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Quotes / Fist of the North Star

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And I'll take down anyone who gets in my way with a single finger!
Ai wo Torimodose, aka YOU wa SHOCK (OP)

"Souther! I won't leave one hair of you left on this world!"
Kenshiro, Chapter 94

"Mamiya... A woman of infinite sadness... In that case... It's for the best that I die in your place."
Rei, Chapter 79

"For nothing but a drop of water... We take an innocent life! What horrible times!"
Kenshiro, Chapter 18

"My friends made me who I am today. Their hearts, and their love. Their fists are my fists. However, I will keep on fighting... As long as my friends are with me!"
Farewell, Kenshiro! Farewell, Hokuto Shinken!

Omae wa mou shindeiru.Translation 
Kenshiro's memetic catchphrase


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