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The reason why Tohru keeps trying to feed Kobayashi meat from her tail
It is considered an intimate gesture among dragons to feed each-other meat from their tails (they have a magic healing factor), so Tohru wants Kobayashi to eat meat from her tail because she in love with her.

Fafnir's roughly humanoid "demon" form in his first appearance in the series is that of a corrupted dwarf.

Why Fafnir doesn't seem to be that addicted to his treasure hoard
There could be three possibilities which could explain why Fafnir does not seem concerned with his treasure in this series.

  1. He has mellowed out from his past self, when he was addicted to his wealth.
  2. This is a case of Sadly Mythtaken, as Fafnir's obsession with his gold hoard was actually overly exaggerated in the human world.
  3. He keeps his treasure hoard in a Pocket Dimension that only he is able to access, therefore he can always protect his precious wealth.

Lucoa is a fusion between the original Quetzalcoatl and Quetzalpetlatl
Originally there were Quetzalcoatl and Quetzalpetlatl, but after the Brother–Sister Incest, they lost their divine titles. Both deities were fused into one (either as part of the punishment or due to another unexplained incident) which created the current Lucoa. If these two were fused, it would explain why Lucoa has heterochromia.
  • Okay, that's headcanon for me.

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and Gabriel DropOut takes place in the same world
Both shows feature the Abrahamitic god as a background character (Tohru calls him a bastard in the Christmas chapter of the manga and Gaberiel Dropout features heaven and hell), the existence of other religions (Tohru talks about Shiva, a Hindu god, and Gaberiel features a chapter where the girls visit a shrine) and the existence of dragons on both worlds (which is shown is both shows with Kobayashi as a definite examples of dragons and Gaberiel showing a brief shot of Gaberiel's sister taking down a dragon in the anime)

Given they claim to be followers of the Abrahamitic God and make up lies about dragons (that they're dinosaurs that survived), how could she not?

Mister Magatsuchi is aware of Azad's plans
  • Mister Magatsuchi is a well-informed and powerful wizard. He likely keeps up to date on things happening in the Dragon world by various means. He learned of Azad's plan to play both factions against each other and so had Kobayashi join Shouta to that magical academy to help awaken her magical talent further so she could provide aide to stopping the conflict Azad is creating.

Saikawa’s love for Kanna is based off the love the Spirit Natsumi from Date A Live has for Yoshino.
  • Both of them have serious Cuteness Proximity for the objects of their affection, and both have declared a desire to marry their respective crushes. I might just be trying to make something out of a mere coincidence, though…

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