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YMMV / Snow White with the Red Hair

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  • Arc Fatigue: The arc in the North with the glowing flowers and crystals drags on for a long time, with Zen, Mitsuhide, and Kiki being mostly Out of Focus.
  • Awesome Art: The manga is truly impressive in the art department, but the backgrounds in the anime look absolutely gorgeous. Then again, considering who animated it, it comes as no surprise.
  • Awesome Music: The soundtrack is also very nice, being composed by Michiru Oshima who also did the music for Fullmetal Alchemist 2003, Zetsuen no Tempest, and The Tatami Galaxy.
    • Also of note is the fact that the soundtrack was recorded with the Orchestra of the Paris National Opera.
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  • Base-Breaking Character: Hisame Lugis who some understandably can't forgive for trying to force Kiki into an arranged marriage in the past and is hated by a large portion of the fandom for his constant irritating of Mitsuhide at every opportunity. Others have grown to find his treatment of Mitsuhide to be endearing especially after he let Mitsuhide out of his cell, seemed perplexed when Mitsuhide told him he wasn't responsible for having Hisame attacked as he'd been framed for since Hisame knew it was a frame-up immediately, revealed himself to ship Kiki and Mitsuhide and tried to get Mitsuhide to reconsider after he heard that Mitsuhide had turned down Kiki's proposal. Most of those who like him note that he was still rather young when he tried to force Kiki into an arranged marriage.
  • Complete Monster: Umihebi is the captain of the Claws of the Sea, a band of infamous pirates known for sinking bypassing ships along with the crew, should they fail to pay them absurdly large amounts of money. They are also widely known for trafficking people with unique and beautiful appearances and sell them as sex slaves to wealthy noblemen; Kazuki was one of their most unfortunate victims; Umihebi herself horribly abused him for years before selling him to her wealthy clients. When Umihebi's men tracked down Kazuki and learned that he freed himself from his captors, not only does she decide to sells him back to them but upon noticing Shirayuki with him, decides to sell of off as well due her unique red hair, but not before making Shirayuki watch as she tortures Kazuki. Not even her men are exempt from her cruelty as she beat two of them to death when they failed to prevent Kazuki and Shirayuki from escaping their cells. Ruthlessly violent and wholly irredeemable, Umihebi truly stood out in an otherwise-lighthearted romantic shojo series.
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  • Evil Is Sexy: Umihebi, the Pirate Girl in charge of the Sea Talons.
  • Idiot Plot: Lampshaded by Zen, no less. So the Lions of the Mountain find the location of their leader's daughter and that she has been targeted because of her red hair. What do they do? They break into a castle, beat up her bodyguard and kidnap her to bring her to their hideout without even telling her anything beforehand, instead of, say, introducing themselves like proper people and asking her for permission first. There's no way a misunderstanding could be born there.
  • Memetic Mutation: The comparison of Touka Bergatt being shown the boundaries of the Bergatt's ancestral lands from a hillside as a child to Simba being told that everything the light touches will be his by Mufasa in The Lion King.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Lord Brecker hunts the intelligent birds of Kihal's home, and when Zen tries to have a contest to prove the birds' usefulness, he interferes stealing the bell to call Popo from Shirayuki and locking her in the tower, telling her that because she is a commoner, Zen won't be able to take her word for it.
    • Earl Touka Bergatt crossed it when he casually murdered his father then threatened to do the same to his young brothers if they didn't obey him and forced them to become his personal assassins, killing off those who opposed him while they were still children.
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  • One True Threesome: Many fans like Zen/Shirayuki or Obi/Shirayuki. However, one of the most popular options is the mix with Obi, Shirayuki and Zen. The manga actually has many scenes that seem to support this too, with Zen, Shirayuki's boyfriend, saying he likes to see Obi and Shirayuki together, for example. Or when both Zen and Shirayuki freak out over the possibility of Obi being in a relationship with someone they don't know, or Obi saying he likes both Zen and Shirayuki, although it's unclear which type of "like" he said about Zen.
  • Periphery Demographic: Despite being a shoujo, it has a decent fanbase of male viewers and readers.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: Not only are the manga and the anime very easy on the eyes and ears, it's also a fairy tale romance that avoids the genre's most cloying and dated trappings. Its central relationship is between two well-rounded, intelligent and compassionate people who have nothing but respect for each other, and whose circle of friends also want only the best for them.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • When Shirayuki is given Zen's medical records, and she sees how badly he has poisoned himself for the immunity, she begins to cry.
    • Atri's death.
    • Tariga and Tsuruba reactions to seeing the kind of loyalty Queen Haruto inspires with her leadership, and the love she has for her sons when it makes them realize that their brother's form of controlling them through fear and clutching to his lands through assassinations and murder is something they no longer want to support but have no way to break away from without being killed.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The queen comes to the castle to pass the throne to Izana, however despite Zen telling his brother he wants to make Shirayuki his wife, she and Shirayuki never interact.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Mihaya's backstory in the second episode is sad and all, but he was going to sell Shirayuki to the highest bidder and was getting ready to hit her with the torch when Zen popped up.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: It's really hard to tell whether Garaku, the chief palace pharmacist, is male or female. The anime makes this clearer by showing her bust and Shirayuki calling her Ma'am.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: In the English Dub, although Brina Palencia is liked, feel as if the voice being used is far too deep for Shirayuki. This crosses into Superlative Dubbing depending on who you ask, with both dub-first and sub viewers getting used to or liking the change. Although in Season 2 Brina Palencia did use a higher voice for Shirayuki, that those that didn't like it feel is much better.


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