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Awesome / Miss Machiko

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  • Miss Machiko immediately picking up Skateboarding in episode 2.
  • Mr. Yamagata shows his stuff in a skiing episode, and outdoes his romantic rival Mr. Kagoshima with a double flip.
  • In episode 22, Madoka gains psychic powers and uses them to repel Genchiki and his gang of bikers completely unnoticed.
  • When a tribal leader threatens Miss Machico's Uncle's life, she springs into action and takes him down. Everyone was impressed. Even the tribe leader.
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  • In "The Blue Eyed Rival", passive bookworm Hiroshi manages to take down the much stronger Maruko in a judo match without ever taking his eyes off his book. He then proceeds to take down Tenko, Madoka, and Hiromi although his methods for them weren't as impressive.


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