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  • The entire concept of "Ice Cream Bus": Every now and then, an ice cream bus rolls around the neighbourhood, being driven by a friendly shopkeeper who lets children board and eat as much ice cream as they like. However, the bus's driver isn't real, and the bus itself is evil! Children who ride on the bus eventually turn into piles of ice cream. A scene of particular hilarity is after the protagonist finds his son licking piles of ice cream in their apartment, his son tells him that all of his friends have turned into ice cream, and his head immediately falls off mid-lick and melts on the floor.
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  • In "The Long Dream", when one poor guy falls asleep, his dreams take him through up to ten years of doing terrifying or monotonous activities. Most of the dreams he describes are unpleasant or horrible, but then he mentions one where he spent "eight years searching for a toilet that doesn't exist. How do you think that feels?" The official translation implies that the dream is the agony of never being able to find a restroom when it's needed, but it's still funny from our end.
  • "A Shit To Remember". Blatant Toilet Humor? Yes. Not usual for Ito? Yes. A funny little story? Yes.
    • For those who don't want to actually see, it's a short story about the main character (who's probably a younger Ito) talking about how he went to an Autumn festival and came across a stall selling literal shit (well, rubber toys that looked so much like shit that the main character was convinced for a bit). The main character goes into detail about how this wasn't a cartoon depiction of shit; it wasn't coiled like a snake, but he goes into exquisite about how it was two ropes overlapping one another, how its color looked fresh, about how, compositionally, it was "independent yet intertwined" and "perfectly balanced". What follows is a Hurricane of Puns about shit where, if taken out of context, just sounds like a potty-mouth wanting some nondescript thing, how he sought his mom's advice about buying that shit (she simply tells him "So buy it."), how he tried to convince others that he was buying it as a joke, and how everyone would now know him as various insults relating to him buying that shit. Eventually, he (quite literally) loses his shit.
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  • In "The Town Without Streets", Auntie Tamae is entirely too comfortable with her lack of privacy and is gleefully topless. When she's questioned by her shocked niece about her undress, she has this hilariously inappropriate response: "Your auntie's still got it, huh?"

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