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  • What does Shirayuki do when Raj's guard delivers his demand? Wasting no time in panic or angst, she makes a plan. First cutting her hair to taunt him/pacify him and then disappearing into the night. She made it all the way past the border before the guard caught up, and that was only because she ran into Zen and company.
  • When Zen trips off the wall the first time he sees Shirayuki, she offers to tend to his bruise. He refuses because he can't trust someone he just met that it isn't poison. She slams his sheathed sword against her arm to give herself a similar bruise to prove the salve works. He laughs and admits he lost.
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  • At the end of the first episode, Zen bursts into Raj's chamber, overwhelms a guard and intimidates the other prince into cowering against a balcony with blackmail and force of personality; he does all of this while fighting off the paralysis poison.
  • Shirayuki's escape attempt in the second episode. She spends all day sawing at her ropes against a wall, breaks free when Mihaya comes to feed her, stuffs some herbs into a lantern and smashes it to make an improvised paralyzing gas, and then leaps from a second-story window to get down. Even after she was caught again, she showed no fear.
  • Shirayuki rails on a patient who spreads rumors about Ryu attempting to poison others in the fourth episode.
  • Zen and his smaller group managed to easily defeat the bandits in the fifth episode.
  • In the test to be a Castle pharmacist, Shirayuki discovers that Yura Shigure is planted into the greenhouse instead of the correct plant, and it is poisoning the other plants. With Zen's help, she makes it bloom and replants all the plants.
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  • Shirayuki slaps a bottle of topical ointment out of Raji's hand before he drinks it. She then launches into a beautiful "The Reason You Suck" Speech, and when Raji tries to tell her she can't talk to him that way, she agrees that she probably shouldn't, but tells him that he doesn't really act in a respectable way, anyway.
  • When Izana tries to warn Shirayuki away from Zen, she declares firmly that she intends to remain in Clarines. Izana notes with grudging respect that she is maintaining eye contact with him.
  • The entire sequence around the bell test, including Shirayuki diving into the water to retrieve the bell, and the soldier Shikito not taking the Viscount Lord Brecker's, crap and arresting him for attempting to sabotage the test.
  • The entire sequence of events that leads to the fall of the Claws of the Sea:
    • First is the coalition with the redeemed Raji, Zen Wisteria, and the Mountain's Lions. They all formed a great plan to defeat Umihebi and rescue Shirayuki and Kazuki. One part of this plan involves deliberately letting Kiki be captured as a morale booster and guard for the captured Shirayuki while she is on the pirate ship.
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    • Raji personally lead a merchant armada. He personally warned the Claws of the Sea to stop or face the consequences of capturing the "Friend of the Crown" Shirayuki. They didn't listen and though they lost them out of Blue Vortex. However...
    • Raji then successfully navigated through the Blue Vortex and rammed his ship onto the pirate ship preventing their escape. He also successfully tracked the base to Zen Wisteria and Mountain's Lions. (Anime Only). This leads to...
    • The Curb-Stomp Battle between the Claws of the Sea and the Mountain's Lions with Zen Wisteria and his personal team. The pirates never stood a chance.
  • Zen, Mitsuhide, Kiki and Obi all get plenty of awesome each during the attack at the Sereg fortress and the events leading up to it.
    • Kiki and Mitshuhide have an exhibition match for the knights at the fortress which proves they're better swordsmen than anyone else present and are evenly matched. Zen calls the match to a close so that it doesn't drag on for too long and it remains a tie.
    • Mitsuhide then has a match with Hisame where Mitsuhide is able to basically play around and force the match to end in a draw since due to their positions neither of them can loose in front of their current audience. Hisame is quite irritated he couldn't force Mitsuhide to just beat him since he was well aware he was outclassed when he asked for the match. Also hilarious since Zen and the Sereg captain had previously asked them not to duel and they'd given somewhat vague responses that made it seem like they were agreeing not to, when they go ahead and do so anyway the captain ends up facepalming over his lack of control of his vice-captain.
    • Hisame gets some credit for knowing that the Bergatt twins were up to something in joining the Sereg group even before news of the attacks reached him, and for his willingness to act as bait for the attackers.
    • Zen's very thinly veiled icily furious threat to whomever is framing Mitsuhide when two of those he is fairly certain are responsible are in the room. There's also the fact that he managed to smoothly intercept Kiki before she did anything rash when it looked like she was about to draw her sword on the knight who had arrived to arrest Mitsuhide while unsettling the guy himself.
    • Obi has a whole grouping of off-screen moments of awesome when he uses his former underworld contacts and knowledge to infiltrate a black market and learn about who is hiring assassins and other unscrupulous fighters for hire, manages to escape unscathed after his new position as a knight is finally figured out, tracks the movements of messengers from the Tohz and Bergatt families, and manages to get past the guards around the cell Mitsuhide is being held in to give him the glitter stone Shirayuki lent him. His rather clever ambush, fight and capture of one of said assassins is actually shown in a flashback though it did unfortunately leave him already injured when the attack on the fortress starts.
    • Obi and Kiki are quite impressive when they jump in to save Tsuruba from the assassins that tried to ambush him. Obi's entrance was particularly awesome as he leapt in from above with no warning and managed to whack a kunai headed for Tsuruba's back out of the air before his feet even hit the ground.
    • Mitsuhide's defeat of Touka Bergatt and the way he quickly placed himself between Bergatt and Zen, picking up and returning Zen's fallen sword to him as he ran into the room.

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