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Heartwarming / Snow White with the Red Hair

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Being inspired by the original fairy tale of Snow White, Snow White With the Red Hair has no shortage of heartwarming moments.

  • After finding out that she was being forced to be Raj's concubine, Shirayuki works long into the night making sure that the remedies her customers need are prepared for them before she runs off. She wanted to make sure that each and every last one of them was taken care of.
  • Zen offering her the chance to tell Raj off for herself. He didn't just free her and make a run for it. He gave her the opportunity to speak for herself.
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  • During the test to be a Royal Herbalist, Garak notes to Zen that all he need do as a prince is say the word, and Shirayuki would be given the position without any test whatsoever. Zen, displaying his understanding of Shirayuki's feelings, says that she would be angry with him if he pulled something like that, and probably leave the palace. Zen understands that Shirayuki wants to succeed or fail on her own merits.
  • Izana chastises Mitsuhide and Kiki for allowing Zen to bring Shirayuki with him, saying that it was their job to watch the younger prince. Mitsuhide, whom we have already been told only voices disagreement when he feels it's truly important, smiles and tells Izana that it's because he was watching Zen that he allowed it to happen. All Izana can do is walk off, complaining about impertinent mouths.
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  • After Obi wakes up to find Zen asleep with his head on Obi's lap and Shirayuki asleep on the floor next to him he sets up a Sleep Cute by placing the sleeping prince right next to Shirayuki. Possibly with Mitsuhide's help, Kiki noticeably hasn't moved from where she was pretending to sleep when Obi woke when Zen wakes up though.
  • Zen's stunned reaction to how tall Ryuu has grown since he last saw has Zen come off like a parent to the once lonely young pharmacist.
  • Zen and Shirayuki cuddling in the mass of pillows inside one of the light tents in Lyrias where she tricks him into giving away that he has a fever even though he's trying to hide it from everyone but Obi to keep people from coddling and crowding him while he's sick.
  • When Sakaki delivers the official "Friend of the Crown" medal and documents, he announces it as for "Shirayuki of Clarines". Raji has accepted that he and Shirayuki can be friends, but that she will remain by Zen's side.
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  • Izana, upon hearing that Shirayuki was granted the title "Friend of the Crown" in Tanbarun, starts laughing, then quickly assures Zen and Shirayuki that it's not his intention to poke fun, and that the title means that there is no longer any issue with Shirayuki and Zen openly acknowledging one another as friends.

Anime Only:

  • After Mihaya is arrested for kidnapping her, Shirayuki gives the guards a balm and asks them to apply it to his wounds, demonstrating an amazing level of forgiveness.

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