards Zen like he was going to hug him.
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  • After Kiki and Shirayuki take a bath in the inn, Mitsuhide asks how it went. When Kiki gives him an odd look, he backpedals and explains that he meant because they never get time alone together to talk.
  • In the past, Mitsuhide did not realize Kiki was a girl and did things like offer to take a bath with her, with Zen wondering how he didn't know. When he does find out he is mortified, and Kiki admits she said nothing as well because she found it funny.
  • When Zen admits to Mukaze, Shirayuki's father, that he loves her, Mukaze shouts that he will never allow it, causing Zen to recoil. He then admits he was joking, but he always wanted to say it, and supports the relationship. Zen then goes down the stairs to a very redfaced Shirayuki, who had heard the entire thing.
  • During Shirayuki's kidnapping, Zen keeps his cool. Mitsuhide and Kiki decide to help him vent by five-star back-slapping him.
    Zen: [groaning in pain] What... was that for?!
    Kiki: It's not that we don't appreciate you maintaining your composure throughout all this...
    Mitsuhide: But, you need to vent some of your frustration and anger. If not, you'll spontaneously combust.
    Zen: So, you're just helping me burn off some of the steam? [Death Glare] That's oh so kind of you.
    [Kiki slides behind Mitsuhide as they both realize they may have screwed up.]
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  • Obi teases Zen that Shirayuki is in the bath while they're waiting for her to join them for drinks in the common area of their wing of the castle.
    Obi: She's in the bath and you're just waiting................heh.
    Zen: *tackles him*
    Obi: *rolling around on the floor with Zen not trying to escape* It was nothing master, I swear it was nothing!
    Zen: *trying to smack Obi and untangle himself from him* Then what were you trying to suggest!
  • When Izana is marveling at how many letters have arrived at the castle from the families of noblewomen hoping to marry Zen he wonders aloud if Zen went running around handing flowers to everyone while Zakura points out Zen's high number of suitors is actually Izana's fault.
  • When Zen complains about the cold in Lyrias Obi suddenly perks up and runs off to buy him something, he comes back with animal ear shaped earmuffs like Yuzuri wears and then acts horribly disappointed when Zen doesn't look as silly as he was hoping he would when wearing them. Zen then makes Obi wear them for the rest of the day.

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