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  • Cash Cow Franchise: Takeshi Ebihara, the artist of the original manga, continues to try to invoke this, farming its popularity by publishing Doujinshi of his own series through the website, Miss Machiko's Roll Book (NSFW). MMS was also one of the first manga series to embrace eBook publishing as a result.
    • Special note goes to the "Box" series of bonus works (Pink Box, Black Box, etc) — they are filler from the anime in manga form and retellings of the early chapters after Characterization Marches On took hold, and dial the Fanservice up to eleven. Notably, Machiko is either much more or less innocent depending on how you interpret certain scenes.
    • The anime was popular enough in Japan to spawn at least six live-action movies and multiple stage plays, all made long after the anime and manga ended, thus taking the series well into The New '20s.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The now out of print DVD boxset will set you back at least ¥70,000, usually closer to ¥100,000 (~$1000 USD) — which is only slightly more expensive than when it was in print.
  • Long-Runners: In October 1981, long-running anime were still extremely rare (Astro Boy, Sazae-san, Doraemon, and Lupin III (Red Jacket)'' being notable exceptions). Yet this show with its simple, absurd, and extraordinarily risque premise ran for two full years, putting out a total of 95 episodes.
  • She Also Did: Rihoko Yoshida played Reluctant Fanservice Girl Machiko seven years after she played another Reluctant Fanservice Girl, Megu Kanzaki in Majokko Meg-chan.


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