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CLANNAD isn't all Tear Jerkers, as the list below shows. If you don't cry from the sad moments, you'll find yourself crying from laughing so hard.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Tomoya convincing Fuko that he had turned into a girl. To elaborate, Fuko goes into her starfishland again and while she was spacing out, Tomoya grabs nearby Ryou and tells her to stand in front of Fuko and pretend to be him while he watches from afar. When she awakes, she's clearly shocked and asks Ryou if she's really Tomoya. After she replied, Fuko fears if she might turn into a guy. Then Tomoya shows up, and Fuko's response? "There's two Tomoyas!" THEN Kyou shows up. Hilarity Ensues sounds like a massive understatement.
    Tomoya: If she asks how that's possible, just say "It falls off sometimes."
    Caption: Mastery: Ability to switch speaking to a different person.
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  • Tomoya placing male underwear on Sunohara's head and getting him beat up for looking like a pervert. The thing is, Tomoya wasn't expecting that rugby player to show up seconds after Sunohara left the room.
    Tomoya: Chance is a scary thing...
  • Tomoya's yaoi fantasy.
  • Kotomi and Nagisa's first meeting.
  • "It's a starfish". (whole school face faults)
  • In episode 11, Kotomi swinging a toy magic wand, apparently trying to summon the Cthulhu. She's genuinely disappointed when it doesn't work.
    • Tomoya imagining Kyou holding the same wand and doing a textbook transformation sequence. What seals the deal is his hilariously genuine laughter after the Imagine Spot (pictured above), and Kyou's characteristic reaction to it.
    • "I love fish!"
      "How 'bout I punch you till you cry?"
  • Ryou mistaking Nagisa's attempt to recruit her as a lesbian confession, and Kyou's reaction when she finds out. And Ryou said yes.
  • Whenever Sunohara gets curb-stomped by Tomoyo.
    • At one point, Tomoya himself gets to perform a combo assist, triggering a prompt for a combo hit.
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    • During the School Festival, Tomoyo lays into him again with a 7-hit combo like before, and you can get Tomoya to start another combo assist. Then it gets taken Up to Eleven as random characters begin showing up just to kick Sunohara's ass back to Tomoyo. He gets kicked a total of 64 times, if you've triggered all the event flags to set this up. The final person in the combo? Koumura-sensei, who unleashes a sudden show of strength to juggle him back.
  • Kyou and Tomoya getting locked in a storage closet. She thought Tomoya was going to do things to her. And she was almost ready to accept it and seemed to be reasoning with herself as to whether or not she should let him.
    • In the visual novel, she clearly states that she wouldn't mind if it was with him.
  • Tomoya is given a charm that will make the first girl he talks to fall in love with him. He runs outside and he meets... Fuko. He hushes her and tells her that a bear is on the loose, and she must act like a zombie to fool it. And then she does the Thriller.
  • The "Dango-Starfish war", especially when Fuko plagiarizes the "Big Dango Family" song.
  • Tomoyo cooks for Tomoya to make amends for getting him suspended. Kyou, Ryou and Kotomi show up with their food which leads to a tense situation with Tomoya needing to choose which food he'll eat first. Then Fuko comes in...
  • Drunk Nagisa is fun Nagisa.
  • In Kappei's route, Ryou's tries to lie to him about having a baby, forgetting the fact that the prerequisite isn't even met. Massive Hilarity Ensues (for a while anyways).
  • Misae-chan is (censored)-year-old.
  • Tomoya has a tough time when he tries to find friends for Kotomi. The scene with a very reluctant Kyou and the one in which Ryou shows off her fortune telling are especially hilarious.
  • Some highlights would be Nagisa's family's attempts to come up with a better name for Tomoya (culminating in "Okazaki Tomoya Ethanol"), the "eternal" battle between Starfish and the Great Dango Family, and mastering the art of shooting juice up a zoned out girl's nose. "Tomoya became the Fuuko Master!"
  • Sunohara approaching Tomoyo in ~After Story~ Episode 2, where he's finding a fake girlfriend to convince Mei that he's committed to someone important to him. He approaches Tomoyo, who is sitting on a bench and is talking to her classmates when Sunohara sits beside Tomoyo and brushes against her shoulder. She then stops talking for a second, brushes dust from said shoulder, and proceeds to talk to her friends as though Sunohara wasn't there. Hilarity Ensues.
    Sunohara: Don't ignore me like that!
  • The "father and son" conversation between Tomoya and Akio. Hilarity Ensues. And Sanae calmly taking the plates off the table while Akio is rolling around on top of it.
  • Anytime Sunohara annoys Tomoyo especially during the baseball game.
  • A more subtle one, but Fuko's declaration that Sunohara's blond hair was "an impossible color" is so very wrong when she herself has green hair and there's a blue-haired boy standing next to her, not to mention the fact Sunohara knows two purple-haired girls; Nagisa's hair color is still up for debate.
  • Akio is basically a walking incarnation of Funny:
    • "Yo! Yo! I'm the MC Akio!"
    • Giant Bengal Lizard
    • Stepping on a knife and pretending to die.
    • Joking about how Tomoya isn't enough of a man to get Nagisa pregnant... only to learn immediately afterward that Tomoya has already done so, and freaking out.
      Akio: Congratulations... YOU BASTARD.
  • After Story's English dub actually managed to make this scene even funnier than the original.
  • Fuko's return in ~After Story~, especially when she first sees Ushio and pulls a classic I'm Taking Her Home with Me!. She provides some much-needed comic relief after some heavy Tear Jerkers.
    • Tomoya putting his hand on Fuko's head and her repeatedly slapping it away, then her running behind a pole and growling at him like a dog.
    • Not to mention her conversations with Tomoya when she went to visit Ushio (oh, and Tomoya too). Nuclear tights, anyone?
      • Okazaki Saikoo!
      • The expression on Tomoya's face is priceless.
  • Akio insists Tomoya have a porn book. Sanae and Nagisa are shocked and ask, "We have one of those?" Cue Akio's reaction. "We have NOTHING of the sort!"
  • Sunohara's Gratuitous English, in general. The quote below could even be considered an in-universe example!
    Sunohara: Your Rolling Thunder! Kaaaaaah!
    ...(Everyone was laughing their lungs out.)
    • His desire for "ReZombie" against Bear!Tomoyo.
    • Or this from the visual novel:
    Sunohara: Hello! I am pretty dog! Oh! Are you pretty dog too? It's miracle!
    Tomoya: (thinking) A talking dog would be pretty miraculous, I guess.
  • Kotomi's first violin recital.
    • From the novel: When Kotomi plays violin for the first time we get the following.
    The chorus club is in chaos. The audience couldn't do anything but hold their heads and cover their ears tightly.
    • The KOs were the icing on the cake, especially since Akio made a really big deal out of it.
  • On the way to school one morning Tomoya is almost put into traction when Kyou barely misses him on her bike. Tomoya decides to confront her about this at school, cue the Clothesline from Hell by Kyou, since students at Clannad School are not allowed to ride bikes to school. Tomoya was cut off while saying -Bi- so he needs to cover it up. How does he do it?
    Tomoya: Everyone listen up, Fujibayashi Kyou is BI!!!
    • The visual novel takes it further: after Kyou gets annoyed with him about this, she tells Tomoya to tell everyone that they have the wrong idea... so:
    Tomoya: Everyone, that was a lie just now. The truth is that Kyou prefers girls over guys!
  • Tomoya tricking Sunohara into adding "and a toilet seat cover" to the end of each sentence, to the point where Sunohara suffers maniacally from having to always do this!
    Sunohara: When I was little, I wanted to be so many different things. A soccer player. A pilot. A teacher. And... a toilet seat cover!
  • The Running Gag of Akio insulting Sanae's bread and SHE IS ALWAYS Right Behind Him and her running out in tears with her chasing with the bread in his mouth muffling he loves them.
  • Kotomi greeting Kyou in French.
    Kyou: Don't "hello" me!
    Kotomi: Bonnnjouur?
    Kyou: Nooooo!
  • Introductions:
    Kyou: I'm Kyou Fujibayashi from 3-E...
    Tomoya: ...her hobby is tormenting the weak.
    Kyou: I would be so very happy if we could be very close friends." *Mega Kicks Tomoya* "My hobby is what?
    Kotomi: (trembling and teary-eyed) Tomoyo, I have to say that I'm very strong, so please, you shouldn't be mean to me.
  • Tomoya's and Nagisa's "date" in ep 23, where it's obvious she's working from a script, and he's not letting her off the hook from her embarrassment.
  • Mei wants to play Cupid, Tomoya thinks for herself and Sunohara, Mei gets disgusted, Tomoya then replaces himself for Mei. There was a massive misunderstanding somewhere in there.
  • Tomoya blaming his mitochondria for hitting Sunohara repeatedly.
  • Nagisa approaching her parents to ask if they can let Sunohara's sister stay with them, only for Akio to ask if she's come to hear "the legend of the mysterious scar on her ass."
  • The very last scene in the main part of After Story, with Kouko playing the straight woman to Fuuko's Cloud Cuckoo Lander has to be seen to be believed. Then it turns into cute and heartwarming.
  • Key answering the question of "What if Sanae's bread was combined with Akiko's jam?" Even funnier when you remember that Kitagawa was interested in trying the special jam at the end of Kanon. The dub should cover the rest of the funny.
  • The early part of the Visual Novel where Tomoya tried redubbing Sunohara's hip-hop with a rap, which he cut off mid-way and ends up ruining Sunohara's morning AND deleting his whole cassette.
  • Yoshino making his big speech at the baseball game, only to get an out because he hadn't called a time-out. Cue him sulking in the dugout while Kouko tries to comfort him.
  • In the visual novel, if you reject every girl, you can have Tomoya realize something important.
    Tomoya: Be only my Sunohara forever.
  • The scene where Tomoya pulls yet another troll on Sunohara, by waking him up after the classroom has been vacated and getting him to believe the world ended while he slept, and that he is now the last person alive. As usual, it's a comedy routine in itself. Watch it here.
  • The whole "date" scene with Sunohara and Sanae, disguised (quite convincingly) as a 17-year-old girl, is hilarious.
    • Mei's annoyed reaction when Youhei suggests going to get a pork cutlet bowl is priceless.
    • And the pinnacle, when Sunohara found out that Sanae is married... to Akio. Well, it's understandable that Akio gets mad, but because it's Sunohara and Akio, the delivery of both shock and anger just ends up hilarious.
  • In an ~After Story~ OVA, Akio suggests that Nagisa impress her classmates by calling her teacher "Ultra-mom" so people will think she's related to Ultraman. This actually works, at least in a dream sequence.
  • Poor Nagisa getting conked on the head from Tomoya and Youhei's prank in the same episode. You'll probably feel guilty laughing at that. Even better is Tomoya's and Youhei's slow-mo Reaction Shot while the pan falls. Nagisa's Hair Antennae also get bent.
  • Tomoyo finding a porn magazine under Youhei's bed and her disinterested reaction to it, contrasted with Youhei freaking out.
  • In a flashback, Misae's friends dressing Shima up as a girl and getting him to confess his love for her.
  • When Nagisa tells Tomoya she's never seen a play before, he spits his green tea right into Akio's face.
  • From the novel, Botan farting on Tomoya's lap in class and him being accused of it.
  • Tomoya meeting Nagisa's parents for the first time.
  • Tomoya's fantasies about Tomoyo when she starts coming over to his house to cook for him. They all end with her stabbing him in the forehead with a knife, then the round end of a ladle, then a radish.
  • In the finale, Sunohara accidentally drives up on the curb, then tries to laugh it off.
  • The entire 4-koma book is made of pure, undiluted funny.
  • While carving starfish, Fuko goes into yet another one of her trances. Tomoya convinces Sunohara to replace his head with the starfish she was poking. Fuko comes to and Tomoya encourages her to keep poking her "starfish." When she realizes she's stuck her finger into Sunohara's mouth, she freaks out and repeatedly smashes his head with the starfish.
  • When Tomoya is on a "date" with Mei, she starts calling him "Onii-chan," which really turns him on. Then Ryou, Kyou and Kotomi show up, and Tomoya pulls a classic "Not What It Looks Like", before the three of them run away.
  • Tomoya locking Sunohara inside the toilet for three days, pasting a note on the cubicle door with the words "My Home", "Love Nest" and "Rugby Club Recruitment" for the three days respectively.
  • In Kotomi's route in the VN, she misinterprets Tomoya's offer to walk her home as an offer to mail her home instead, because of course she does. She figures the best way to do this is to cut a person up into pieces before mailing it, matter-of-factly labeling the package "dismembered corpse."
    Tomoya (internal monologue): Someone, please call the police.
  • In the VN, the Running Gag of Tomoya being able to see how many question marks Kotomi is giving during her route.
  • In episode seven, Sunohara interrupts Tomoya and Fuko's tongue-twister battle. Sunohara, though, thinks they're ACTUALLY fighting. Fuko gives a whistle, and a Zerg Rush of Fuko's fanboys comes running through. It's the perfect fake-out for those who thought Fuko was whistling for Tomoyo or Kyou to kick his again again.


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