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  • The entirety of episode 5 was about getting Hiroshi to have some more fun with his life. Cut to the end of the episode, when Kenta and his friends were getting their morning touch in, Hiroshi pushed through all of them and touched Machiko first. They're all shocked.
  • In "The Rockin' School Festival" Miss Machiko responds to Mr. Yamagata seeing her in a towel by butting him across the hallway.
  • The episode "Get the Groper!" ends with Tenko touching Machiko's chest much to her shock. Kenta and Kame then come in and all three of them fight over her.
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  • In episode 25, Kenta sneaks into an all girls field trip. Maruko expresses her gladness to see him there with a light slap, that sends him flying across the lunch table.
  • When looking for a way to pay off an expensive vase that they broke in episode 34, Kame suggests a beauty contest. This dialogue follows.
    Kenta: This is perfect timing! It's our big chance! ...But it won't work work.
    Kinzo: Huh? Wh-Why not Kenta?
    Kenta: Stupid. I may look good in drag, but not enough to win a contest.
    Kame and Kinzo: Face fault
  • In "The Field Planting Field Trip" Mr. Yamagata daydreams about a girl named Keiko he used to know during his days on the farm. Which is followed by:
    Kenta: Look! It's Keiko!
    Mr. Yamagata: WHERE!?
    The entire class laughs
  • Episode 79. Kagoshima's reaction to finding out the comb he got wasn't from Miss Machiko. He silently drops the comb and lets it hit the floor. Then when Miss Machiko leaves, he falls on his side in disbelief.


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