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  • The Running Gag in Season 1 of Syrus asserting that Zane is a great duelist, but "mom says I got the looks". And the chorus of skeptical "uhhhh"s that inevitably follows. Syrus, you're The Cutie. Your brother is the Tall, Dark, and Snarky Bishōnen.
  • The dub gets major points for never shying away from the most obvious humor at Crowler's expense:
    "I didn't know he was a doctor."
    "I didn't know he was even a dude."
  • In Episode 3, after getting furious at Jaden for insulting him at class, Chronos attempts to get Jaden expelled by setting up a Honey Trap. He writes a love letter for him pretending to be Alexis and accidentally placed it in Syrus's locker.
    • Chronos Big "WHAT?!" and Oh, Crap! reaction when he found out that it was Syrus who took the bait instead of Jaden.
    • After the girls caught Syrus trespassing, Mindy, Jasmine, and Alexis decide to take him hostage, and when the head teacher Fonda shows up the girls tried to hide him.
  • A moment from the first season that shows us just how seriously Duel Monsters is taken: An entire armed military unit shows up to the school in Episode 4 just to deliver a case of rare cards.
  • One episode has Jaden scare Syrus awake with his dream said of being in a duel, leading to this gem.
    Syrus: Why can’t he ever dream in defense mode?
  • The Season 1 dub gives Syrus a hilarious Idiot Ball moment when he tries to raft out into the ocean so as to escape the upcoming tag duel with the Paradox Brothers. He can't swim here. When Jaden stops him, he asks Syrus the obvious question:
    Jaden: And you were about to raft out into the ocean?! That makes sense!
  • After winning the duel against the Paradox Brothers, Jaden is tasked with writing an essay about the duel:
    Jaden: How can I write ten pages? I've never even read that many!
  • In one episode, Chumley’s father comes to take him back home to work in the family business. The way they are dubbed in an attempt of censorship is so absurd that it deserves a laugh! In the manga and original sub the business is a brewery. What is it in the dub? A hot sauce factory. This also reflects in his monsters, who've all clearly had a few too many. The monsters are called Drunken Tiger and Drunken Angel. What are they called in the dub? Dizzy Tiger and Dizzy Angel! Like anyone would buy someone can get that tipsy from hot sauce...
  • Jaden touches a nerve when he trash-talks Titan during their duel by calling him an out-of-work carnie.
    Titan: I can get my job at the carnival back whenever I want!
  • Episode 13 has Jaden's nonchalant response in the dub to learning that Chazz vanished:
    Syrus: Jaden! It's awful! Chazz is gone!
    Jaden: And that's awful... how?
    Syrus: Well, gee, I dunno...
    • Also from the episode, Jaden's opponent of the week is a literal monkey. Yeah. Made even funnier in the dub, where said Dueling monkey is named Wheeler (undoubtedly thanks to Seto Kaiba).
  • Episode 15
    • Alexis is called the Obelisk Blue Fairy (Obelisk Pixie in the dub) by Ayanokuji/Harrington. Syrus immediately pictures Obelisk with fairy wings.
      Syrus: Obelisk Pixie? I wonder what that would look like... (Imagine Spot) ... On second thought, maybe not.
    • Jaden's duel against Harrington Rosewood is hilarious to watch. After the latter fell in love with Alexis at first sight, he then mistook Jaden as her love interest and challenge him to a duel to see who gets to become her fiance.
    • After the duel, in both versions when Judai/Jaden ask Asuka/Alexis the meaning of fiance, in the dub she sarcastically said its means friends, while in the original Asuka calls him a idiot.
  • Episode 17 involves Jaden dueling against Damon/Taizan, a Tarzan parody who turned to living out in the wild to learn to draw cards better, over stolen sandwiches. Naturally, the dub fully embraces the ridiculousness of the premise.
  • Dimitri, the guy who stole Yugi's deck, also starts imitating him. The dub does a fantastic job at its over the top imitation of Dan Green. When he uses Kuriboh, he starts talking to it like it was an old friend and "reminiscing" about some of Yugi's adventures. The Kuriboh Sweat Drops.
    • Even better is the reactions from the others:
      Syrus: Battle City? This guy's gone batty.
      Chumley: (Giving a nervous smile) Sy, just smile and nod, smile and nod.
    • At the end of the episode, rather than learn his lesson, he starts imitating Jaden and completely butchers his catchphrases (i.e. "Turn your game on", "throw up") and mannerisms much to Jaden's embarrassment. Rather than show anger, Jaden fixes Dimitri's posture and teaches him to copy him correctly!
  • The entire Maiden in Love episode (in any language). From Blair/Rei screaming and hiding her face when Jaden/Judai starts taking off his shirt, to Zane's/Ryou's absolutely useless social skills and inability to understand that a girl has a crush on him, to Blair/Rei switching her object of affection at the end of the episode and Jaden's resulting panic...
    • Jaden ships Zane with Blair in the dub, and even pokes fun of them having their honeymoon in schools cafeteria with Crowler giving his blessings to them.
    • During the duel, Avian/Featherman, and Sparkman are put under her Maiden in Love's Monster Effect... until Jaden/Judai breaks them out of it with Burstinatrix/Burst Lady and Burst Return. Cue their realization:
      Avian: What was I thinking? I didn't want to get married!
      Sparkman: Oh boy... Sparkwoman's never going to forgive me!
      Both: Guy pact - this didn't happen, okay?
      Burstinatrix: How about you two guys get over here right now, or I'll tell the entire deck!
    • Not to mention the reactions to said effect in the first place:
      Jaden: (to Avian) Can't you see she's just using you?!
      Syrus: She can use me anytime!
    • Syrus shamelessly crushes on Maiden in Love, prompting Zane to spill his embarrassing childhood secret:
      Alexis: Uh, guys? Try and remember it's just a card you're looking at?
      Zane: Try and remember who you're talking to. When Sy and I were growing up, he used to claim he was going steady with Dark Magician Girl.
      Alexis: Is that so? She break your heart, Sy, or did you just decide to see other monsters?
  • In episode 23, Jaden is preparing for the upcoming duel against North Academy. His friends pester him by insistently offering some of their cards. He runs off declaring that the only way to look over his deck is to be alone and his friends chase him, saying he can’t be alone by himself and want to help him be alone.
    • He is weirded out by Belowski‘s laid-back attitude and how it is affecting his friends. They all fall asleep at the end of the episode and he tries to wake them up, saying he will use their cards, before realizing that Belowski was right, the clouds really do look like duel monsters.
  • In Episode 24, when Chazz heads to North Academy, he meets his duel spirit, Ojama Yellow. At one point during the duel, Chazz summons Giant Rat, and is distracted by Ojama Yellow, and proceeds to call Ojama Yellow ugly, yellow, and useless and says he hates it. Giant Rat thinks Chazz is talking about it and looks utterly sad, and also cries.
    North Academy duelist: Disgusting maybe, but little and yellow? Get your eyes checked!
    • In the dub, when the masked Chancellor Foster offers Chazz a chance to get back at Jaden, Chazz is shocked and asks how he knows. Foster responds, in a matter-of-fact way, that Chazz talks in his sleep.
    • When Dueling against Czar, Chazz gets the perfect excuse to make Ojama Yellow stop talking: using him as a meat shield against Czar's Zoa (a huge, powerful demon monster).
  • In episode 26, Jaden Summons Wildheart and fumbles a Pre-Mortem One-Liner as he goes for a direct attack. He eventually gives up and says "...just attack."
  • One of the episodes had Professor Banner and the kids out in the woods. The dub gave us this little gem:
    Banner: Time to eat! I just love pizza.
    Jaden: Huh?! You get pizza and we get... whatever it is I'm holding?! (note: He's holding rice balls.)
  • During Jaden's first duel with Nightshroud possessing Atticus, Zane, Bastion, and Chazz get a My Significance Sense Is Tingling feeling from their Spirit Keys and investigate. Cut to Crowler happily sleeping and oblivious to his Key's warning.
  • During Camula's debut episode she sends her bats out to spy on The Duelists. When one is spying on Banner he's in his room with several pieces of garlic hanging and charms laid across the room. The bat sweatdrops as it watches him swing a stick in fear claiming he knows all Vampire tricks since he's seen every horror movie and the bat flies off.
  • Jaden is still in the infirmary after his previous duel, and everyone is standing around discussing what to do since Camula just defeated Crowler. Jaden tries to get up and say that he'll take care of her, but Chazz reminds him that he can barely stand, casually pulls the sheet over him, and to further emphasize that Jaden is in no condition to duel, Jaden cannot get out from under the sheet! Then for extra giggle points, Chazz tells him to quiet down, and Jaden meekly says, "Okay," and does.
  • After Crowler and Banner both try to back away during the call for volunteers and bump into each other, Crowler seemingly volunteers to duel Camula when he leaps forward as a reflex action. A sweating Crowler says that they should draw straws to decide who duels Camula, then insincerely bemoans how there aren't any straws and says that he'll go to get some and that they shouldn't follow him. The others don't buy it and tell him to go out and duel her, with Banner adding that they'll only be ten paces behind him.
  • Camula repeatedly mocks Crowler (who rants about his Ph.D. in dueling) for overlooking the powers of one of her cards. Even the other heroes agree, with one of them bemusedly saying, "and he's supposed to be teaching us?" at one point.
  • While she may be a very despicable villain, Camula has a funny line in her duel against Zane after he explains how he has the ultimate attack and defense with Cyber Laser Dragon and Cyber Barrier Dragon.
    Zane: No, just the ones I really don't like.
  • After Zane's defeat, Syrus and Chumley urge Banner to duel Camula next (noting he has garlic aftershave). Banner says that his cat, Pharoah, has a very specific diet and that he's worried no one else will be able to feed him if Banner loses his soul. Snorting, Chazz says that Banner can sit the duel out and that he's the right man for the job. Bastion agrees that Chazz is the right person for the job of feeding the cat.
  • Bastion waking the others up so they'll be on guard against the Shadow Riders. How does he accomplish this? By summoning a Barrel Dragon and using its blasts as an alarm clock.
  • Several students have gone missing, so the gang go looking for them, only to find them all working on building a gladiator's colosseum. Then they realize Crowler has joined in on the effort.
    Syrus: What are you doing!?
    Crowler: A man's work!
    Banner: A man's work? My, they must have been running very short on men...
    • In the German Dub this scene is even funnier, as Banner mutters that Crowler usually already has trouble, when he is told to take out the garbage...
  • "They've been dueling all night." Sure...
  • One of the cards that Chazz salvages from the reject well in episode 35 happens to be Relinquished. Evidently, some idiot student saw fit to throw away Pegasus's ace monster for apparently being too weak.note 
    • Also from the episode, when Jaden and Syrus show up at the room of an already irate Chazz:
      Chazz: Ever hear... of KNOCKING?!
      Syrus: Uh, we did, but... your door's over there.
      (cut to show the door of Chazz's room lying against the wall outside)
  • Another Ojama moment from Chazz's Duel against his brother. After wiping his opponent's field with Ojama Delta Hurricane, the Ojama brothers proclaim that Manjoume Thunder is invincible with them around. Then Chazz drops a Spell...
    Yellow: "What's this butt-in of a card?"
    Green: "'Thunder Crash'?"
    Black: (reading the card) "Hmm... 'Destroy all monsters on your field. For each monster destroyed, inflict 300 points of damage to your opponent.'"
    Yellow and Green: "Monsters on your field...?"
    All: "THAT'S US!"
  • The Admiral pitches an offer to Jaden — to teach at his proposed underwater Duel Academy for a hefty wage.
    Alexis: That is a lot of booty.
    Bastion: (flatly) Beg your pardon?
  • Manjoume's "investigation" scene in episode 39, also counts as a Moment of Awesome for him.
  • The Shadow Riders at least ATTEMPT to be scary/intimidating/frightening... except for Don Zaloog. Kinda hard to be scary when the voice actor decided to go with "Christopher Walken" as the voice.
  • This bit of Lampshade Hanging in episode 68 following the summon of Destiny HERO Dogma:
    Jaden: "Now that's what I call a monster!"
    Bastion: "Great Scott!" note 
    Syrus: "Aw man!"
    Hassleberry: "Sam Hill!" note 
    Alexis: "Why don't I have a catchphrase?"
  • Episode 40 has this exchange from the dub:
    Jaden: 'Course, it's a good thing [Abidos]'s not around today, 'cause then that undefeated record would go adios!
    Chazz: Sure it would, slacker. And then you'd probably take down Yugi and Kaiba, too.
    Jaden: You think? Well, thanks! I had no idea you believed in me so much, Chazz!
    Chazz: It's sarcasm, got that?!
    Jaden: Sure. But if you want to change your name, Chazz, you can do a lot better than "Sarcasm"!
    Chazz: (puts Jaden in a headlock) YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!
  • Crowler being Banners substitute, after he vanishes. He tries to teach the students Banners subject and we get treated to all his hiccups, while doing so, from the rant about how little sense the theoretical stuff makes and how Banner could teach this to the students, to blowing up the practical experiment and getting a part of it stuck on his forehead, leaving him with a pretty nice burn.
  • The entire episode 42. Especially the battle against Dark Magician Girl. Here are some notable mentions:
    • Syrus/Sho intends to ask Alexis/Asuka to be the Dark Magician Girl. Unfortunately, the outfit has already been taken by Dorothy/Tomoe. Cue to a bit of dress ripping.
    • Atticus/Fubuki taking pictures of Alexis/Asuka as one of the Harpy Lady. Atticus mention he wants to send them to their parents and relatives; Fubuki wants to sell them to her fan club. Cue to her chasing him.
    • The entire crowd booing on Jaden during the match against Dark Magician Girl. Cue to him and his Steam Healer monster sweat dropping.
    • During the Duel Monsters Spirit Day festival where students can dress up as duel monsters, Chazz's costume is XYZ Dragon Cannon.
    • And Jaden's costume is... well, it's not certain what it's supposed to be since he has on parts from about five different costumes.
  • In ep 43 Alexis childhood classmate Mitsuo the gambler shows up and when Chronos orders the guards to kick him out, Mitsuo starts to attack them by throwing cards on them, and when he attacks Chronos we get to see the Obelisk headmaster's underwear.
  • In the dub of "Chazz-anova", upon finding out that her brother ships her with Chazz, Alexis thinks: "Sometimes I wish he was still in a coma." And then Zane face-palms and asks if anyone is up for just tackling him.
  • A quite amusing gag occurs when Jaden's preparing to duel Kagemaru. Chazz is struggling to get out of the crater he's landed in and does so just in time to have Jaden's backpack chucked at his face, knocking him back into the crater. Jaden takes out his duel disk, and chucks the bag back, proceeding to hit poor Chazz in the back of the noggin again as he gets back up.
    • The second time he gets brained, this dialogue follows in the dub:
      Jaden: Oh, sorry Chazz. My bad.
      Chazz: That does it, I'm outta here!
      Jaden: Come on, Chazz! I need you.
      Chazz: You need a big kick in the-
      Kagemaru: Silence! This is why I hate teenagers.
  • Chazz telling his new opponent in Episode 54, "Look, kid, you're an obnoxious little punk. And I can respect that..."
  • Episode 56 has some:
    • When Syrus is hiding under his blankets, he lists the stuff he needs to last a week. One of them is a teddy bear he named "Mr. Fuzzy Bear". This leads to Hassleberry saying, "I do not even want to ask."
    • This little conversation between Syrus and Bastion:
      Bastion: It's time to get your yellow on. Ready?
      Syrus: Uh, that only works when Jaden says it.
      Bastion: Okay fine.
  • Many moments and exchanges in the duel between Alexis and Atticus in Season 2.
    Alexis: Laugh it up, bro... 'cause I'm about have the last laugh!
    • Atticus arms his Bronze Warrior with The Ultimate Stage Costume, giving it 3000 more ATK points. Nice move. Then, he tries to attack with it, only to find that the costume is too big and his monster can't fight in it.
    • The above scene is topped off when said monster attacks Alexis with its ATK back to normal. The monster's chosen method of attack? Smacking her in the back of the head. Dub Alexis tops it off by asking "What's your problem?"
    • Later on in the Duel, Alexis destroys the costume. Cue "Oh, Crap!" Smile from the monster wearing it as the costume disappears out from right underneath it.
    • During the duel, Chazz becomes a one-man Alexis Fanclub, carrying a message board on which he writes encouraging messages, and yelling her name constantly until she tells him to stop.
    • In the same episode, Chazz annoys Alexis by imagining her as an idol, and then Misawa comments she can't sing. Alexis responds by flooring him with a slap, while Chazz gets off scot-free.
    • Also from the same episode:
      Chazz: We may be one man down, but we're still five men strong! Well, four men and a lovely lady. Okay, three men, a lady, and Syrus!
    • Yet another example from this episode, when Syrus asks Chazz about the rumor Jaden can't duel anymore and gets the sickest burn in response:
      Chazz: When they said that you hit puberty, that was a rumor.
  • When Alexis comes to stay in the Slifer dorm, Chazz offers his completely renovated dorm that looks like a suite. There's the following line in the dub as he gives the tour:
    Jaden: A spa with a waterfall? Don't you think that's kinda...overkill?
    Syrus: Oh, we passed 'overkill' somewhere between the bowling alley in the basement and the three-ring circus in the living room.
  • When the Toy Soldiers attack Crowler directly, by shooting him below the belt.
    • Even better? the first time it happens, the boys have a HORRIFIED look on their faces, while Alexis has an over-the-top "Are you serious?" look on hers.
  • Every single second that Mad Dog talks, due to his RIDICULOUSLY unfitting voice and personality, as he's portrayed as acting like a literal toddler with an EXTREMELY high-pitched voice who also can't make "l" and "r" sounds, speaking in a Elmuh Fudd Syndwome-type way.
    • Even better? He's voiced by Sean Schemmel. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • During Aster and Zane's duel, Aster fuses Avian and Burstinatrix to summon Phoenix Enforcer. Syrus asks why Phoenix Enforcer was created instead of Flame Wingman. Everyone else explains that if a duelist fuses Avian and Burstinatrix, they can choose between Flame Wingman or Phoenix Enforcer. Jaden's reaction is basically "I didn't know I could do that! Awesome!" Everyone except Jaden and Syrus faces faults and Chazz is understandably not happy that Jaden didn't realize this considering that Jaden uses Elemental Heroes and defeated him twice before.
  • In the dub, Aster announcing his intention to challenge one "Schmaden Schmuki" for the right to use Hero cards. Even funnier if you consider that this is a pro Duelist trying to prove his worth by challenging a schoolboy.
  • While Aster defeating Jaden is not really funny, the way his monster does is. Aster's Destiny HERO Dreadmaster takes out Jaden's Elemental HERO Thunder Giant...with a downwards slap.
  • In Episode 66, Jaden hallucinates that Wheeler the monkey is his friends.
  • The second season moment also involves Jaden, while he's wandering around the island trying to find his way to the school building. There is a sign that clearly points the way. The buildings are visible beyond the sign. Jaden cheerfully stalks off in the entirely wrong direction. The sign sweat drops.
    • A few seconds later, it face faults, it's utterly hilarious!
  • The season 2 dubbing of Homecoming Duel has Jaden happily tell everyone that he's returned from space from a beach full of talking dolphins and a volcano with a talking bug. It's the way that Jaden excitedly talks about where he was and what he's been doing that causes his friends to think he really needs some sleep while Aster thinks he's full-blown insane. This is honestly topped with Alexis staring at him with a 'WTF' expression when he's talking about it, given she's standing right next to him during that moment.
  • T-Bone, the light rider. For some reason, the dub decided to make him a wannabe rapper, which leads to some hilarious lines.
    T-Bone: Yeah, I'm down. But we be illin, homeboy!
    Jaden: I have no idea what he just said.
    • And later,
      T-Bone, after his partner was turned into a card: My homie!
  • During Chazz and Bastion's duel in season 2, the Ojama Brothers root for Bastion in hopes that by losing the duel, Chazz will turn back to normal. Their attempts at cheering on Bastion are both heartwarming and funny. Chazz then plays a card that sends the Ojamas to the graveyard to reduce Bastion's life points by firing them out of a cannon.
  • There's something inherently funny about the way Dark Zane uses Power Wall. Since it causes him to mill a good chunk of his deck to mitigate damage, the anime has him physically throw his deck away to stop a big hit.
  • During Jaden and Chazz's rematch in season 2, Jaden recruits the Ojama Brothers that Chazz threw away and when Jaden summons Ojama Yellow, he's wearing a superhero costume.
  • When Jaden is dueling the Light of Destruction-mind controlled Chazz, and the Ojamas eventually betray Jaden.
    Hasseleberry: Never trust three mutants in bikini briefs.
  • At the beginning of Episode 92, Crowler and Bonaparte are trading verbal jabs over their medals.
    Crowler: Look, shrimp, at least I didn't win mine from freshmen.
    Bonaparte: I know; that's because they beat you. Your last medal came from a four-year old!
    Crowler: He was five!
    • Later on, Bonaparte shoots Crowler below the belt again.
  • Jaden talks down the Light of Destruction-mind controlled Alexis as if he started acting as her psychiatrist.
    Light of Destruction-mind controlled Alexis: [annoyed] What's that mean?
    Jaden: Well, the old you was so, uh you know, independent and sure of herself. And who needs that?
    • Even Chazz attempts to flirt with her rebuffing Jaden complete with his eyes turned into hearts, much to the annoyance from Hassleberry and Syrus, as the latter commented on how drooling he was from his flirting.
  • At the end of episode 96, Bastion rejects the Society of Light and sheds their uniform...and then runs across campus in just his underwear.
  • After Aster explains Duel Spirits in the dub.
    Hassleberry: Duel Spirits? What kind of fool do you take me for?
    Aster: I don't think you want me to answer that, Hassleberry.
  • Bonaparte sums up Jesse/Johan perfectly in the dub:
    Crowler: He seems familiar.
    Bonapart: That's because he's Jaden with a southern accent.
  • About Professor Viper after he gives off an Evil Laugh:
    Syrus: Something's not right about him.
    Hassleberry: What gave him away? The creepy laugh or the evil music?
  • Dub Amber Mammoth in general, due to his hilariously bad Arnie accent.
  • Although Shirley/Karen can be scary, in general, a huge crocodile being carried around in a backpack is hilarious.
    • As are the times she bites another character on the rear. Two victims of this treatment are Hassleberry and Syrus.
  • From the dub:
    Jim: (explaining why he covered Shirley's eyes) I'm trying to minimize all the external stimuli.
    Jaden: This is no time to start speaking Australian, Jim!
    Jim: Uh... yeah. Let's move on then.
    Jim (muttering to himself as he walks away) 'No time to be speaking Australian...'
  • After Hassleberry returns from his primitive state in the dub:
    Jesse: I don't know what's worse, a guy who thinks he's a dinosaur or a guy who thinks he's an obnoxious drill sergeant.
  • This bit of Lampshade Hanging:
    Adrian Gecko: I wonder why everyone thinks out loud at this school.
    Professor Viper: "Can't I plot evil in peace?"
  • Episodes 111 and 112, where the Chazz and Adrian duel borders on a Gag Dub. Fans have noted it seems like Little Kuriboh took over the writing for these episodes.
    Adrian: Hold on. Before you "Chazz" me, I activate two of my face-downs!
    Chazz: But how?
    Adrian: Easy — I just call out their names dramatically, and they pop up. Haven't you played this game before? 'Cause it's a pretty common occurrence.
  • Another quote from the Season three dub has Hassleberry give us this gem:
    Hassleberry: Let's all shout at the same time and hope for the best.
    • Cue split screen where they all do exactly that for no reason whatsoever.
  • This scene from season 3 episode 18:
    Duel Ghoul 1: Duel...
    Duel Ghoul 2: Duel...
    Duel Ghoul 3: Duel...
    All 3: Meee...
    Jaden: Great.
    Hassleberry: Who knew they could sing?
  • This scene from season 3 episode 19:
    Chazz (as a duel ghoul): The Chazz wants to duel.
    Syrus (also as a duel ghoul): Wait up for me.
  • When Syrus brings Jaden a bucket of drinking water in one episode and Jaden proceeds to dump it all over himself, an annoyed Syrus gives us this gem:
    Syrus: You know, I carried that water for three whole episodes, Jay.
  • O'Brien gets one that also doubles as a Moment of Awesome in his duel with the Mask of Laughter. After MoL spends a moment laughing to himself about how foolish O'Brien was not to finish him off last turn (instead leaving him with 1000 Life Points) and going into detail about how he'll win this turn, he draws his card...only to see his opponent walking away. With an activated trap card, which he then reads to himself.
    Mask of Laughter: "Draw Bomb"...when your opponent draws a card, they...take one thousand damage!?! THAT'S NOT FUNNY!! *KABOOM!!!* (Life Point meter rolls to 0 and razzes.)
  • For season three, we turn to Jim for a quick giggle moment in a very dark part of the story. He and Axel Brodie, along with two new friends just made, arrive at a village that's under attack by The Supreme King's forces. Total Defense Shogun, known as Burgundy, is defending his village from those forces. Jim rushes up declaring that he will help, but Burgundy takes this the entirely wrong way, believes that Jim works for Haou, and brings his sword smashing down on Jim's head, just as the old man Jim was with tells him that this is a friend. Burgundy gets the most amazing WTF look on his face and is all "I hit an ally?" just as Jim goes "ouch" and falls over unconscious.
  • In the third season dub, Ojama Yellow's voice dropping several octaves when he greets a trio of female duel spirits.
  • There is something darkly entertaining about Edo/Aster pretending to be a harmless servant to lure the Supreme King's goblin minions to their deaths. Not to mention the screech of terror when one of the minions in question realizes he's locked in a room with Hell Kaiser. And Edo's snarkily reveals that he and Kaiser are the "dark hero" group, so they're not actually going to let the goblins go after getting their information.
  • In the dub of Season 3, when Zane, Aster, and Axel need to disguise themselves as the Supreme King's soldiers to get into his stronghold.
    Zane: I just hope they have my size.
    Aster: All these fiends are tall and thuggish. You'll be fine.
  • From the dub when Axel confronts the Supreme King in his castle:
    The Supreme King: It's you!? I didn't think you'd ever stop running.
  • Being possessed by a demon makes Jesse dress like Yugi Mutou.
  • Season four, we're back with Jaden, and two words: Pharaoh's fleas.
    • Three more words: Daitokuji-sensei. Toilet.
  • An early Season 4 episode has the Ojama Trio dress up in Duel Academy uniforms. Ojama Black wears a Blue uniform, then Ojama Green wears a Yellow uniform. Ojama Yellow switches things up, and instead of wearing a Red uniform, he wears the Girls uniform.
  • The entire tag duel with Jaden and Alexis VS Shepard and Dorothy. Dorothy makes rookie mistakes, playing Marshmallon in attack position and not attacking with Shepard's monster because she didn't know she was allowed to use cards her partner had placed on the field, leaving her team wide open for a OTK from Jaden on the next turn.
  • Chazz and Syrus fight over which of them gets to be Alexis' tag partner before she chooses Jaden. Later, Chazz complains that he didn't get to join the tag duel, and Syrus complains that Duel Academy has far more boys than girls.
  • Also Heartwarming, in the penultimate episode, Crowler breaks down crying because he doesn't want them to graduate and leave him, and is dragged off. Then Kenzan breaks down giving the student speech and is also dragged off, while Shepherd looks annoyed both times.
  • When Jaden is transported to the past, the wayward flier that clues him in to when he got sent to is comedic. What's on the flyer? A picture of our classic quartet celebrating Yugi's win at an award ceremony for the Battle City tournament. Tea in her gorgeous dress is fine, but all three boys are hilarious. Joey and Tristan only have this one visual cameo for the show, and of course, they're both pulling their usual exaggerated chin faces, Tristan even headlocking Joey for some probably silly reason. Yugi himself seems normal... but then you realize he's just wearing his usual Domino High School uniform-based getup while his friends are at least dressed up. Kid's also clearly embarrassed at being put in the spotlight.
    • The fact that there was a formal award ceremony at all is hilarious given the tournament's very organizer It must have been agony for him to be professional about holding such a ceremony for his rival.

  • From the Manga: Bastion duels Jaden so he can get Alexis' number. When Jaden just offers to give it to him, Bastion says that his pride prevents it leading Syrus to point out that he's still not proud enough to just ask her himself.

  • Yugioh GX Tag Force 2, while not in canon with the anime, does have a genuinely funny moment at the end of Aster's story. After Aster comments that Jaden might find it hard to go pro with his current scores in the academy, Jaden goes a little study nuts, quickly going to ask Bastion for his study tips while the story ties itself up. The funny part is when Jaden decides that it'd be faster to learn from a pro, namely Aster, quickly and pretty much forcing him to help and comes up with a funny line... and given Aster's not so good AI, this makes up for that.
    Aster: <Player's name>! Stop laughing and help me, would you!?
    • For those of you wondering, picture it in your head, Jaden is dragging Aster off forcibly by his arm to help Jaden study... and you, his tag partner, just stand back and laugh at him.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tag Force 3 has similarly funny moments. For example, we get to see a version of Zane that never fell into darkness and is a kind and fair young man. His heart stories mostly involve flashbacks to the several times Atticus caused him trouble, with the Player Character, as Zanes Tag Team Partner, just being along for ride for every Noodle Incident.
    • One of those incidents is a memory of Zanes, where he and you stumble upon Atticus hosting a competition for the girls about who gets to be Zanes date for the graduation party, without Zanes knowledge. Even Alexis, who is normally the voice of reason on these occasions, seems to want in on the action. Zane makes it clear to Atticus that he will only go along with this, if Atticus is able to defeat Zane in a duel. After you and Zane win the duel, things quickly escalate from the girls trying to get Atticus as their date to the party, even though he is not even graduating yet at this point, to some girl getting the idea to go with both Zane and Atticus. Zane's attempt to quietly lead you out of this mess result in the female students surrounding the Blue Dorm, which forces Zane to squat in your room, until the whole thing blows over.

  • Jaden's defeat face in the Game Boy Advance game Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Duel Academy is just a little too much: