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  • Episode one has the members working all day and night to put together the X-Ray glasses and when they finally work, they all have a heartwarming moment until that soldering gun by the door...oh jeez.
    • They not only fall apart and lose a screw, they explode on Akira's face.
    • And then the realization Akira has that the female nurse they wanted to test the glasses on never showed up at all.
  • The first half of episode two—Hayato has been cleaning up the old club room and going through albums where there's no documentation of his existence in the club at all and he just loses it when he finds out that all his work was for nothing because the club has been hanging out in the new club room so he (and Mitsuki ) asks if he's still just a "provisional member" and why they even let him in when they exclude him from things and shit on him all the time, saying that his ancestor was the first person to wear glasses in Japan which pleases Hayato into taking a picture of the other members.
  • Episode three shows how unlucky and disliked Hayato is. Mochizuki Koichi is a student who died long ago and whose spirit resided in a rare pair of sunglasses Hayato found in the school asks Akira if he could join the club and not only does he allow it, but Akira also gives Koichi a higher rank than Hayato.
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  • Episode 10 started off as a Juumanji ripoff, then went into Harry Potter, then Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then Men In Black...

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