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Funny / Mirai of the Future

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The movie is bound to have its funny moments, given the main character is still an innocent, playful little boy even when faced with the difficulties of adjusting to having a younger sibling.

  • Kun running around the courtyard and house as a Human/Dog-hybrid after removing Human Yukko's tail and attaching it to his own body, even Baby Mirai is amused.
  • Kun playing fetch with Human Yukko, emphasising the fun and attention Yukko's been missing since Kun's birth.
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  • Kun covering baby Mirai's face with whale cookies while she's napping, even though it gets him into trouble with Future Mirai.
  • Kun playing with his mother as a child, even though it gets her into serious trouble in the long run.
  • Future Mirai tickling Kun to get him to put the dolls away, Kun enjoys it so much, he keeps asking her to do it again.
  • Kun, Future Mirai and Human Yukko trying to put away the dolls that Baby Mirai received on Girls' Day behind Kun's father's back.
    • Kun's father starts to wonder what is going on and worries he's lost Baby Mirai since she and her Future self can't appear at the same time. Kun is forced to feign a Potty Emergency to stall him.
  • Kun and Baby Mirai laughing and screaming with each other when she smiles at him.


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