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    The Movie itself 
  • The beginning of the movie shows St Gloriana's tanks being bombarded by Ooarai and Chi-ha-tan tanks. When Miho orders everyone to slowly advance by saying Panzer Vor, the Chi-ha-tan tanks do not respond. It turns out that they do not know what "Panzer Vor" means.
  • Katyusha yelling at both Nonna and Clara for conversing in Russian because she can't understand them. It's especially funny on the meta level in the English dub when, in this VERY OBVIOUSLY JAPANESE ANIME, Katyusha exclaims "You mean you could speak English this whole time!" when Clara reveals her linguistic abilities.
    Clara: Lady Katyusha, please go on ahead. Good luck to you.
    Katyusha: What's with your fluent Japanese!?
  • Clara's tank almost crashing on an Ōarai store, but stopping short, then Rosehip crashes her crusader on Clara's tank, hitting the external fuel tank and completely blowing up the store, which is the same store that previously got damaged by a Matilda in the anime.
    Store owner: OH YEAH!!!
    Old man 1: Your house again?
    Old man 2: Why is it always your house? I'm so jealous.
    • What makes this funnier is that a few minutes after, Rosehip's crusader is still functional (though barely).
  • Rukuriri, the tank commander of the same Matilda that killed the Duck team in the parking lot falls again to the duck team's trap in the same parking lot. She tried to be Genre Savvy and know that its a trap, only this time, Duck Team has Fukuda's Type 95 Ha-Go with them.
    Rukuriri: Fool! It won't work this time!
    (sees Fukuda's Type 95 Ha-Go pointing at her Matilda, then hid inside in panic)
  • Rabbit team trying to pull the same stunt they pulled on Kuromorimine's Jagdtiger on Nonna, who simply responds by shoving the M3 and sticking her tank's gun right on the Rabbit team's tank. The Rabbit team futilely tries to push back in what can only be described as a tank version of At Arm's Length, with Nonna looking on with the most bored expression she can muster, before firing. She then nonchalantly continues on her way as if nothing happened.
    Katyusha: You've fallen behind! Nonna, what's wrong?
    Nonna: (passes by the Rabbit team's wreck) Nothing.
    • Moments before they are taken out, Saki seems to have something awesome to say, only for Saki to say...
    Saki: (pointing to a butterfly): Butterfly.
    Azusa: Eh!?
    [Nonna's IS-2 fires, sending them flying]
    • Following that moment, there are two Funny Background Event that has Saki just staring at a nearby butterfly.
  • Nishi misunderstands the command "We are retreating" to "we are charging" and is all too happy to oblige. Everyone just goes "huh?" at thisnote , and it ends predictably. Also, Fukuda's tank is the only Chi-Ha-Tan unit not to be destroyed by recklessly charging because it has to be dragged away, first by the Mallard team, the second time by the Duck team.
  • A case of Real Life Writes the Plot involving the opening battle, the Oarai waterfront hotel that gets blown by KV-2-tan was planning to undergo renovations during the making of the movie. Hotel owners and the movie studio agreed for the huge blue canvases covering the construction work to be placed around the time the movie premiered, and for the battle damage to affect those specific parts of the hotel. The side-by-side photos are incredibly amusing.
  • Following this, the KV-2 disables itself by turning its turret.note 
  • The Mallard team acting like delinquents after the students are forced to leave the Ōarai School ship.
    Momo: Hey! As the Morals Comittee, this is shameful!
    Sodoko: The school is gone. Why should we fix ourselves up? This is meaningless. Even our reason to exist is gone.
    Momo: Cut it out! Before the transfer is complete, you have to do your job!!
    Sodoko: Everyone, gather up.
    • And later, prior to the morning attendance.
      Mako: The school is gone. Shouldn't it be okay not to wake up early?
      Saori: I heard they're doing a roll call everyday.
      Mako: (upon seeing the Mallard team disheveled and sluggish) At least wash your face, Sodoko!
      Sodoko: Yeah, yeah. I'm just Sodoko now anyway.
  • The fact that Miho and the others are using their tank to get around town is amusing. Mako states that she has at least a use for her tank driving license.
    Saori: (upon seeing Mako's barely-awake picture on her license) At least try to stay awake when they take your picture. My picture is good enough for an arranged date!
    Hana: You sure focus on some pointless stuff.
  • Just everything about Miho and the Boko Museum.
    Miho: (upon arriving at the Boko Museum) I didn't know there was such a place like this!
    Saori: I've never seen you this excited before.
    • At the Boko Museum entrance
    Boko: Oh, you're here! I'll take you guys on! I'll beat you up real good!
    Miho: It's a real Boko! How cute!
    Boko: (starts moving as if he's being beaten up) Hey! What are you doing!? Stop it!
    Saori: We're not doing anything.
    Boko: (stops and slumps) You got me... I'll remember this!
    Saori: But we didn't do anything...
    Mako: This guy is unexpectedly weak...
    Miho: That's why he's Boko!
    Yukari: Like Italy's 10th army!
    Saori: The heck is this?
    Yukari: In the end he got beat up anyway...
    Miho: Because that's what Boko is all about!
  • Of all things, Miho has a Panzerfaust with a pink ribbon on it in her room.
  • While the Hope Spot of Anzu returning to the temporary school area to deliver good news for the school may qualify for a Heartwarming moment, the Mood Whiplash of Momo wailing over the PA system while Yuzu calls for the Sensha-Do team members does warrant a spot here. Rabbit team even mentions that they are hearing something in the background and it "sounds scary".
    • In a funny and ironic twist, Mallard team gets dragged back into the gathering by Mako.
  • The Cavalry moment has some of these squished in such an awesome montage:
    • Katyusha complains about being somewhat late to arrive in the match, acting all Tsundere about it. Nonna then points out that first, they were late because Katyusha overslept and second, Katyusha wanted to be the first to arrive because it would make her look cool. Also Katyusha is shown wearing an Ōarai uniform that is too big for her.
    • The main Anzio trio cramped up inside the 2-person Carro Veloce tankette during the said montage. Also, they are able to loudly announce their arrival from inside their tankette, meaning the CV 33 has a PA system installed.
    • Then Darjeeling explains why everyone, even Continuation High who we don't even know have any association with Oarai, came wearing Oarai's uniform when they'll just change back to their regular tanker uniforms in the match. They just wanted to try it out.
    • Nishi arriving with twenty-two tanks to join the fight, only to be calmy reminded by Darjeeling that the reinforcements were meant to bring 22 tanks in total and she was supposed to bring six. Did we mention the franchise's habit of mixing Funny, awesome and Heartwarming in a single scene? Yes, we did.
  • All the team's commanders discussing operation plans and method of attacks. Each representative of a school gives a plan of attack based from their school's style,note  The ones that stand out however are Katyusha's double envelopment strategy, then waiting for winter to arrive since annihilation matches have no time limit and Nishi flat out stating that having considered several options, they should just charge headfirst to the opponent. Anchovy simply suggests that they think about it over pasta.
    • Then we see Momo and her increasing exasperation to the situation, but funnier to see on the black boards with the considerations; she even wrote down General Winter and Pasta as an option.
    • The debate on the operation name only brang out even ridiculous ideas.
    Darjeeling: And now for the most important part... what would our operation's name be?
    Anchovy: Since we're attacking from 3 directions, "Operation Three Cheese Pizza"!
    Katyusha: "Operation Beef Stroganoff" is the best! Nothing can beat the combination of beef, onions, and sour cream!
    Darjeeling: Let's call it "Operation Fish and Chips and Vinegar".
    Erika: "Operation Glühwein und Eiswein"!
    Kay: "Operation Fried Chicken Steak with Gravy Sauce".
    Anzu: "Operation Anglerfish, Dried Potatoes, and Clams".
    Momo: Prez! Don't join them!
    Nishi: How about we compromise and call it "Operation Sukiyaki"?
    Maho: Your favorite foods have nothing to do with this operation!
    Katyusha: Then what would you suggest!?
    Maho: (beat) How about "Operation Meistersinger von Nürnberg"? It's a three-act opera...
    Momo: Too long!
    Maho: (to Miho) Commander, please decide.
    • Just the fact that Momo is able call out Maho on her name idea, and gets away with it.
    • Of course, typical of Miho, she goes with a rather underwhelming, but fitting name "Operation Bumpy".
    Erika: What kind of name is that? It's not imposing at all.
    Maho: Let's go with that.
    Erika: Eh?
  • This conversation between the Anzio girls in their CV 33 during the match.
    Carpaccio: Um Duce, your twin tails are in the way.
    Pepperoni: Normally this tank is only for two people, now I can't see what's in front!
    Anchovy: Then Pepperoni, you get off!
    Pepperoni: No way!
    Anchovy: Then stop complaining!
    Pepperoni: Can't you just take off your wig?
    Anchovy: This is not a wig!
    Pepperoni: Oh, really?
    Anchovy: Ow!
  • As the high school team and UST start their skirmish, Miho begins to issue orders to both Morning Glory and Dandelion platoons, including a very specific command to Nishi (and by extension, the rest of Chi-ha-tan's units)
  • When Company "Morning Glory" gets bypassed by a University Pershing group, Kay orders Alisa to chase them. As soon as she beings to give out orders, her Sherman gets hit by about 17 Pershing shots. During their bombardment, we get a look inside as Alisa and her loader and gunner get thrown around in the Sherman as each shell impact rocks it violently.
  • This conversation after Kay's platoon figure out what the mysterious bombardment was:
    Ayumi: Why'd she know about it?
    Aya: Did she eavesdrop again?
    Karina: Feels like she'll eavesdrop on her boyfriend as well.
    Ayumi: She's too harsh!
    Yuuki: That's probably why she got dumped by Takeshi!
    Alisa: I DIDN'T EVEN CONFESS, HOW COULD I BE DUMPED?! How did you guys know about it anyway?
    Azusa: Alisa, cheer up!
    Karina: It's okay to be alone as well!
    Aya: Try your best!
    Ayumi: Don't mind!
    Yuuki: It's good to think of your tank as your lover!
    Alisa: Shut it! I don't need to be comforted by you guys!
    • It's also funny because it confirms that Saori's teachings are rubbing off on Rabbit Team.
  • There is just something funny about the heads of two Sensha-do schools sitting stone faced next to each other while watching the match. Shiho doesn't seem to be bothered that she's sitting under the rain, while Chiyo Shimada decides to take cover under an umbrella.
  • Upon first meeting the Morser-Karl, the Anzio trio starts arguing over math.
    Anchovy: 600!? CV33 has an 8mm MG, so how many times that?
    Pepperoni: Can't you do division? It's 7.5 times!
    Carpaccio: It's 75 times!
  • Operation Kill Serve earns some laugh for how ridiculous it is, but it WORKS!
    • The brainstorming for a plan to take out Morser-Karl touches on the last time they dealt with such an opponent.
    Noriko: Wait a minute, I have an idea!
    Momo: Are we getting on top of it again?
    Anzu: That sounds good!
    • Then Duck team explains their plan (which culminates to the entire operation), and Anzu's response to it?
    • Mika's opinion of the plan on the other hand...
    Mika: I think this plan is meaningless.
    • Mid-way into it, it seems a failure with Anchovy's CV33 flipped upside down. An improvisation was made and this banter ensues.
    Anzu: Chovy, hurry up and start the tracks!
    Anchovy: Don't boss me around! Who do you think I am!?
    Anzu: I'll make you potato pasta afterwards.
    Anchovy: Pasta!
    Pepperoni: Really?
  • Rosehip in her Crusader tank has a tendency to use Attack! Attack! Attack! as her main forte due to her tank's Fragile Speedster standpoint. This leads to many Attack! Attack... Retreat! Retreat!.
    • In the middle of the match against the University team, she charges right at them.
    Rosehip: Why you little-!
    Morser-Karl shell explodes right next to it, causing the Crusader to jump a few feet into the air]
    Darjeeling: [nonchalantly] Rosehip, come back.
  • When Darjeeling and the others fell into an encirclement trap, the Chi-Ha-tan tanks try to save the day by diving straight to the fray. The University Team simply sidesteps out of their way, resulting with the Chi-Ha-Tan units entrapped with the tanks they were supposed to rescue.
  • "Operation Mifune"
    • Shooting down a ferris wheel's supports so that the ferris wheel will roll down the hill and hopefully create an opening for the rest of the encircled high school team's units to escape is, without a doubt, brilliant. That is until the Rabbit team realized they are now standing in the ferris wheel's way.
    Yuuki: Eh?
    Karina: RUN!!!
    Azusa: Wait! Why are we running away in a straight line!?
    Karina: Oh, right! (steers the M3 to the side)
    • The reactions of the others as they see the ferris wheel rolling down the hill.
    Caesar: The Tsar tank!?
    Erwin: Panjandrum!?
    Kay: Wow!
    • While the others are scrambling to get out of the ferris wheel's way, Rosehip decides to fire at it. Whatever she was planning, it sure didn't work because her Crusader almost gets crushed by the ferris wheel, and it starts rolling back to them.
    Rosehip: Huh!? That's weird...
    Alisa: No it's not!!!
    Momo: Don't do pointless things!!!
    Anzu: (amused) Run away...
    Azusa: Thank you for your work, Ferris-senpai!
    Saori: Bye-bye, Ferry-chan!
    Kay: See you!
  • Katyusha, Anteater team and Leopon team lure some Pershings in the theme park's Wild West area, prompting this:
    Nekota: The cavalry is coming after us!
    Piyotan and Momonga: (makes Native American war cries)
    • Then after a short while...
    Nekota: We're being surrounded, Geronimo!
    Satoko: What should we do, Geronimo?
    Katyusha: Who are you calling Geronimo!?
  • The remaining Chi-Ha-Tan tanks wearing inflatable duck heads on their turrets as part of their camouflage to ambush opponents is brilliant, as the final battles take place in an abandoned amusement park. Retaining the duck heads when they are openly engaging the enemy is downright hilarious. It gets funnier when the Duck team gets its own inflatable duck head on its turret.
    Noriko: Here's the real duck!!
  • How Duck team and the Chi-Ha-tan girls dealt with one of the UST Pershings - blocking its gun with two tanks while another punches a hole on the back of its turret - may be considered ingenious, but when Noriko started screaming Guts and urged Fukuda and her crew in their tank to keep pressuring the Pershing, they are actually pushing their tanks' respective turrets from the inside. Shinobu's face says it all.
    Noriko: Push it with GUTS!!!
    Fukuda: Yes!
    Taeko: I told you that doesn't do anything!
    • After being taken out by Alice's Centurion, Chi-Ha-Tan's crews are quite jovial in their defeat.
    Takeda: We got slaughtered, like usual...
    Nishi: They may be our foes, but they did a good job.
    Noriko: Don't be so cheerful!
  • Anzio being chased after by Chaffees on top of the rollercoaster is quite ridiculous. Especially when they start sliding along the track, behaving like rollercoaster carts.
    • When Anzio needs to get their CV33 down from the track, Team Mallard rolls up and Anchovy calls "Hey, taxi!" to them before sliding down on top of their B1 as a passanger. They keep riding on it until "Operation T-Square".
  • After Anchovy's CV33 helps destroy a Pershing with their "Operation T-Square".
    Anchovy: Yes! We did it! Tankettes are the best! [Gets blasted and sent flying by Alice's Centurion]
    • "Operation T-Square" itself is both utterly ridiculous and utterly awesome. It's basically making the CV33 skip across a body of water though its speed. Pepperoni's statement also implies that they have done this many times before.
    Pepperoni: This has never worked!
  • A Freeze-Frame Bonus with Leopon before they overclock their Porsche Tiger's motor where we see the controls near the driver Tsuchiya. Two buttons are somehow labeled "Stealth" and "VTOL", y'know, controls that would be more fitting on a stealth aircraft like the F-35.
  • Rosehip's tank crew is seen sharing tea with the disgruntled crew of the Pershing they took out in their flying charge, all of whom look somewhat disappointed that they lost.
  • At the end of the movie, we see the various schools returning to their home carriers. And apparently a few of them qualify for Funny Background Event:
    • The main Saunders trio are aboard their transport plane, worfing snacks in the cockpit; Kay even takes a bite of Arisa's hamburger; and by a "bite", we mean half of the hamburger.
    • Chihatan uses a train, with almost everyone (save for their commander Kinuyo) asleep; others were even sleeping on the cab floor. Fukuda is also seen hugging a duck plushie.
    • Then we see Anzio's tankette being carried in the back of a pick up truck to emphasize just how poor they are. Anzio does have better tanks available to them but apparently no means to transport them. Doesn't stop them from singing their way back home though.
    • The Continuation High School left early from the match so they didn't get a credit scene, but the CD Drama explains why they left early. They pillaged the University Team's stockpile for equipment and what not after their tank was knocked out.

    The Alice War OVA and related Audio Dramas 


  • The film's OVA (packaged in the bluray version) has quite a few funny background events in the commemorative photo for Ōarai's victory:
    • Anteater Team are all doing body-building poses;
    • Alice is inside the photo, still mounted on the plushie bear ride;
    • Saki is still playing with the butterfly;
    • Aya is squinting at the camera because her glasses are broken;
    • Sodoko is trying to get Mako to look at the camera;
    • Shinobu is holding a duck head; and
    • Momo is still in shock and isn't even looking at the camera.
  • The Alice War OVA is about Alice sending her intention of going to Ooarai high school.
    • Rabbit team just squees at the possibility of having a cute junior looking up to them. When Momo reprimands them for making too much of a fuss, they immediately discuss how they shouldn't set a bad example to Alice, like panicking easily or ruining important moments, which causes Momo to yell at them.
    • The morals committee discusses whether Alice is a straight and disciplined student or a girl who lives by her own rules. They then go on a short role-play about how to deal with Alice if she were a "live by her own rules" student, with Pazomi as Delinquent!Alice. Delinquent!Alice ends up being expelled.
    • When it came to suggestions on how to convince Alice to enroll in Ooarai, each team proposes something that is reflective of their respective quirks.note  Momo rejects every single one of them.
    • Alice arrives on Ōarai in a stretcher and states she's seasick, not having experienced being in a carrier school before due to having skipped grades. Anzu solves her problem by placing a dried potato on her forehead and it works, because she got too preoccupied with the potato on her forehead.
    • The Anzio trio being in Ōarai to recruit Alice to their school, only to fail because she dislikes tomatoes, olives, anchovies, and cheese, and has begun to feel sick again.
    • There's a short scene of Alice scouting Ōarai's different club activities like tea ceremony, waterfall meditation, and ninjutsu.
    • Duck and Hippo team kept the props they used in their last match, with the former still having the duck head on the Type 89's turret.
    • Alice finally descides to transfer to Ōarai, only to take back her decision because she won't be able to fight Miho anymore if she and Miho became team mates.

Audio Dramas

  • The segment involving Pravda is basically Fun with Foreign Languages: the Audio Drama:
    • Katyusha has Nonna interpret Clara's Russian. However, Nonna is a Trolling Translator and tells Katyusha about Clara's backstory while she's having a conversation with Clara about who knows more about Katyusha in Russian.
    • It's also apparent that Clara only speaks Russian in front of Katyusha just to mess with her.
    • Katyusha asks Nonna to interrogate Clara about her past. Nonna learns that Clara is a Katyusha fangirl who arranged her transfer to Pravda to be closer to her, and who used her father's military intelligence contacts to provide childhood photos of Katyusha that she shares with Nonna in exchange for Nonna keeping her secret.
    Katyusha: Nonna! Why are you shaking hands with Clara? What did you find out?
    • Plus Nonna's answer:
    • It's even funnier on a meta level as well. The audio drama plays twice. The first time has Nonna and Clara speaking Russian, and without subtitles (or a general knowledge of Russian), we don't understand what they're saying. The second time around, their previous Russian dialogues are translated to Japanese, and then we find out what they're really talking about.
    • Clara's backstory is either too improbable to actually happen, or actual truth, but it's funny nonetheless. To elaborate, While Clara was drinking non-alcoholic vodka note  and watching TV at her old school, she accidentally signed enrollment papers for Pravda High School, which she thought was a sleepover consent form. Now, if she refused to enroll, her family would have to pay an enormous breach-of-contract fee, the amount is not mentioned but Nonna states that Clara's family could never hope to pay off the amount. It gets funnier when you realize it was Nonna who was telling this, so whether or not she's making it up is up in the air.
    Katyusha: Does Pravda have that kind of program?
  • The Continuation High School left early from the match so they didn't get a credit scene, and the CD Drama explains why. They pillaged the University Team's stockpile for equipment and what not after their tank was knocked out.
  • In "I'm Gonna be Boko", Miho gets a chance to play Boko the Bear when the actual actor sprained his leg and she gets chosen as a replacement for the show being held at Oarai. Miho gets so nervous during the show that she gets wildly off script. The result is the audience gets treated to the unusual scene of the usually-jerkass Boko trying to help the bull he bumped into while stating that he was rude. It gets funnier because the next scene showed the usually-inept-at-fighting Boko easily dodging attacks. The guy voicing Boko even gets in the act as he makes Boko say that he's not his usual self today. Miho had to remind herself to not dodge in order to get back on script.
  • The Bermuda Trio's "Great Learn-More-About-Commander-Alice Operation!". All of it. To summarize, they take her to a restaurant, almost get her drunk by accident, get drunk themselves out of carelessness (which makes them misunderstand everything Alice says), and then proceed to interrogate Alice about her tastes in clothesnote , her favourite foodsnote  and her love lifenote .
  • The segment of the Chi-Ha-Tan audio drama where they discuss what they have learned from the battle:
    Nishi: We held the advantage in terrain and firepower against a surrounded enemy, but ultimately, we suffered catastrophic losses. So, I would like us all to consider what we should have done instead!
    Chi-Ha-Tan girls: -I believe we should unite with Oarai's cavalry for a concerted charge, and, with a simultaneous charge, we charge and crush the enemy!
    -No, I propose we wait, then perform a full-speed charge to the side, followed by a rotational charge, and then charge into the gap in the enemy's defenses!
    -This situation calls for an expanding charge to the left and the right, a penetrative charge into the enemy formation, then, any leftover forces will perform a double-encirclement charge, and then all forces enter into an encircling-eradication charge!
    -In that case, we should utilize our charging mobility, and allow the vanguard to charge the enemy and put pressure on them with a charge. Then, while the enemy is occupied with the vanguard, we charge with all our forces!
    -Charge and adapt!
    -Cover yourself with a disguise, then perform a speedy charge before the enemy notices!
    -And, you can use pools, ponds, and buildings to enter extreme close-range with the enemy, and take them out with one fell charge!
    -What if all else fails and you have no way to approach?
    -Then we follow the Ducks' example... and charge with GUTS!
    Nishi: Hey, troops, how come there's always charging involved?
    • The title of Chi-Ha-Tan's audio segment is "A quiet day at Chi-Ha-Tan Academy". When you listen to it, you'll notice that everyone is shouting.

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