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Funny / Layton Mystery Detective Agency

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  • After Professor Layton unmasks Don Paolo, his reaction is almost one of amused exasperation, and allows Don Paulo leniency to escape by telling him to go out the back door. Don Paulo's reaction to Layton is pretty funny as well — "you're as annoying as always!"

  • A contrast between Professor Layton and Katrielle comes in the form of their rivalries with Inspector Chelmey and Emiliana Perfetti. As shown in Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney in the non-canon extra episodes that take place 1 year after the main game, Inspector Chelmey being the hotheaded guy he is sees Professor Layton as his rival and the latter does not acknowledge the rivalry but sees the former as a friend. In episode 40 of Katrielle Layton, Katrielle has a profiling battle with Emiliana. Katrielle lost and was hotheaded about it whereas Emiliana was the calm and collected one like Professor Layton despite her own outburst at times and does not really see Katrielle as a friend but more of an acquaintance at best.


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