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Ho Yay / Snow White with the Red Hair

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Implications of same sex romance and fuel for those wearing Shipping Goggles from Snow White with the Red Hair and the as of yet not officially translated bits. Beware of spoilers ahead.

Ho Yay

Obi x Zen

  • Obi and Zen are to the point that many fans consider Zen/Obi/Shirayuki to be a near canon threesome. Obi is nearly constantly teasingly flirting with Zen and complimenting his eyes, and at one point when sleeping in a garrison in the same room as Shirayuki and Ryuu he looks to the ceiling and wishes Zen a goodnight as well. There's also the fact that he has admitted to liking Zen even if he hasn't confirmed out loud whether he likes him romantically, and Mitsuhide has told him off for sleeping in Zen's bed. For his part Zen has fallen asleep using Obi's lap as a pillow and has commented that he likes seeing Obi and Shirayuki together and says its hard for him to be apart from both of them when they're in Lyrias.
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  • Obi gives Zen a long unblinking stare identical to the one he gave Shirayuki when he started to fall for her when Zen blushes and stutters while talking about Shirayuki on their way to Lyrias.
  • Zen's reaction to hearing that Obi has received a letter asking after his hand in marriage (though it was opened by Mitsuhide and it's implied Obi himself is entirely unaware) is to say he would grab Obi and run if this suitor or any other was ever to actually approach him.
  • When Obi and Shirayuki are back at the Wilant castle for a night and Mitsuhide and Kiki are at the Sereg fortress Zen sleeps in Obi's bed. Obi gives up the bed and sleeps on the couch that sits next to it but the two stay up long enough that they're both late and groggy the next morning.
  • Obi says that Zen's smile ought to be immortalized by a painter after being caught by Shirayuki talking to Zen in what is described as a seductive voice.
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  • Obi stays in Zen's room when Zen visits Lyrias.
  • Both Shirayuki and Zen get very nervous at the possibility of Obi going out with a woman they never saw, while Zen is staying at Lyrias. Zen even is the one who says they should follow him and see for themselves if it's true or not.

Obi x Mitsuhide

  • Obi complements Mitsuhide's build after seeing him with his shirt off.
  • Obi regularly sleeps on the couch in Mitsuhide's bedroom.

Hisame x Mitsuhide

  • Hisame invites Mitsuhide into his room to Mitsuhide's mistrusting glare when they're at Sereg and his normal treatment of Mitsuhide seems rather a lot like his mild annoying flirting with Kiki turned up several notches. He's also the one who lets Mistuhide out of his cell after he's been imprisoned despite not really having the authority to go against the order to arrest him.
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  • Hisame invites himself into Mitsuhide's room and after the two decide Mitsuhide gets to keep the bed he retires early and takes the bed for himself. Mitsuhide gives him a half-lidded glare and takes the couch of course.

Les Yay

Shirayuki x Kiki

  • Kiki's beauty manages to fluster Shirayuki when the two take a bath together at an inn.
  • When Kiki, Obi and Mitsuhide have to wear uniforms for Izana's coronation Kiki is the one whom Shirayuki compliments as looking beautiful and very nice even though the three of them are wearing the same outfit.


  • Though this is removed from the anime, Torou is explicitly stated to 'swing both ways'.

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