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All spoilers on this page are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Episode 1:
    • We get Ishtar falling out of the sky and landing (thighs-first, as expected of Rin) on Ritsuka.
      Ritsuka: Hi, I'm your cushion.
  • Episode 2:
    • The show finally gives us an animated version of Fou beating the crap out of Merlin. Furthermore, Fou broke away its Pokémon Speak tendencies just to say "DIE, MERLIN!!"
    • You have Dr. Romani trash-talking about Merlin and warning Ritsuka that he's useless in combat. It's even more hilarious that Da Vinci is on the background, drinking from her coffee mug with a deadpan look on her face.
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    • As Merlin brags about his skills and how he'll make every other Caster superfluous and that they ought to shift off to the backline, all Chaldea staff in the control room turn to get a look at Da Vinci's reaction. Even better, Dr. Romani copies Da Vinci from earlier, drinking from his coffee mug with a deadpan look on his face.
      • Even more hilarious when you remember that Romani is Solomon, Grand Caster.
  • Episode 3:
    • Ishtar goes into what can best be described as a tsundere rant after Gilgamesh mocks that she cares about other people when she tells Ritsuka to stand aside so she can fight Gilgamesh.
    • Before her departure, Ishtar mocked Gilgamesh to be half-naked. Ishtar, of everyone.
    • During the heroes' first dinner at the newly-christened Chaldean Embassy, Leonidas — who had previously declared he was swearing off alcohol until victory was achieved — ends up Unsuspectingly Soused and goes on a ridiculous ramble about the perfect ratios of fighting and rest. His body language further accentuates the hilarity.
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    • The montage of mundane tasks from episode 3 contains a fair few Funny Background Events.
      • While Ritsuka and Mash are making mud bricks, Merlin can be seen talking to a woman behind them. This happens again while they and Ana are harvesting wheat.
      • As they're shearing sheep, Ana can be seen nuzzling an unshorn sheep.
    • Merlin teases the Ship Tease between Ritsuka and Mash by stating they should go on a date. The two awkwardly begin to try to react and discuss it, only for Ana to walk down and interrupt it, much to their relief.
  • Episode 4:
    • Merlin's exhaustion in the jungle due to his outfit.
    • Jaguarman in general. Even her fight animation references the Tiger Dojo segment where Taiga blows the budget on her Super-Deformed antics.
      <Budget spent by Taiga = 325,500 yen...It's real!>
    • Funnier still when you remember this isn't the first time Taiga has blown the budget on her nonsense.
  • Episode 6:
    • When Ishtar (actually Ereshkigal, but none of the heroes know that) wakes up after being knocked out, her first words are to ask if it's evening already, then rather cheerfully tell them all "good morning."
  • Episode 8:
    • When staring down "Tiamat" at first, Merlin steps between the cast and the massive goddess as he tells them to let him handle her because he's immortal. But the second "Tiamat" reveals her Cybele: Eyes of Petrification, Merlin's attitude takes a complete 180 and he runs behind Ritsuka and Mash and tell them to protect him.
  • Episode 9:
    • During the approach to Ishtar's temple, Da Vinci shuts Dr. Roman up at one point by putting him in a headlock.
    • The entire scene set at Ishtar's temple on Mt. Ebih, where the heroes are trying to bribe Ishtar with gems to join forces with them. Ishtar spends the entire scene swinging back and forth between hardcore craving the gems and being suspicious because it seems too good to be true. In the process she makes some amazing faces.
  • Episode 10:
    • Throughout the entire episode Ishtar is irritated from the people around her from Gilgamesh and later Jaguar Warrior thus making some amazing faces.
    • The sheer panache of Jaguar Warrior openly kidnapping the soldiers (she's literally walking around in Quetzalcoatl's wake picking up their bodies and putting them in a large basket on her back) is so mind-boggling that the protagonists have no idea how to react.
    • After easily dodging thrown Ana's scythe, Jaguar Warrior cheerfully greets the heroes before the spiked end of the scythe's chain hits her head. Jaguar Warrior nonchalantly continues talking as blood spurts out of her head.
    • To give Jaguar Warrior time to escape, she calls her Werejaguars, which is shown as a bunch of them running from the side to face the heroes before they stop as they make their in-game animations. The show just cuts to the heroes in front of Gilgamesh, not even bothering to show how they were defeated.
    • When the heroes return to the forest to face Quetzalcoatl, Jaguar Warrior stands in front of them as she tries to give a Badass Boast as everyone except Mash ignore her and walk past her. This happens two more time as Jaguar Warrior runs to face them again and restart her speech as they ignore her again.
    • After Jaguar Warrior joins the party we cut to Ana giving her a deadpan glare while repeating "Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill." in a whisper after Jaguar Warrior calls her the "loli gal".
    • Ritsuka recruits Jaguar Warrior as an ally by awkwardly flattering her with comparisons to the monsters. Not only is Ishtar still completely unamused, Mash confusedly asks how those are compliments at all. Jaguar's reaction? The scene cuts to some completely unsubtle shots of flowers dripping with moisture as she yowls in the distance.
      Ritsuka: Jaguar... Your fur is as soft and silky as a Demon Boar. Your eyes are round as a Gazer. You're entirely too beautiful!
      Jaguar Warrior: *gasping, panting* MEOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! And now I'm your ally!
  • Episode 11:
    • During the fight against Quetzalcoatl, she gets Jaguar Warrior in a pile driver which causes Jaguar Warrior to think "Ah, I'm dead" just before her head hits the ground. Afterwords Jaguar is sticking head first in the ground with both Ishtar and Ana saying that she's out of the fight.
    • When Quetzalcoatl hugs Ritsuka as she announces she's changing side, you can see Mash pouting.
    • When Quetzalcoatl orders Jaguar to take the Axe of Marduk, Jaguar whines that she want to be with Ritsuka where the action is. Quetzalcoatl reveals her jagged teeth and threaten to skin Jaguar if she doesn't listen which changes Jaguar's tone right away.
    • At night Ishtar (actually Ereshkigal) comes again to talk to Ritsuka and then pinches him on the cheek for getting Quetzalcoatl on his side.
  • Episode 12:
    • At the start of the episode we have Gilgamesh being the most Gilgamesh since the start of the anime. After finishing the blueprints for a new weapon he designed he goes all prideful over his genius when Siduri praises his work. When she even suggests he could be an architect, Gilgamesh simply jokes she should stop as he might seriously consider it.
    • Roman refuses to believe that Gilgamesh died from overwork because that means it could happen to him.
    • Ishtar's plan to get into Kur? Use Maanna, the bow of Heaven to blast a hole into the Earth while Mash uses her shield to protect her and Ritsuka from the energy as they fall into the hole. All Ritsuka can do after they've successfully arrived in Kur is ask why is Ishtar like this to her embarrassment
    • At the first gate, Ereshkigal asks who Ritsuka considers more beautiful, her or Ishtar while unsubtly saying it's her. Ishtar grabs onto Ritsuka and gives a classic Rin Cheshire Cat Grin to force him to say it's her. After Ritsuka fearfully says it's Ishtar, she starts gloating that of course she's the most beautiful causing Ereshkigal to shoot a bolt of lightning frying Ishtar.
      • Mash's reaction makes it better:
    • The way Ereshkigal speaks through the gates is also worth a laugh. She draws out her words like a ghost at a haunted house, and when the first gate opens, the cuneiform on the gate light up with a ding that wouldn't be out-of-place on a game show. Those familiar with Ereshkigal from the game can tell she's clearly trying too hard.
    • We then skip past the second to sixth gate and see that Ishtar has shrunk as more of her Divinity is taken when passing through each gate. By the time the party reaches the sixth gate, she's small enough to ride Fou with Fou giving her the stink eye.
    • How does Gilgamesh avoid Ereshkigal's guards? He hid in the shadows, held his breath and meditated, and then Presence Concealment.
    • Gilgamesh starts laughing when he sees just how small Ishtar is and picks her up by crown while Ishtar gives the silliest faces yet. And after having his fun, he states the seventh gate's answer is obviously me (Gilgamesh) before the gate even asked a question. The gate immediately says wrong as a result.
  • Episode 13:
  • Episode 14: During the strategy meeting for Gorgon's upcoming attack, the heroes make the plan that Quetzalcoatl to deliver the Axe of Madurk with Merlin's help near Gorgon's Blood Fort since Quetzalcoatl is still bound by the Three Goddess Alliance's oath. After Quetzalcoatl throws the axe, Merlin changes the plan nonchalantly so the axe directly strikes the Blood Fort. Quetzalcoatl is hit by lightning for breaking her oath (she would have been straight-up killed, but since she broke the oath unintentionally, she got off lightly).
    Merlin: Oops, my hand slipped! [very deliberately throws his staff toward the Blood Fort]
    Quetzalcoatl: Suiciiiiidaaaaaaa!


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