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Below, you will find... pretty much the entire series of Azumanga Daioh.

  • Episode 6, the Beach Episode/ Summer episode, has Yukari-sensei asking her students with a constant straightforward bright smile and cheery disposition, responding to her students' replies with an "Oh, that's nice." Then, Chiyo pipes up, asking what Yukari's plans for the summer are. There's a brief, momentary and awkward pause as Yukari processes this, then, with the same disposition as before, cheerily answers:
    Yukari-Sensei (smiling): I'm goin' to Neptune!
    (Beat, then)
    Students: ...
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  • The series' logo has an odd habit of showing up in the most unexpected places, like the back of Kimura-Sensei's head in episode 1 as he casually walks away.
  • Detachable pigtails. Which Osaka then uses to fly.
  • Let's just say that Osaka is a CMOF Station Attendant:
  • The drunken "birds and the bees" explanation, complete with Relax-o-Vision imagery.
    • Or the Relax-o-Vision ''music'' which plays over the explanations, even when Chiyo-chan recounts them to a now-sober Nyamo to understand what she was talking about? (Chiyo's eleven, for you non-anime people.)
  • "Nice and bony."
  • Osaka's contribution to the stuffed animal display ("Hanshin." "Hanshin?") as well as her idea for next year's festival ("There are a lot of dogs and animals inside the cafe...and they're all dead.")
    • "Don't worry, there aren't any dead cats or anything..."
  • Yomi "singing" karaoke.
    • Before that, when Yomi announces that she's going to sing, too. Mandy Clark hits just the right note of alarm with Tomo's response:
  • That penguin.
  • Tomo calling Sakaki just so she could watch her play with the stuffed cats during the chaos of festival preparation. It's golden in both languages.
    • Sakaki's response? She draws a background for it. Then Chiyo calls Tomo away, and Sakaki brings a stuffed Chiyo-Dad into the game. The title of that yonkoma in the manga? "The Advent".
      • Well, she also "contributed" the Neko Coneco.
  • Tomo tearfully telling on Yomi because she had a good vacation.
    • From the same episode, Tomo going postal due to Yomi's string of good luck and rampaging through the cafeteria in an attempt to hit her with a tray, culminating with her getting wailed on by Yukari.
  • Osaka very rarely gets angry, but whenever she does it's a sight to behold.
  • "Because I like high school girls!"
  • Sakaki reunites with Mayaa, who is residing at Chiyo's house. Mayaa hops into her arms. The funny part comes when Mr. Tadakichi tries to do the same to Chiyo. Chiyo is a small child and Mr. Tadakichi is a large dog. The result is predictable:
    • Yomi's response to Tomo getting scratched by Mayaa. "Well done, Mayaa!"
      • Meanwhile, Osaka is in her own happy world in front of the kotatsu. "So nice...kotatsus are so nice..."
  • Yukari's drunken bender at the sushi bar. But since that barely makes her top 10 crowning moments, this one really belongs to Luci Christian.
  • And of course, the series as interpreted by AMV Hell. The "Euphoria Parody" segment probably counts as a Heartwarming Moment too.
  • In the manga, Tomo studied extra hard for a P.E. test in order to compete with Chiyo. She aces it, beating Chiyo by a few points. Next strip, Yukari passes back English tests. After Tomo says she got a 35, Chiyo turns around and gives her an extremely smug look.
  • A scene from the manga which didn't make it into the anime: Tomo sees a freshly-painted wall and instinctively slaps her hand onto it. The look on her face is priceless as she realizes that, yes, doing that gets paint all over your hand.
    • And then smears it on a window.
  • Sakaki's "Cat...paddle...? [squee]"
  • Might as well put a link to the Very Short Movie here, too. Chiyo's test grade is defeated By Your Scores Combined and Osaka breaks Chiyo's pigtails (again).
  • After half an episode of abusing Yomi, Tomo tries to hit her with a lunch tray and ends up hitting Yukari in the face with it. The twenty second still shot of their faces (Yukari's glowing red eyes and Tomo's smile) is hilarious.
    • Followed by Yukari Dual Wielding twin lunchtrays and smiting the tar out of Tomo.
  • Osaka in episode 23: BREAD... EATING ... RACE!!!!!
    • "I came in last." *nom* "It's melon bread." *nom* "Ah! ^_^"
      • In the same episode, Yukari's ridiculously circuitous metaphor for why she won't bet this year with Nyamo. She calls Osaka up to represent a currency amount and after declaring "I win Osaka!" says that soon Osaka will be leaving her. The Fridge Brilliance comes in when you realize that while it would have made a lot more sense for Yukari to just hold up a bill, she's so poor that she likely didn't have that much money.
      • But of course, she doesn't just say "10,000 yen," she says "Mr. Yukichi" ("Yukichi-san", really), referring to the man on the 10,000. (Which would be sort of like saying "You'll be Benjamin Franklin.")
      • It's also a brilliant Call-Back to last scene of the first Sports Fest when she won 10,000 yen from Nyamo, but she owed her that much so "Bai Bai".
      • Then there's the english version.
  • Kagura at the train station, trying to offer to help a guy with his luggage. A guy who doesn't speak a word of Japanese. "HERUP ME!" and "YAY! *thumbs up*"
    • Then Yukari tries to show her how its done by walking up to a random tourist. After some excited jabbering in the background, she runs away with a cry of "It's no good, he's German!"
      • Kagura promptly lampshades the fact that Yukari simply runs away instead of working it out... despite running after Yukari, herself.
  • After learning that Chiyo was planning on studying in America, Osaka has an Imagine Spot where she travels to America and is greeted by a bunch of chibi-Chiyo clones, which act quite a bit like Pikmin.
  • During one of the "sports competition" episodes, there is a sort of scavenger hunt/race where Chiyo has to bring something stupid back with her. After hesitating between Osaka and Tomo, Tomo speaks up and asks what has to be done, and suggests taking off her clothes. Chiyo then tearfully chooses Tomo.
    • The first sports fest episode has another Osaka one. Her relay race involves bringing back a pair of glasses. She borrows Yomi's and then puts them on, leading to her running more ineffectually than usual.
    • The numerous times Mr. Kimura pops out of nowhere during the pool episode to deliver epic lines like these...
    Mr. Kimura outside the girl's changing rooms (addressing Yomi, Sakaki, Kaorin and Chihiro): How was it?
    • And another at the pool...
    Nyamo-sensei: Everyone's here, right? Now then let's...
    Kimura-sensei: ...Go to the gym and play basketball in those.
    • Yet another:
    Tomo: Kimura-sensei, why did you become a teacher?
  • Osaka divides her friends into "Americans" and "Japanese" based on breast size. After much reflection, she places Yomi in Hawaii.
  • Kaorin's Freak Out when she realizes she missed seeing Sakaki on the beach during summer vacation and her Loves Me Not bit. Her expressions are priceless.
    • How about when Chihiro comes back from the nurse's office and says she can be in the three-legged race if Kaorin wants? She doesn't.
      • "SHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"......."SHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!".
    • Or when Kaorin, still on a high from dancing with Sakaki, finds that her next partner is MR. KIMURA. *dong* *crumble*
      • "HEY BABY, LET'S TANGO!" (maniacal laughter while Kaorin expresses a death wish) "ARE YOU HAVING FUN YET, KAORIN?"
      • Even funnier in the manga:
    Kimura: Can you feel the excitement, baby?!
    Kaorin: Don't call me 'baby'!
  • In the manga, Chiyo's first experience with a computer (specifically, the mouse).
  • Tomo cosplaying in her classes.
    • Alas, that was published after the anime.
  • Today is the first day of the school term...
    • Even Miss Yukari gets in on it too, with Chiyo having to motivate her. Let me repeat that: A student is trying to motivate a teacher.
  • Okay, it's not part of the Manga/anime, but this is too damn funny not to mention.
    • Hey, I'd vote for him.
  • Tomo, Yomi and Osaka are preparing to visit Chiyo-chan in her house for the first time.
  • Chiyo's car phobia.
  • Chiyo-Dad's tomato rant: IS IT GOOD? IS THE TOMATO GOOD?
  • Mai waifu.
  • Yukari crushes Chiyo's dreams.
    • Then Tomo raises her hand and agrees with her.
  • Kagura proclaiming Santa to have "awesome lock-picking skills" and Tomo tearfully insisting that she's not stupid after learning that reindeer aren't mythical creatures, both from the Christmas Episode.
    • Heck, Kagura and Tomo's discussion about Santa Claus in general. "I don't think he came from space."
  • This little exchange from the manga, between Osaka & Tomo:
    Tomo: Oh yeah, while we're on the subject [of forgetfulness], I forgot to bring back that CD I borrowed from you, Osaka.
    Osaka: Aw, that's all right. I forgive you. Mah heart is big! Big and deep as the sea! Near as big as the Seto Inland Sea.
    Tomo: That's not really that big.
    Osaka: But it's got them octopuses and stuff in it.
    Tomo: I don't think I like your heart.
  • SAMBA!!!
  • Tomo and her souvenirs.
  • Yomi, Osaka, Chiyo and Tomo participating in the kiba-sen event during the athletics festival. Possibly the worst team ever.
    • The team composition wasn't that bad, but the configuration of the members was just about the worst possible. I mean, Chiyo as the base? The only way it could have been worse with that set of girls is if it were Yomi (who would likely have more weight just from being taller than the other two) with the hachimaki.
  • The second beach episode. Nyamo tells the girls to go to bed early, and Tomo's not happy about it, until Yomi tells her going to bed early will make the next day feel longer. Following this exchange, Chiyo is seen nodding off. Tomo is slightly mad, seeing the "little brat" getting ahead of her by going to sleep early. Cue Tomo putting a stool next to Chiyo's head, resulting in the sleepy girl smacking her head on it. Hard. Tomo's laugh makes the moment even funnier.note 
  • Yukari's driving! It has to be seen to be believed.
    • Chiyo's reactions later are even better. First, her terrified flashback. Then, next year she arranges for a car large enough to carry the whole group and once. Yukari moves up next to the driver's seat and Chiyo pushes her out of the way. In the third year, there are too many people for that, so when the Yukarimobile is revealed she vanishes into Nyamo's car before the discussion of who goes in which car even starts.
  • Yukari-sensei visiting Nyamo-sensei just to sleep. Bonus points for Yukari telling her to get out of her house after hearing how much Nyamo's new pillow cost.
    • Later on in that same episode, Nyamo recieves a gift from her uncle in Hokkaido. Cue Yukari running to the mailman, snatching the package from his hands, and tearing it open like mad, believing it to be delicious and expensive food. It's actually a hand-carved wooden statue representing a bear. Yukari gets mad and actually tries to call Nyamo's uncle to tell him to send food next time. Predictably, they end up bickering, and completely forget about the mailman, who was still waiting for a signature. Seeing Nyamo and Yukari pinching and pulling each other's cheeks is both adorable and hilarious.
  • From Ep. 22: Photobomber Tomo
  • Chiyo's epic Oh, Crap! face.
  • Sakaki and Maya alone at last.
  • Yukari and Tomo bully Chiyo.
  • Kagura dealing with the Kamineko in her own way. Namely, grabbing him off her face and chucking him on the ground. The completely deadpan expression on her face is hilarious.
  • The love letter song.
  • Kimura: "ITTOUSHOU!!!" (aka "FIRST PLACE!!!")
  • Yukari singing Happy Birthday... to herself. HAUPYBOHTHDAITOEYUUUUUUU!
  • In an example of Mood Whiplash used for brilliant comedic effect, the Tear Jerker last episode features Yukari comes into class, heavily emotional...
    Yukari: I lost my wallet!
  • Osaka somehow managed to convince Chiyo that Sakaki stole her height.
  • And "predicting the weather by throwing your shoe", again by Osaka. The shoe lands in the back of a passing truck.
  • Osaka freaking out when she learns there's blood in a lump.
  • Chiyo-dad is Santa.
  • Kimura becomes Kaorin's dance partner.
  • Yomi and Tomo here in the manga.
  • The following from the manga:
    Osaka: Kaorin... are you gay?
    Kaorin: The correct term is LESBIAN! Uh, not that I'm a lesbian! It's just, you know, a teenage thing. That's all. (...) Just to prove it, I wouldn't mind if she was a guy!
    Osaka: ...Huh?
  • Kimura: "But, Kaorin and I will be together forever" *heart and cracks neck* Kaorin: *goes white with shock* See it here.
  • Kaorin trying to find Kimura's "good points" and finding out that he likes gardening only to find that he made a Kaorin/Kimura garden. "Good points...good points...LIKE HELL I'M GONNA FIND ANY!"
  • In the episode where Kagura is introduced (ep. 10), she & Tomo start doing Volleying Insults, and soon degenerate into face-pulling and grappling with funny little sound effects coming from them throughout.
  • In the first English translation of the manga, the way that the Blue Three conversation is translated is pretty hystericalnote :
    Osaka: If there's a damn van... is there a damn CAR? ...that must be Jackie Chan's codename.
    • The jist of the conversation is this: The girls mistake Jean-Claude Van Damme's name as Damn Van (his first name's a swear, cause he's a foreigner), leading them to wonder if Damn Car exists as well.
    • Taken further in the anime after Osaka makes the previous statement, then Tomo and Kagura just go "Oh!" As if what was said made perfect sense. All three sit perfectly still contemplating this, then suddenly a bird flies in out of nowhere and perches on Osaka's head for a few seconds before flying off.
  • Yukari and Nyamo's arguments in general are both cute and hilarious, with Yukari never missing an opportunity to pick on her friend about how she used to be or what she used to do in high school.
  • In episode 7 : The girls' class mascot is a huge cat. At one point, Chiyo asks Sakaki to take a picture of her with that mascot, and in turn, Sakaki asks Chiyo to do the same. After both pictures are taken, Chiyo wonders who is in the cat costume right now. That person removes the costume's head, and surprise, surprise : It's Kimura-sensei ! Needless to say, both girls were shocked.
    Sakaki: USO DA!!note 
    • Speaking of which, Sakaki's look on her face as Yukari suggests burning the leftover stuffed animals "for a memorial service" is hilarious.
    • Earlier on, Kimura was sitting at a small bar run by the swim team. Just as Nyamo came in, he was complaining to Kagura because even though this bar was being run by the swim team, they weren't wearing swimsuits. He then asks for a glass of water from the pool that the girls swam in earlier.
    • Chiyo trying on the cat costume. Of course, it's much too big for her, and actually looks kind of scary on her instead of cute. Cue Yomi and Kaorin running around the classroom in fear.
      • Made even funnier by the episode's stinger, where Chiyo comes home in the costume and sends Tadakichi-San into a barking fit.
  • In some translations, in one of the Beach Episodes, Chiyo takes a good long look at Sakaki in her bikini and asks "What are those?"
  • Yukari explaining why so many of her second-year students were in her first year class: Definitely not because she doesn't want to memorize new names.
  • English dub-specific, from when they're trying to remember which year it is in the Chinese zodiac:
    Tomo: The adder...
    Osaka: (beat) Ain't those the dangly parts on a cow or somethin'?
  • Chiyo meets some of her old friends from elementary school, and they start talking about what games they play. One of them mentions that Chiyo doesn't get to play around as much since she's in high school. Cut to a picture of Tomo, Osaka, and Yukari doing something weird.
    Chiyo: No, we mess around a lot in high school too...


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