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  • In the manga, Shin's WTF face when Kenshiro deals with Mr. Heart's Kevlard by literally pushing away the fat.
  • Episode 30: One Mook (Gaira) fails Hokuto Shinken forever.
    Mook: (after attempting one of Kenshiro's attacks on him) "You're already dead."
    Kenshiro: "In how many seconds?"
    Mook: "In ten seconds. I will count it down for you. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! OH NO!" (EXPLODES)
    • In fact, Kenshiro is so badass that the Mook's face mask was already smashed! It's also why the mook's head exploded instead of Kenshiro's; Kenshiro elbowed a Pressure Point in his face that set up a hilariously timed delayed reaction.
    • His original counterpart in the manga was at the receiving end of the Zankai-Ken. Kenshiro then puts the poor sap in the hole with only his thumbs.
    • From the same episode, Ken burying the saw (which he'd just been given and ordered to cut a guy's head off with) into the Mook's head.
    -"This saw?"
    -"Yes... But not on me..."
    • When Rei does this in the 1986 film, the mook experimentally taps the saw now buried in his head. Giggle fuel!
    Mook: Nah, I was talkin' about the other guy.
    Rei: Silly me, what a foolish mistake.
    Mook: I got a splitting headache...
    Rei: Oh? *Moves the saw a bit, killing the poor guy.* Better now?
  • Episode 36: On the other hand, Bat is downright deadly...
  • The Humiliation Conga that Jyuza dealt to Raoh and his army. Outsmarting Raoh with a fighting style he literally just made up, stealing Raoh's horse and just to rub salt in the wounds, Jyuza slaps his own ass telling Raoh that he can "kiss his ass".
    • The final trolling Jyuza delivers to Raoh in their final battle. It has to be seen to be believed.
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  • When Kenshiro belts out a head popping low blow not only are you already dead, so are any future offspring you could have had... as this poor Mook finds out.
  • Kenshiro shoved one poor miniboss into a cannon, then shot it through a hot air balloon, then exploded when he landed (the scene is 9:10 minutes into the video). Speaking of that, Nanto Human Cannon technique does not look like it is a serious technique, but just some ridiculous child's trick playing the name of Nanto already.
  • Also, as mentioned in Crowning Moment of Awesome, Kenshiro blowing up the tank!
  • "You call throwing dynamite around a martial art?" "Hey, as long as it works!"
  • Try this on for size: Kenshiro punches a couple of mooks on their pressure points and they start to hug what one guy commented as Brokeback Fist: Tender Loving Hug of Death. On top of that, Kenshiro actually made a pretty cool joke. Yes, Kenshiro, the stoned-faced absolute badass, made a joke and it was damn good!
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  • Kenshiro makes a guy stab himself through the head. It happens so quickly, he stops to wonder what's going on before keeling over dead.
  • Any time one sees Rei cutting, slicing, cubing or julienning a mook, it is to giggle madly. Especially since this is usually accompanied by a helpful TV split-screen effect that we see is not an effect at all.
    • Sometimes, he ends up swiping them so fast that the momentum actually causes the pieces to swap to the next guy over. In sequence.
  • While first taking on the Fang Clan, Kenshiro finds the selfish Rei about to battle a pack of mooks at the bottom of the cliff. As Rei and the bandits exchange boasts, the scene cuts to Kenshiro slouching over a corpse right next to one of them. Kenshiro then stands up and asks Rei what the heck he's doing there. The two men connect over their shared hatred of people who bring harm to women, completely ignoring the dozens of warriors surrounding them. A Mook Horror Show comes afterwards, featuring Rei slashing and dicing while Kenshiro explodes people by kicking, poking and grabbing their faces. The last bandit standing then receives not a Hundred, but a Thousand-fist barrage. To cap it off, we get this exchange:
    Kenshiro: You'll be dead in 5 seconds!
    Mook: No... No way! 5 seconds is too... *Gets chopped*
    Rei: Then die now!
    [The pieces of the mook fall to the ground and then explode as Kenshiro and Rei walk into the night]
  • In a non combat sequence in the anime, Ken, Rei and Mamiya are making their way to the Fang Clan's hideout. Mamiya has some difficulty climbing up the mountains, prompting Rei to offer his hand, remarking that this is why he wanted Mamiya to stay behind. This remark makes Mamiya pull out a combat needle, jab in the general direction of Rei's hand and pierce it into the rock to use as climbing leverage. As Mamiya brushes off and goes to the front of the line, Rei and Ken both look at her, and then at each other, cracking a smile. Possibly admiring Mamiya's pluck.
  • Setting records at the Post Apocalyptic Games. Chapter 105/Episode 73:
    • Kenshiro at one point kicks a guy in the nuts so hard he flew so high to become A Twinkle in the Sky. OUCH. Apparently, Kenshiro was sending people blasting off again before Team Rocket made it cool...
    • "Oh, another new record!" One of Abida's Goons before his head gets squashed by him, most likely inventing the "derp" face in the process.
  • In his rematch against Jagi in the TV series, Jagi goes for his shotgun after Kenshiro pops him one. Hilarity ensues as Jagi finds himself staring down the barrels of his shotgun.
  • Kenshiro doesn't want a hug!
  • Kenshiro's climactic battle with Boss Fang, who is using the Hua Steel Armor technique to make his skin like steel, comes to an abrupt halt as Kenshiro strikes a pressure point that returns Boss Fang's skin to normal, then bashing him with a rusty I-beam. The first two blows are positively brutal, but the comedy comes from the resulting image of a giant, muscular, fur-clad barbarian king cowering and shrieking as Kenshiro beats him repeatedly with an iron girder that otherwise seems to have all the impact of a foam pool noodle. The capper is when Boss Fang proves to be a Dirty Coward and throws one of his many sons at Kenshiro to try and hold him off. Kenshiro responds by holding up the steel beam so that the Fang Clan mook runs facefirst into it, then casually drops the beam onto the mook after he falls off it. It's an oddly cartoonish moment in an otherwise serious fight.
  • An earlier match with the fang clan is also pretty funny. Right from the moment Kenshiro hits their leader in the eyes with a pair of food cans.
  • The French Dub is a source of many funny moments:
    • This one kinda falls under both Black Comedy and Crosses the Line Twice: instead of committing suicide, Yuria apparently falls of Shin's palace by accident, because he didn't install the railings yet. Shin then responds, "Bring me the architect; it's his fault she died!"
    • A member of the Fang Clan claims another member's telescope is broken, when it works just fine.
    • After Shin delivers a finisher to one of his own Mooks during the attempted revolt, what was meant to be a serious scene ends up being entirely Played for Laughs in the French Dub.
      [The Mook explodes as is customary for the series]
      [Shot of Shin staring forward as the explosion concludes]
    • There's also this exchange between Shin and another Mook during the failed uprising in Episode 21:
      Mook: "I will slice your head just like Salami! What's happening?"
      Shin: "You wanted to show me your secret technique, imbecile, and now you're talking about Salami?! Bring it on! You're gonna know another one! Look! The best against toothaches."
    • A character describes Ryuga's techniques as making blood 'come out like ice cream'.
    • One of the moments in Episode 19's second half turns Kenshiro into a total savage:
      Civilian: The Man with the Seven Scars...
      Kenshiro: Yes, it's me and are you the man with Seven Knives?
  • Ken defeats Warden Uighur's whip attack, sending the warden's whips back into his face... tied up in a bow.
  • Raoh's lieutenant Galf uses his loyal dog Seki to decide the fate of his victims. However, when struck by Kenshiro, Galf tries to get Seki to stand by him as he's about to die. Seki sensing that things are about to get messy, flat out pisses on Galf and abandons him.
  • Shin is very rarely shown fighting anyone. When he starts slicing people with his Nanto Seiken techniques, his deep voice becomes replaced with a high pitched battle cry akin to the squawking of a bird.
  • Jagi, while still monstrous and a bastard, still pulls one off in Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage, when he made the usually Comically Serious Souther mispronounce his name.
    Jagi: I'll give you just one chance! Say My Name!
    Souther: J-Jacky?
  • In Ten no Haoh, when Raoh and his entourage make their way into the king's palace so that Raoh can kill him and take over, they're masquerading as entertainers with Raoh as the koto player. When asked to play the koto, he responds while not having a facial expression: "I will play the koto!" *smashes the koto on a pillar* "I cannot play the koto!"
  • When Kenshiro confronts Alf, Ken makes light of him by asking who he's supposed to fight against. The only other guy in the room is a 'useless mook' (Who is actually Shachi in disguise), so Alf is greatly offended.
  • The English dub of the 1986 anime movie has some hilarious dialogue, such as this Pre-Mortem One-Liner to Mr. Heart.
    Ken: Say your goodbyes, lardass, because you're already dead!
    • And Mr Heart's reaction right after that when he thinks Kenshiro's attack was ineffective.
      Mr. Heart: You see? What did I tell you? Still in one piece, good as new! HA HA HA-WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *explodes in a gory flash of light.*
  • Come success or terrible calamity, nothing will stop Amiba from proclaiming to the entire world that he is a genius of the highest calibre; why can't everyone just acknowledge the obvious?!
    • Once his identity is revealed, Amiba's battle in general is filled with funny moments, from his [[Catchphrase constant spouting of]] "I am a genius!", to the fact that he decided to impersonate Toki because the latter hit his face, to him trying to make himself stronger only to blow his own hands up, but perhaps the best is at the very end. As he's being made to walk backwards off the skyscraper he's on courtesy of Kenshiro, Mamiya and Rei have this to say:
    Mamiya: You're a genius, aren't you? Why don't you press your own points to stop it?
    Amiba: *flails his now-stubs-at-the-wrists uselesssly*
    Rei: You won't be hitting anything with THOSE 'hands'.

In General

  • The whole show in and of itself is admittedly filled to the brim with 80s camp, but it’s still an enjoyable and awesome show, even in a “So bad, it’s good” way.
  • A lot of (if not all) the villain deaths in the show are some of the most hilarious parts of the show, and definitely worth watching.
    • What makes it even funnier is that while being killed, their last words end up getting chopped up and shortened into one, causing them to scream what seems like nonsensical words.
  • And just as if the series couldn’t get any more ridiculous, there’s the next episode previews, with the loudest, hammiest, most scenery-chewing narration anyone could hear.

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