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The fact this series has such a huge amount of tender moments is the best argument against those who accuse it of being shallow or one-dimensional. This series is VERY emotional.

  • Rei's Establishing Character Moment when he appears in Mamiya's Village, he gives two awestruck children a piece of chocolate.
    • Then the older brother gives the bigger piece of chocolate to his sister.
  • When Kenshiro finally confronts Shin at the end of the first arc, the latter mocks Kenshiro, telling him that Yuria has forgotten him. After all the hell he's been through just to reach them, Kenshiro finally breaks down, tearfully whispering that he doesn't care if Yuria has forgotten him, just as long as she's safe.
  • In the 1986 film, when Lin bravely halts the battle between Kenshiro and Raoh that would have left at least one of them dead.
    • Bonus points for Raoh commending Lin for her bravery, despite his wounds!
  • When Fudoh absolutely demolishes Raoh and sends the fearsome and tyrannical King of Fists reeling back in terror with the strength given by the love and courage of his (adopted) children.
    Raoh: A man whose stupidity knows no limits... Very well! Then give it your all to scare me and force me to cross this line!
    Fudoh: You really don't seem to understand anything.
    • It gets better: Raoh explicitly told Fudou that this was a tune-up fight, a way to overcome the fear that he had felt against Kenshiro, and told his troops to shoot him were he to step over a line behind him... And it's Fudou simply pointing out the children, with stones in their hands, sadness yet resolve in the children's eyes — the very same in Kenshiro's eyes — that frightens Raoh enough to step over the line, his attempted comeback completely backfiring.
  • The outcome of Kenshiro and Raoh's final battle, in the 2007 film version:
    Raoh: Impossible... how did you defeat the Fist of My Soul...
    Kenshiro: Your heart is alone, but in my heart I hold the love I feel for Raoh, Toki and Yuria. Even a mighty fist that can shatter Heaven and Earth can never destroy a heart that holds these small but precious feelings.
  • Then Raoh, broken-and-defeated by Kenshiro, holds the younger warrior's face for the first and final time like a big brother:
    Raoh: Come, let me see the face of the man who has defeated Raoh... You are magnificent, my little brother.
    Kenshiro: Big brother...
  • After the time skip, Kenshiro reunites with Bat and Rin, who have grown into young adults inspired by Ken. Both Bat and Rin weep as they hug Kenshiro, whom they missed dearly.
    Kenshiro: "'ve grown into a fine young man."
  • Hyoh having flashbacks to him saving his elder brothers and Kenshiro in the midst of a nuclear war, and said thoughts breaking through the insanity induced by his Hokuto Ryuuken.
  • The manga's ending:
    Kenshiro: "I won't let you die Bat!! Because you're my irreplacable little brother!!"
    • Before that, the dying Bat, wanting the amnesiac Lin to be with Kenshiro, tries feebly to insult her and pretends not to know her — however, the warmth and kindness in his eyes actually causes her to regain her memories... and her love for him.
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  • Kenshiro and Yuria's wedding at the beginning of Kenshiro Den. When the temple bells ring, and the spirits of Rei, Toki, Raoh, Jyuza, Souther, Shuh, Ryuga and Ryuken can be seen, giving their blessing on the wedding... Tender Tears were shed.
  • Any scene where you see fearsome warriors who can lay waste to hundreds of men single handedly laugh, play with, and take care of orphaned children like a gentle father. Rei, Shuh and Fudoh are prime examples of this.
  • Even though Hokuto Shinken can have one successor, and Kenshiro is not related to him by blood like Raoh is, Toki as a little boy selflessly saved the former as he lies injured in the bottom of a cliff. When asked by his adoptive father and teacher:
    Ryuken: "Why do you do this? If he lives you'll have to fight him one day for the right of succession!!."
    • To which the future doctor answers:
    Toki: "It dosen't matter: he's my precious little brother. Come what may, if it is fate, I'll fight him then. My own brother Raoh didn't think about succession rights when he saved me; so until then, I'll protect my little brother like Raoh protected me."
  • Lin chose to literally walk through fire than to submit to Raoh's rule, and inspired an entire city of men to stand up and fight against the invincible tyrant's army through sheer bravery alone; this doubles as her Moment of Awesome.
  • Kenshiro halts his journey to reunite with Yuria to save Fudoh, who is about to drown in quicksand to save his adoptive children, in spite of the fact the nigh-invincible Raoh is rapidly approaching the Nanto general and the love of his life.
    Fudoh: "Why did you come back for us, Kenshiro? You must abandon us for the future of this world!!"
    Kenshiro: "I refuse to build my own future upon the blood and tears of others!!"
    • When Kenshiro is wounded trying to save Fudoh, he gives an even more heartwarming line.
    Kenshiro: "The pain of these wounds will only last a second. The pain of your death would last a lifetime."
  • When a child Yuria completely thaws the heart of a vile villain called Fudou the Ogre by letting him hold a newborn puppy. The man spends the rest of his days caring for orphans as their father.
  • When Kenshiro learns the secret of the Muso Tensei. It causes the spirits of Rei, Shuu, Souther, Ryuuga, Shin, and Toki to stand with Kenshiro before Raoh. And as they were about to begin the final duel to settle things between them, Kenshiro says this to Raoh:
    Kenshiro: Raoh, Toki is waiting for you.
  • A girl named Asuka refuses to cry after her father Ein's death, and she says it's because she believes her dad won't rest in peace. Kenshiro not only hugs her, but HE cries for her.
  • Even if Devil Rebirth is a villain with few redeeming qualities, he is very happy when Jackal allows him to see the sunlight again.

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