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Funny Moments from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.

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In General
  • The bloopers for the English dub. There's just something funny about hearing dragons curse.
  • The key visual for season 2 had an alternate version used to promote COVID-19 awareness where all the dragons are practicing social distancing and wearing face masks (including a pre-Heel–Face Turn Ilulu).
    • Even funnier when you remember dragons are immune to all diseases.
  • The trailer for season 2 has the cast rapping about what the "S" in the season title stands for. Elma proposes that it stands for Sweets, Kanna proposes that it stands for Shuran (which leads into her talking about Kobayashi's drinking habits) and Lucoa proposes that it stands for S-cup. In the end it's Illulu who gets it which point Kobayashi asks who she is since she hasn't been introduced yet.

Season 1

Episode 1
  • Kobayashi's frightened reaction when she sees Tohru's dragon form while being sober.
  • Kobayashi groaning and face-palming when she realized that she told Tohru to become her maid while drunk the night before.
  • Tohru's brief ancedote about how one of her friends was slain with a single yolkless egg.
  • After Kobayashi leaves her apartment for a bit and leaves Tohru in charge of taking care of it while she's gone, Tohru calls Fafnir for help on what to do, as she isn't clear what "hold the fort" means. She gets:
    Fafnir: Kill them. Kill all who try to steal your treasure. Kill all who are suspect. Curse them with death. Curse their generations to come—
    Tohru: (hangs up) He's always so helpful!
    • Afterwards, she morphs back into her normal dragon form to scare off some burglars who picked Kobayashi's lock. When she returns:
      Kobayashi: I'm home.
      Tohru: Welcome back!
      Kobayashi: You hold the fort down alright?
      Tohru: I suppose, but it was lonely.
      Kobayashi: Ah.
      Tohru: And I didn't even get to kill them.
      Kobayashi: Ah...wait, WHAT? (cut to Eye Catch)
    • Later on, when she's asking for help with the laundry:
      Tohru: Let's ask Fafnir again!
      Fafnir: Kill th...
      Tohru: (hanging up) Let's not.
    • The fact that Fafnir tells Tohru this immediately after picking up the phone. Which means this probably isn't even the first time she has called him for help, and judging by his second response he's pretty much used "Kill them" as a default response to get her off his back (which eventually worked), which in itself is hilarious.
  • D for Dragon!
  • The very concept that Tohru literally calls up her friends to ask them about things. Interdimensional phone calls.

Episode 2

  • Kanna, after learning that Tohru plans to stay with Kobayashi instead of returning to the dragon world, attempts to kill Kobayashi. Given how she hadn't recharged her mana since her banishment to Earth, Kanna's attack consists of her switching between ineffectually smacking Kobayashi and catching her breath.
  • As Kanna and Tohru head outside to play:
    Tohru: Would you like to join, Miss Kobayashi? YES, PLEASE JOIN US!
    Kobayashi: I don't exercise. (Gilligan Cut to her screaming as Tohru and Kanna fly to the fields)
  • When Kanna asks Tohru what a seesaw is used for, Tohru assumes that it is used to train kids to use a catapult against dragons.
    • In the anime, Kobayashi does eventually explain to Tohru and Kanna what a seesaw is actually used for, which then leads to the two launching each other in the air.
      • Even funnier? Using a seesaw this way is actually a real life thing! See Neolttwigi.
    • Sometime later, when Kanna is walking to the park with Saikawa, she notices the seesaw there and makes reference to how she sees it as either a catapult (manga) or "the thing you fly with" (anime).

Episode 3

  • Kanna looks at a butterfly like any other young girl would do, then proceeds to eat it.
  • While explaining how dragons clean themselves by licking each other, Tohru mentions that she and Kanna have done it together a few times. While Tohru's obviously referring to them doing it while in dragon form, Kobayashi still has an Imagine Spot where human versions of Tohru and Kanna are performing Lecherous Licking (complete with pixelated censoring in the anime version).
  • A Freeze-Frame Bonus in episode 3: when Tohru enters the room to show Kobayashi the maid outfit she found while cleaning, Kanna can be seen playing with one of the boxes by peeking straight through it.
  • Koba sends Tohru to some of her neighbor's apartments to ask them to cut down on the noise. Among one of them is a guy named Yana who is playing death metal.
    Tohru: (after being blasted with his music; in a frazzled tone) Are you the God of the Underworld? Because you sound like Hades crushing Hercules.
    Yana: Best compliment ever!Japanese 
  • When Fafnir appears at Kobayashi's apartment for the first time, and Tohru slams the door on him almost immediately for good reason. Koba and Makoto stand there sketchy and colorless.
    • Fafnir's line afterwards, after changing himself to a less creepy humanoid appearance (in the English dub, especially) is also pretty hilarious.
      Fafnir: I hate this and everything it stands for, kill me. I'm already dead inside.
  • Shortly after comes Lucoa's arrival. The very first thing Kobayashi sees is her enormous bust. Her reaction comes complete with a wall of text behind her that reads, "Unacceptable".

Episode 4

Episode 5

  • When Kanna leaves for school, Tohru tells her to watch out for cars... because she might break one if it ran into her.
  • Tohru misinterpreting the "pushing your lover against a wall" concept as a couple thumping the wall as a sign of affection... before she breaks the table she's sitting at by thumping it repeatedly. Especially funny (albeit in an unintentional way) for those familiar with the trope "Wall Bang Her".
  • Tohru repeatedly tripping Kobayashi's boss when he chews out Kobayashi.
  • Tohru and Kanna going through an elaborate Training Montage... just to learn the secret of Spoon Bending.
  • Tohru teleporting from Kobayashi's living room all the way to a live TV stage where the teleportation trick is being performed (complete with Kobayashi doing a Spit Take in the anime).

Episode 6

  • Kanna and Saikawa playing Twister, especially since Saikawa has a crush on Kanna, which the latter used by pushing against her multiple times to make her unable to continue. Amusing facial expressions included.
    • In the manga, Kanna pushes Saikawa down and tells her she wants to get closer. Saikawa stammers aloud that she isn't ready for this but her thought balloons say "AWWWW YESSSS!".
  • Tohru running to Kanna for help when she's overwhelmed by Kobayashi and Georgie's maid talk... right as Kanna and Saikawa were about to do something they're far too young to do.
  • Lucoa being unable to be helpful to Shota and convince him she's not a demon, until the point she offers her body. This only succeeds in convincing Shota she is a succubus. Even Tohru realizes she dug her own grave there.

Episode 7

  • Lucoa getting in trouble for showing too much skin at the beach and Comiket. Even funnier when you realize that in both occasions it's the exact same woman dragging her off.
  • Kanna randomly eating a crab while they're at the beach.
  • Kanna keeps a bug collection journal as a summer homework project, only with her actually eating the bugs and keeping track of the taste of each one (i.e. cicadas being crunchy).

Episode 8

Episode 9

  • Shouta takes part in the treasure hunt during the sports festival in episode 9. After reading what he's supposed to find, he emotionlessly goes over to Lucoa and drags her to the finish line. What was written on his paper? "World Class". The fact that the anime accentuates it with a Super Mario Bros. coin sound adds to the hilarity.
    • The referee allows it with a deadpan "Okay".
  • The episode's gag of Elma constantly having the problem of choosing which flavors of treats (and, at the end, toothpaste).

Episode 10

  • Tohru making a sideways chimney for Santa, complete with neon signs to help Santa find Kanna's location.
    • To make it even funnier, Kanna expects Santa to come through the chimney yet she has a fire in the fireplace.
    • At the end of the episode, Kobayashi tries to sneak inside Kanna's room and stuff a present in the sock Kanna hanged. Kobayashi steps on a creaky part of the floor and quickly ducks out of sight as the sound wakes Kanna up (and she gets up to check whether or not she got any presents from Santa). Hours later, Kanna is still up and awaiting her Christmas present, while Kobayashi is still hiding.
  • The Christmas play that Tohru and her friends put on at the retirement home, which is an odd blend of The Little Match Girl, the Japanese folk story Kazajizou, Overlord (2012), Magical Girl anime (Kanna, in particular, seems to look like Cure Whip), and The 47 Ronin.
    • When Saikawa tells the story of The Little Match Girl when she pitches the idea of performing the story at the retirement home, Tohru misinterprets the ending of the title character's grandmother embracing her as she ascends into Heaven as the grandmother strangling her to death. Even funnier in that Saikawa outright stated the grandmother gently hugged her granddaughter.
    • When Lucoa appears in the play as a magical fairy that fights Fafnir's character, the old folks in the audience nod their heads to the beat of her bouncing breasts.
    • The auditions for the role of the titular match girl. Saikawa keeps stuttering during her act due to being scared of Fafnir, Elma resorts to begging for her matches to be bought (based on her observations of the salesmen that come to the company she and Kobayashi work at), and Fafnir urges Tohru to imagine the passerby humans ignoring her suffering, which results in her launching a furious tirade against humans.
  • Tohru and Kobayashi's Christmas gifts to each other are both this and heartwarming. Tohru receives a scarf. Kobayashi? While we don't see what it is (Tohru calls it medicine for back pain), Kobayashi's reaction and the fact that this thing is censored makes this moment hilarious.

Episode 11

  • As Kobayashi tells the tale about the origins of the Eastern Zodiac, Tohru complains about the Dragon's placement in the race to the Heavenly Gate.
  • Shouta's Hatsuyume, when he dreams of three Lucoas in Mt. Fuji, hawk, and eggplant costumes.
  • In the preview, when Kanna gets New Year's money from Elma just by repeatedly proclaiming, with an insistent tone, that Kobayashi gave her some.

Episode 12

  • Kobayashi claims that she'll accept anything for dinner..... then it shows Tohru holding her tail.
  • The entirety of the flashback to Kobayashi's first meeting with Tohru, mostly as a result of Kobayashi being drunk out of her mind.

Season 2

Episode 1
  • The customers at the maid cafe Tohru works at love her omelettes ...which Tohru makes by cursing them.
    • When Tohru leaves, she also teaches the staff there how to do it as well.
  • Whenever Shota plays the flute, Lucoa dances in response and only stops when Shota stops playing. He doesn't seem to realize that he's Snake Charming her.
  • There's a decent amount of hilarity to be gotten from how, when animated, Ilulu's Breath Weapon attack involves taking the comment she made in the manga about her breasts being "flame sacks" to its logical extreme, having her chest glow with fiery brightness as if they acted like Godzilla's energy-charging fins.

Episode 2

  • Ilulu curses Miss Kobayashi by giving her a penis. In spite of her attempts to hide this from the others, and surviving a really difficult day, Tohru finds out anyways.
  • Before Tohru can take advantage of Kobayashi's sex change, she foolishly unrobes her maid attire, setting Kobayashi off. You can change someone's sex but you can't change someone's taste.

Episode 4

Episode 9

  • The Badly Battered Babysitter routine that Elma goes through after she shifts her attention away from chaperoning Kanna, Saikawa and Shouta for a few seconds, only to realize that they've gone off into the woods. From bumping her head on tree branches as she run off looking for them (with the size of the branch that Elma hits her head on getting bigger as she continues to run) to a confrontation with a bear, with things culminating in Elma going full dragon after a snail lands on her face.

Episode 10

  • Kanna describing what Saikawa is like to Chloe, to which Chloe can only respond by asking "Is that girl okay?"

DVD Shorts

  • The entirety of the bonus short on the first DVD, where Tohru and Kanna swap out the maid part of the title for various things, including (but not limited to): mermaid, avocado, and New Zealand.
  • The bonus short on the second DVD has the maid part replaced with various animals, with Tohru, Kanna and Lucoa dressing up as them (with Lucoa's cosplays tending to be very minimum in terms of the animal theme).
  • The bonus short on the third DVD has Tohru, Kanna, and Lucoa dressed in various uniforms, with various results:
    • When the dragons are dressed as nurses, Kanna runs the defibrillator, with her using her Power Cord Tail to charge it up.
    • As police officers, the dragons turn the tables on Kobayashi (who would have them arrested whenever they do something lewd) and arrest her instead.
    • This episode's "lewd" ending: when dressing up as maids, Lucoa's outfit is basically her in a Naked Apron, which leads to maid Kanna sweeping her away.
  • The theme of the fourth special is battles and fights, with Tohru being assisted by Elma, Fafnir, and Makoto in various scenarios.
    • For a Western fight, Tohru and Elma attempt a Showdown at High Noon, only for Tohru, being the Chaos faction dragon that she is, to turn around after "one" and shoot Elma In the Back.
  • The sports-themed fifth special can be summed up as Elma suffering from Epic Fail as a result of her failing to put her horn away.
    • Eventually, Elma finally finds a sport where her horn won't serve as a hindrance in cheerleading, only for her to have a hard time trying to support both dragon form Tohru and Kanna.
  • The sixth special involves Tohru, Kanna, and Lucoa doing their own versions of various mystery stories with hilarious results.
    • In cases involving a Locked Room Mystery and a murder that occurred at a specific time, Tohru's solution to them is that the culprit is able to make a portal to the crime scene and then use it to make their escape. Kobayashi points out she only says that because of her portal powers.
    • In another scenario involving a kidnapped Shouta, a Cut-and-Paste Note that is originally assumed to be from his kidnappers turns out to be a love letter that Tohru was trying to send to Kobayashi, with the letter returning to her as a result of her failing to put a postage stamp on it.
  • The final special involves various wedding scenarios, with Kobayashi playing the role of the groom. Given her attitude towards other people marrying Kobayashi, Tohru spends most of her time in these scenarios locked up in a cage.
    • First is Elma, playing the part of the traditional Japanese bride. Unfortunately, her horn pokes right through the hat.
    • Second is Lucoa... in a traditional Aztec wedding ceremony involving offering up a heart. Kobayashi decides to go with a can of beer and some sliced meat instead, to Lucoa's rather dubious reaction.
    • When Tohru finally gets her scenario, the traditional Western wedding, she adds her own vows to the standard list, tries to give Kobayashi a cursed ring, and wants to skip the kiss and go straight to their first night together.

  • Pretty much anytime Kobayashi gets drunk is either one of these or a lead up to one.
  • The origin story of the manga itself is a funny moment.
    Author: What would you like me to draw?
    Editor: How about some romance? A boy meets girl kind of story.
    Author: That sounds good, let's go with that.
    [One timeskip later.]
    Editor: This is nothing like we discussed.
    Author: It sure isn't...
  • Chapter 33 in the fan translation shows how the dragon girls' breasts are ranked (from least to greatest) with sound effects referencing the magic spell tiers in the Dragon Quest games:
    Tohru: Poof
    Elma: Poofy
    Lucoa: KAPOOF
  • All the girls imagine what Kobayashi would look like if she was a dragon in chapter 33, and all the Imagine Spots still have her human face:
    • Kanna: Stereotypical T. rex
    • Quetzalcoatl: Winged Serpent
    • Elma: Ice Cream Cone
    • Tohru: Absolutely nothing has changed, and it's in the same pose as Kanna's.
  • Kanna's letter to Kobayashi for Parent's Day in chapter 34.
  • After Ilulu changes Kobayashi's sex to male, thus giving her a penis, there's just something childishly hilarious about Kobayashi and Tohru calling it a "Thingy" in the fan-translation instead of using any proper terms for it or any other euphemism. The official translation opts to have them call it "that" and "one of those", as though the unmentionable was so bad they dare not even use a name for it.
  • Chapter 39 has Ilulu and Tohru arguing over who gets to "breed" with Kobayashi. Kobayashi's thoughts on the matter?
    Kobayashi: (thinking) My virginity has nowhere to go, but it sure as hell isn't going to you guys.
  • In Chapter 41, Ilulu joins Kanna in sneaking under the sheets of Kobayashi's bed in order to sleep with her.
  • In Chapter 47, Tohru gets a job at a maid cafe, and utilizes dark magic to make the food taste delicious. She even teaches the spell to the rest of the staff when she quits. Which for them involve them holding up a pentagram while chanting the spell at the food.
    • The spell's chant itself.
  • In Chapter 50, after she, Kobayashi, and Kanna spend a day at an Amusement Park, Tohru comes to the conclusion that these places are meant to simulate the experience of riding a dragon.
  • Chapter 63 is actually a rather heartfelt and slightly Tear Jerker chapter due to delving into Ilulu's Dark and Troubled Past and deepening the connection between her and Taketo as they search for the owner of a lost doll together. Then at the end, the whole thing gets hit with Mood Whiplash as Ilulu tries to get Taketo to join her in a bath to warm up from the rain while completely naked.
    Ilulu: You're wet too so let's get in together!
    Taketo: Whoa! What are you saying!? Don't come over here naked!
    Kobayashi: Oh, to be young.
  • Tohru and Kobayashi breaking the fourth wall in chapter 65 to provide running commentary for Shouta's interaction with William and Emily.
  • Elma and Fafnir's exchange when they team up to fight an army of brainwashed dragons in chapter 76.
    Elma: I'll fight the army from the chaos faction.
    Fafnir: I'll kill everyone from the harmony faction!
    Elma: (looks at him) Hey!
    Fafnir: ...I'll kill half of them.
  • Kanna's menu options: parfait and crepes... followed by insects boiled in soy sauce.
  • When Tohru is trying to figure out a new meal to cook for dinner, Georgie suggests that she could try learning from her parents. So she goes and asks her father, much to his complete bafflement.
  • Chapter 81 in a nutshell: Ilulu goes into heat.
  • Chapter 84:
    • Tohru's father, Kanna's father Kimun, and Elma's grandmother Telne, and second rank in the Harmony faction, plan to maintain contact with Kobayashi, who is being selected as a mediator between dragons after the Azad affair. How do they plan on maintaining contact? With their cellphones. Kobayashi is shocked because they have them and Tohru is shocked because even she doesn't have one yet.
    • Related to this and heartwarming, Kanna asks her father to get her a new model cell phone, which he agrees to, and Kobayashi yells at him to get her a child-friendly model.
    • At the Maid and Sake cafe where the three elder dragons and Kobayashi household are at:
      • Kanna considers the idea if Kobayashi and her father marry, Kobayashi would be her actual mother, to Tohru's shock.
      • Kobayashi tries out drinking Tohru and Kimun only to fail because of the differences in their biology. There is even an image of her liver quitting and saying, "Good night."
      • During the competition, Tohru's father is drinking orange juice.
    • Once the night is over, Telne, who previous only liked things in cute clothing, considers wearing maid outfits too. The response from the other elder dragons, "Sure. Whatever."
  • When Shouta comes to Tohru for advice on how to deal with Lucoa in chapter 87, she rather bluntly tells him to just have sex with her and get it over with.
  • Chapter 106 shows that Earth technology continues to be the bane of secretive dragon planning. Ilulu and Kanna had beaten up Clemene in the previous chapter and brought him to Kobayashi's apartment, while Elma's grandmother Telne and Kobayashi discuss Elma's arranged marriage. After Telne agrees to allow Elma two weeks to finish her job as giving two weeks notice before quitting is part of the company's rules and they are of the Harmony faction, Telne takes Clemene back with her. Clemene then meets with his superior, a top ranking member of a radical faction of dragons and Elma's arranged husband. They begin conversing about their plans to kill humans in the name of God, kill Telne to usurp control of the Harmony faction, and after he fathers kids with Elma, make his future wife's life and their kids lives a living hell. All through this, Clemene fails to notice that attatched to his mended horn is a radio-microphone. It is transmitting to Kobayashi in her home with Tohru, Kanna, Ilulu, and Kobayashi listening in. What's Kobayashi's response to hearing these bastards?
    "Let's fucking slaughter them."

    Kanna's Daily Life 
  • After Saikawa lets out a fart, Kanna tries to cheer up her embarrassed friend by letting one out herself. Given how Kanna's a dragon...
  • When playing Game of Life, Shouta lands on a space where he gets a girlfriend and earns money as congratulations, and all of a sudden Lucoa is right behind him with a Death Glare that would make Yuno Gasai proud.
    • Even better is Kanna and Ilulu freaking out and trying to assure Lucoa, while Shouta is oblivious.
      Kanna: But only in the game!!
      Ilulu: You're not really in a relationship!!
      Shouta: (While Lucoa glares at the back of his head) Huh? Well, duh.
  • A chapter where Kanna attends the "Festival of the Fireflies" goes all out when it comes to her Extreme Omnivore personality.
    • As Kobayashi shows Kanna pictures of various firefly species in a book about insects:
      Kanna: I've eaten them before!
    • Kanna's preparation for the festivals consists of her tying a napkin around her neck and grabbing a fork and knife.
    • As Saikawa admires the scene of fireflies shining over Kanna, the young dragon turns around, revealing that her cheeks are glowing as a result of her having a firefly in her mouth.
  • Kanna goes to check on Saikawa while she's absorbing lightning during a typhoon, resulting in what Saikawa views as a massive flash of ball lightning right outside her window.
  • When Kanna makes a candle shaped like Saikawa's face in "Homework Time", she places the wick in such a way that it will imitate her shiny forehead when lit.
  • From "Death Metal Time":
    • When she and Kanna test out the soundproof booth in Yana's recording studio, Saikawa yells out "Kanna-san! I love you!" so loud that it causes the room the shake.
    • Yana seeing great potential in Kanna as a Death Metal singer after her dragon-fueled attempt at singing in that style ends up blowing him and Saikawa away.
  • At the end of "Harvest Time", Elma inexplicably showing up at the Kobayashi residence for onigiri made by Kanna and Lucoa, which gets lampshaded by Tohru.
  • When Saikawa goes to the dentist to get a cavity filled, Kanna takes full advantage of Saikawa's Cuteness Overload tendencies to get her to open her mouth wider.
  • In "Magic Time", Kanna does her own take of the "spoon sticking on clothes" trick by using her ability to produce electricity to turn herself into a magnet, causing a whole set of silverware to stick on her.
  • From "New Year's Cleaning Time", a wet bathroom floor combined with Kanna's ability to produce electricity results in the the rest of the Kobayashi household getting a jolt of electricity. Furthermore, this combination of electricity and water ends up being therapeutic, with it helping provide relief for Kobayashi's back pains.
  • The ending of "Shaved Ice Time", in which Kanna brings home a couple of ice chunks from Mt. Fuji to use in the making of shaved ice.
  • Kanna's book report on a Porry Hatter book in "Reading Time", which has her criticizing its depiction of dragons.
  • The production of Tsuru no Ongaeshi that Kanna's class does for the Cultural Festival, in which Kanna's script for it is based on the experiences in the Kobayashi household.

    Elma's Office Lady Diary 
  • In chapter 4, Elma's excited to be going to a mixer. At least until it's revealed that she'll have to share her food, a concept that nearly breaks her mind.
  • Elma spends all of chapter 8 trying to figure out what kind of outfit to buy, enlisting the help of Lucoa and Ilulu. Hilarity Ensues, culminating in the outfit being destroyed right after she bought it.
  • Elma mentions in chapter 10 that whenever she tries to make food at home, ingredients keep on disappearing. Fafnir also places a mouth sealing curse on her (with little angry eyes) to keep her from eating everything when Tohru helps them prepare bentos.
  • In Chapter 13, Elma is given a task of shredding documents, with her attempting to speed up the process by changing into a room-size version of her dragon form and eating the paper herself.
  • In Chapter 15: Indoor pool + Lucoa = Hilarity Ensues.
    • Like in the anime version of the beach trip, Lucoa initially a swimsuit that reveals way too much skin, and just like in the anime, she gets in trouble and gets dragged off by a lifeguard.
    • When Elma's co-workers rent some inner tubes, Lucoa declines using one as she uses her own breasts as a floatation device.
  • Elma's first experience at a movie theater, where, thanks to Wakita telling her about how this is a place to make out, she feels she is obligated to do romantic things to whoever she's sitting next to. Given how she's sitting between Kanna and Fafnir, she tries to do this to both of them.
    • When Elma gets Kanna out of the way by kissing her on the cheek, Saikawa notices it and is shocked by the action, only for that thought to be overwritten once Kanna holds her hand.
  • In chapter 34, Tohru explains that the reason she made matching outfits for Kanna and Saikawa for their trip to the zoo was in case of a Missing Child incident, as the chaperone could either use the outfit of the child who didn't get lost to describe what the missing kid is wearing or, in case both Kanna and Saikawa got lost, explain that the missing kids are wearing the same outfit.
  • Chapter 41 has Elma becoming a baby after eating a mushroom from the ground.
    • As soon as she turns into a baby, Elma's desire for milk results in her trying to breast feed from Kobayashi and her co-workers, INCLUDING TAKITA.
      • Despite neither of them being able to produce milk, both Kanna and Ilulu are willing to breast feed her after seeing how cute she is (with Ilulu even pulling off her top).
    • After Tohru deduces that the mushroom must have came from the Dragon World, Lucoa freely admits that she was the one who brought it to Earth and cultivated it in hopes of seeing Shouta as a baby.
    • After learning about how human babies enjoy being thrown softly upward, Kanna tries to do it with baby Elma. Being a dragon, her soft tossing results in Elma's head hitting the ceiling. Luckily, not only is she all right, but she also enjoyed it.
    Lucoa is My XX 
  • Chapter 11 features Shouta's mother showing Lucoa of the first time Shouta wet the bed, with the pee taking the shape of a magical circle.


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