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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned.

Oddly enough, even Neon Genesis Evangelion has a number of truly hilarious scenes. Rebuild of Evangelion examples have their own page.

Original animated series (and adaptations)
  • One from episode 1, where Shinji enters Unit 01's hangar for the first time. As they enter, the lights switch off, causing Shinji to scream and yell "Why's it so dark in here?!" Then the lights come on again, and Shinji spots Unit 01, screaming again as it's face-to-face with him.
  • When Shinji runs out of the shower. Thanks to the wonderful rules of perspective, we get to see him bolt into the kitchen, where sits Misato and a very convenient beer can on the table to censor Shinji's... well. Not only does this scene drag on from this perspective for at least thirty seconds of speaking, but then Misato picks up her beer, only to reveal a small can of toothpicks behind that.
    • The toothpicks thing just seems to be either the writer or animator's way of adding insult to injury for poor Shinji.
  • In episode 5, Pen-Pen hesitantly samples Misato's atrocious cooking and promptly faints.
    • Everything about that dinner scene. Everything.
    • Particularly Ritsuko's reaction to Shinji's confirmation that Misato was responsible for dinner.
      Ritsuko, internally: How does someone ruin boil in the bag food?!
  • When Shinji goes to Rei's apartment, and then he meets for the first time... after she had just gotten out of the shower. Shinji is extremely nervous, Rei walks up to him, and then he trips and falls onto her. After a fairly long moment of silence, Rei says "Will you get off", which causes Shinji to freak out even more because he realized that his hands were on her breasts.
    • Shinji Ikari Raising Project changes this scene to Rei giving a cold smile, before bitch slapping him to the ground. Doubles as Moment of Awesome for anyone who wanted to see this done to the Butt-Monkey, and triples as a bit of a Running Gag as Rei slaps him again after his comments about his father.
  • Episode 7 includes a scene in which Shinji berates Misato for being slobby, adding, "I can understand why you're still single at your age." Cue Misato trying to calmly defend herself with the fakest smile you have ever seen (her eyebrow is actually twitching with rage).
  • Asuka's introduction in episode 8. Touji's hat gets blown off by the wind. Asuka (who's wearing a yellow sun dress) steps on it, and Touji spends a while trying to get the hat until it lands at Asuka's feet and the wind blows Asuka's skirt upwards. Cue the title card for the episode, with the normal sound replaced by the sound of Asuka slapping him (as well as Shinji and Kensuke, who had the bad luck of being right behind Touji when this happened). After the title card, Touji decides that the best thing to do would be to return the favor but he lands up using too much force and pulling his underwear off as well. He gets bitchslapped so many times by the horrified Asuka that for the rest of the episode his face is beet red. Despite not sounding very funny, it's actually utterly hilarious in the show. Asuka's facial expression of bug-eyed horror in that scene is priceless.
    Touji: It's overpriced, but that's alright. Here's your change!
    Asuka: [screaming and slapping Touji again] Unverschämter idiot!note 
    • The Netflix dub also has this moment:
    Touji: Oh, really?! That's nothing! I'll show you a treat!
    Asuka: [screaming and slapping Touji again] How dare you!
    • In the manga by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Shinji, Touji and Kensuke first encounter Asuka at an arcade and witness her go ballistic and start kicking the machine ferociously when it fails to give her the trinket she wants. Asuka notices Kensuke ogling her and immediately demands a "viewing fee" of 100 yen from each of the boys for allegedly glimpsing her panties while she kicked the machine. Asuka is subsequently threatened by a group of thugs and manages to single-handedly defeat them. Shinji gets kicked in the face during the melee, and when Misato notices the bruise on Shinji's cheek and asks what happened later on, Asuka tells a tall tale about Shinji defending her from the thugs, and threatens Shinji sotto voce with bodily harm if he dares to contradict her version of events. Shinji thinks back to when Misato suggested that Asuka might be "the most normal of the Eva pilots," and quickly decides that's not so.
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    • In the anime, there's the lunch scene aboard the carrier where Kaji first plays footsie with Misato and then asks Shinji if Misato is still so "wild in bed". Shinji completely misses the point and answers normally, while Misato turns the color of beetroot and screams at Kaji, and the other three kids facefault and raise their hands as though Kaji and Misato were radioactive. Following that, there's the scene with the inappropriately small elevator. Notice that in this scene, Shinji's face is wedged between Misato's boobs.
    Misato & Asuka: Hey, watch where you're touching!
    Kaji & Touji: I can't help it!
    • Following that, Asuka forcing Shinji to wear her spare plugsuit is always good for a laugh, and then there's the start-up sequence for Unit 02, during which Shinji accidentally screws things up with his "thought noise." Asuka tells him to think in German if he has to, so Shinji lists off "Strudel...Bratwurst..." An exasperated Asuka switches the system language to Japanese.
    • Also "Strudel...bratwurst..." "DUMMKOPF!"
      • All the more hilarious if you watch it in Japanese or the Netflix dubs and you're German—the only thing he can come up with is "Baumkuchen", which is a cake available basically everywhere in Japan all year round, but comparatively rare in Germany outside of Christmas season. The original German version of this scene manages to be confusing and hilarious at the same time—confusing because the whole scene is in German, so the joke does not quite come across; hilarious as Shinji's attempt to "think in German" is "Schnitzel...Pumpernickel..."
    • In a blink and you miss it moment, the episode also includes a close-up of Misato's ID card. It includes fields for age, weight and measurements. She's scribbled over all the fields with a magic marker.
    • In the manga version of the scene where Asuka turns up in Shinji's class at school, there's a scene where Shinji drops his pencil and Asuka retrieves it for him. He thinks she's being nice for a change - until he notices she's stuck an already-chewed wad of gum around the center of the pencil.
  • Don't forget the episode where Shinji and Asuka had to train together to defeat an Angel in perfect synchronization. After the battle, Asuka starts yelling at Shinji for the incident that had just happened the night before the fight, Shinji is all "NO U" and everyone in the NERV HQ (Professor Fuyutsuki included) is either facefaulting or laughing their heads off... LOL, Shinji and Asuka. Just LOL.
    • Misato responds to the Angel splitting in two by crushing her headset and yelling through gritted teeth:
    • The absolute best part was the aftermath of their first battle. The enemy splits in half, and we get a hard cut back to HQ with Asuka and Shinji being chewed out over the battle... complete with photos of their EVAs stuck upside down in the ground with the legs sticking straight up. The Netflix dub even has Asuka yell to Shinji, "You look like you drowned shit!"
    • The shot of Unit-01 being hauled back to base in a giant innertube is also pretty comical.
    • There's also Ritsuko Akagi's news commentary on the aftermath: "This is pathetic " in the original ADV dub and "Appalling" in the Netflix dub.
      • Fuyutsuki commenting on the use of N2 weaponry on the Angel: "We'll have to re-draw the map again!" in the original and "We'll have to re-map the area again as a result!" in the Netflix version.
    • Another highlight is when Toji and Kensuke bump into Hikari on the way to visit Shinji and Asuka respectively. It's only when they're right outside the door that they realise they're going to the same place. Then when Asuka and Shinji answer the door, wearing matching outfits and talking in synch, the visitors get the wrong idea entirely. Capped off by this exchange:
      • ADV dub:
      Hikari: That's filthy, you two!
      Shinji/Asuka: You're wrong!
      Hikari: Two wrongs don't make a right!
      • Netflix dub:
      Hikari: You two are being indecent!
      Shinji/Asuka: It's just a misunderstanding!
      Hikari: Yes, I misunderstood that you wouldn't be indecent!
    • This is followed by Misato and Rei visiting. Hikari jerks his finger at Shinji and Asuka and asks what is going on while Toji and Kensuke continue the same horrified poses.
    • At the end of the same episode, Eva-02 falls on top of Eva-01, resulting in Asuka placing an enraged holo-phone call to Shinji and both of them start bickering about the previous night - resulting in Asuka discovering that Shinji had really tried to kiss her. Everyone in the command center is either laughing their heads off or utterly mortified, and the otherwise stoic Fuyutsuki facepalms and moans about the humiliation they're causing Nerv.
    • The manga version of this episode also includes a hilarious scene in Shinji and Asuka's apartment. Asuka steps out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her midsection - presumably naked - and starts teasing Shinji, asking what he thinks of her body and if he'd like her to remove the towel so he can see her well-developed breasts. Of course, she had just been threatening Shinji before stepping into the shower, warning him not to peep on her, so of course Shinji is freaking out. Asuka removes the towel... and reveals that she's not naked, but wearing a sleeveless, strapless top and Daisy Duke-like shorts. As she doubles over in laughter at Shinji's reaction, Shinji points out that Misato is probably watching them with security cameras. Asuka stops laughing immediately and looks alarmed. Cut to the control room to reveal that, although the kids' room is indeed being monitored, Misato is asleep at the controls.
  • The fight against Israfel, which is defeated through...choreographed dance.
  • Episode 9 contains several jokes for the purpose of Asuka's Character Development, each of them quite funny. This includes:
    • In the 1996 ADV English dub, Asuka's shout of "Scheißt!" when Shinji messes up the dance routine, before throwing her headphones away.
    • Misato asking Rei to do the dance routine with Shinji, and they manage to replicate it perfectly, to Asuka's dismay.
    • The montage showing the two competing over everything, from the dance machine to changing TV channels to brushing teeth.
    • And the scene where Shinji and Pen-Pen are simultaneously having a Potty Emergency and Asuka accidentally slams the bathroom door in Shinji's face. Made funnier by Pen-Pen taking the opportunity and running in.
    • The final argument at the end (also in the English dub, though it is funny in Japanese as well), first over Eva-01 landing on Eva-02, then over the kiss the two nearly shared, done over a hologram. Somehow, Asuka actually manages to hit Shinji over the head, despite just being a projection. On top of this, they are standing in a crater they created while killing Israfael, nonchalantly having a childish argument like nothing happened. While this is happening, all of the NERV staff can see and hear them. The looks on their faces are priceless. Even Kozo Futsuyuki, of all people, facepalms.
      Misato: Aww, geez!
      Ritsuko: Pathetic.
  • Asuka's dismay at Episode 10's heat-resistant suit blowing her up like Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
  • Another good one is during a semi-public bath scene in a spring divided by a wall—Misato and Asuka are bathing on one side, and Shinji and Pen-Pen are on the other. Shinji is treated to a lot of suggestive-sounding dialogue from the girls. Viewers can only see his blushing face for a long moment, and when the camera pulls back, the penguin looks down at Shinji's crotch, covered by the water, as if something interesting is going on.
  • Misato is riding the elevator which stops on Kaji running down the hall. Misato calmly reaches over to hit the button to close without batting an eye. Then Kaji makes it in time and her face scrunches up in a disgusted scowl.
  • Also, in episode 11, when NERV's air conditioning isn't working because of the power failure, and everyone is amazed Gendo and Fuyutsuki don't seem to be affected by the heat. Turns out they definitely are (The view cuts to show Fuyutsuki's feet. He's taken off his shoes and socks and has his feet in a fire bucket filled with cold water to keep him cooled), and their whole conversation on the subject is as follows:
    Fuyutsuki: It's hot.
    Gendo: Yes.
    • The fact that this ridiculous-sounding response really is COMPLETELY in character for them makes it even funnier.
    • The power goes out in NERV, and everyone instantly turns to look at Ritsuko, who doesn't even look away from her computer as she says, deadpan, "It wasn't me".
    • "Well, it would be terrible if an Angel were to attack right now - "
    • Asuka and Shinji fall out of air ducts and sprawl in a pile. And then Rei does a perfect dismount...right on top of them.
    • Also, Asuka leading the group straight to the Angel and then trying to pass it off as "visually confirming" enemy presence.
    • "...Sex fiends."
    • This exchange while the three pilots try to figure out their path:
      Rei: There's no time to waste. Let's take a shortcut.
      Asuka: I'm the leader! Don't just take over! [suddenly happy] So where's this shortcut?
  • Shinji's first kiss. Bonus points 4 Pen Pen's awkward reaction.
    • From a Youtube Comment: "I guess Asuka was mad at Shinji for not hugging her while she kissed him, but she did just come closer to killing him then any of the angels did."
    • Several of the comments contain words to the effect of: "I think the most sane person in this scene is the bird."
  • The following exchange in episode 16. (English dub)
    Makoto Hyuga: You look pretty worn to the bone, Major Katsuragi.
    Misato Katsuragi: I have reasons for being worn. Private ones.
    Ritsuko Akagi: Kaji's bone?
    Misato Katsuragi: Shut your face!!
    • Ritsuko teasing Misato about Kaji, in general. Particularly this in episode 9:
      Ritsuko: (after Misato explains that she has many things on her mind) Still in love?
      (Misato violently spits out her coffee)
  • Later in the original anime (ep. 17), there's this exchange:
    Kaji (to Shinji, after flirting with Misato and Bridge Bunny Maya): How about having a cup of tea with me?
    Shinji: I'm a guy.
    • Scene is topped by Rebuild's version, in which Kaji decides to freak Shinji out and moves just a little too close. Shinji's scream, which is is probably what makes the entire scene, is audible clear down the hall.
  • One from the original Japanese dub: In the middle of the intense Zeruel fight scene in Episode 19, as Eva-01 kicks Zeruel away and rises up roaring, while the NERV staff look on transfixed... Maya suddenly feels the need to inform everyone, in a matter-of-factly tone, that "the Eva has reactivated."
  • In the episode where it's simply a still shot of a mostly empty room with dialogue between Misato and Kaji, one bit of dialogue in particular stands out as almost rib-breakingly funny.
    Misato: Don't stick weird things in there!
  • In a bit of Black Comedy, Gendo is facing a situation with SEELE as they want to know about Rei's seemingly Disney Death. His solution?
    Gendo: I've given the old men of SEELE something else to look at. There is no problem.
    [cut to a naked Ritsuko standing in front of SEELE]
  • Shinji's awkwardness in the bath scene with Kaworu.
    Shinji: Yeah...I have to go to bed.
    Kaworu: With me?
    Shinji: Ah—g—no! I-I think you have your own—your own room! I—that they gave you, I mean!
    Kaworu: Okay.
  • In Episode 26, Shinji's mental journey confronts him with his fear of being hated by other people. This is expressed by the other members of the cast telling him over a phone that they hate him. It becomes rather funny when it is Hikari's turn. It is evident that she only makes the statement half-heartedly, probably because she doesn't know Shinji all that well, and her inherent politeness also shines through as well, as she apologizes to Shinji as she tells him she hates him, like she only does it because the script tells her to do it and not because she holds any actual ill-will towards him.
  • The wacky alternate universe sequence in episode 26. Schoolkid antics, morning stiffies, Misato the wacky schoolteacher, and Gendou getting scolded for being lazy.
    • Rei as a Genki Girl takes the cake. She is seen running late for class, toast in her mouth, before crashing into Shinji and inadvertently flashing her undies at him. Shinji and Touji discuss this much to Asuka's annoyance, then Rei shows up as a new student. All hell breaks loose, with Asuka accusing her of being a tart and Rei retorting that she's riding Shinji's "baloney pony". Said retort has been almost universally christened "The Greatest Line in Dubbed Anime History"
    • Asuka wakes Shinji up in said alternate universe, and we get this piece of gold in the ADV English dub. Spike Spencer's extremely casual, dopey delivery of Shinji's line in particular made it particularly hilarious:
      Asuka: It's time to get up, you dork!
      (Asuka rips the sheets off Shinji)
      (beat, as Asuka's face is first struck by shock, then embarrassment, and finally anger)
      Shinji: I can't help it, it's morning! I gotta, I gotta take a whiz or something...
    • Further from the English dub, there's this exchange:
      Asuka: Hurry up!
      Shinji: Sheesh, you're such a pain in the ass sometimes. Is this what happens when you start your period?
      Asuka: WHAAT?! WHAT DID YOU SAY?! (very audible slapping noise)
    • The moment when various love interests start bickering, Kensuke just sits there, looking bored...
    • And then there's "Evangelion Alternative Silly Ending" or, as it's become known in the fandom, "Shinji's Rant". Unfortunately wasn't kept in the Netflix dub.
    Shinji: Oh, this is- this is nice, I, uh- This is the end, okay... Where exactly am I?! Um... Oh, grea- here's the song, oh good. Uhmmm, there's some things that are still unresolved here, guys! How- How do I get home? Ah- what do I eat?? Was... Rei my- my mom, or... a clone, or... hell- was this all in my mind? What- What's an EVA? Is that- sort of a Freudian... thing, er... um... am I real? Oh, hell- does the bus run through here? I mean, I'd like to go home now, but, um... oh, God, where's home? Okay, okay, okay. I mustn't run away, I mustn't... Okay I got that, good, okay. Now, if I were to run away, let's analyze that—where the fuck would I go?! I'm on a big blue ball!! Uhh, is this how you end a series? I mean, is this- where we go from here? Okay, the movie better sure as hell make up for this, I'm telling ya right now, 'cause I'm stuck in nowhere-land... You ran outta ink too, didn't you, you bastards?
  • One time when Toji and Kensuke come to pick Shinji up, I remember a conversation going something like this:
    Asuka: I'm getting dressed for school, and if you peep, you're DEAD!
    Toji: Who'd want to watch a snake shed its skin?


  • In Chapter 22 of the manga, Kaji insinuates that Misato hasn't got over him yet. Misato responds by first of all releasing an Atomic F-Bomb (censored albeit), punctuating it by PUNCHING A HOLE IN A SOLID METAL WALL.
  • In Chapter 34 of the manga, Shinji wonders why Hikari keeps asking him about Toji when she constantly yells at him, and Asuka responds that it obviously shows she likes him, and that he'll never understand "the female psyche". Shinji then starts wondering if being harsh is how women show they like men, thinking about Misato and how she acts around Kaji. He then starts considering what Asuka's harsh behavior towards him might mean, and Asuka's reaction is hilarious.
    Shinji: (thinking) Wait! Asuka is harsh to me...No way! That's just how she is-contrary...Mr. Kaji's lucky.
  • Earlier in the manga, Asuka is telling Shinji about her origins as a test-tube baby (one of the plot points where the manga deviates from the anime) and how her mother chose the sperm of a brilliant scientist.
    Asuka: My mother chose a very exclusive sperm bank. The donor passed a strict qualification test on academic background and character. Of course, the women who buy the sperm have to be similarly qualified as well.
    Shinji: (to himself) There's something wrong with a 14-year-old girl talking about all this sperm...note 
    ...Asuka: Which means... I was a chosen being. A special person.
    Shinji: (to himself) So that's what she was really trying to say. (staring at Asuka) But how did such a dysfunctional person result from an elite sperm and egg...?
    Asuka: (angrily) Is that DISBELIEF on your face?!
  • Asuka cockblocking Kaji and Misato.
  • In the manga, Shinji tries to see if Rei can laugh by doing something funny - in this case, shoving two fingers up Touji's nose, causing him to freak out. This makes all the other girls laugh, but not Rei, who merely turns away with the same blank expression after seeing what all the noise was about.
    • The image makes it look like she's shaking her head at the scene. Somehow that makes it funnier.
  • The Schick X Evangelion ad campaign gives us this picture. Those facial expressions. Dear lord... Actually voiced.
    Gendo: Shinji... I'm thinking of shaving my beard. Everyone would be happier that way. Do you have nothing to say?! I can't undo it once it's done. Listen! I'm going to shave it!
  • "I've been dating Gendo Rokubungi... a lot!"
  • Kaji's introduction in the manga has one moment to top all others in the scene, even as Misato is trying her darndest to passive-aggressively get him the hell out. When he is talking to Shinji about him living in with Misato, he asks him whether she still falls off her bed. Cue Misato with a look of horrified embarrassment, Asuka reacting in shock at this new piece of info... and Rei still eating her lunch like no one else is in the room. Funnier still, there are speed lines behind her as if she had reacted like the other two.
  • Kaworu's No Sense of Personal Space in the manga leads to a rather funny scene where Kaworu barges into Shinji's shower stall looking for soap, then wonders why Shinji's freaking out.

End of Evangelion

  • A nonstandard moment of funny from ''End'', where there really shouldn't be anything to laugh about. After Instrumentality, there's that sea of LCL scene with Shinji and Rei in the water, naked of course, like many people in this series often are, and she's straddling him in such a way that... Anyway! What's hilarious about this scene is that it seems like the staff throwing their hands up in the air over all the Misaimed Fandom surrounding the two and exclaiming something like: "You like undertones? We'll give you damned overtones to make you shut up and leave us alone!" It gets even funnier when Kaworu magically shows up, as being the only one clothed it gives the impression that he just walked in on the two of them, or wants in. Or something else equally Freudian.
    • Even better if you're watching both episodes together as a "movie" as it implies the audience got fed up and left.
  • During the theater scene in the live-action sequence, someone can be seen flipping off the camera.
  • It has to be mentioned, the infamous Commentary Of Evil, where the English VA crew take the incredibly dark End Of Evangelion and turn it into a comedy. How much a person likes it is usually inversely proportional to how much one likes the film itself.
    Hey wait, that last guy's still alive.
    * blam*
    Oh, no, wait, yeah, that's all of them.
    • Taliesin Jaffe commenting on the numerous minor characters he voiced who are immediately (and violently) killed.
    • There's also a bonus song when Amanda Winn filks Barnes & Barnes' "Fish Heads" into a silly song about the otherwise terrifying Mass Production Evas.
    • On the subject of EoE, if you watch the 'everyone turning into tang' section out of context it is highly amusing to see the SEELE guy say "Everything is going according to plan" and then promptly melt.
  • If you're into black comedy, Shinji's infamous actions in End could be seen as comeuppance for Asuka's "Thermal Expansion" speech in episode 10.

Other media

  • The entire Evangelion: After The End radio drama, in which the cast of Evangelion is offered a chance to resurrect the show and keep trying to retool it in order to secure better ratings. Possibly the funniest moment is Asuka's idea to retool Evangelion as a sentai show. Then there's the ending, where due to having no budget and only a few minutes left till airtime, the voice actors decide to play out the first episode of Evangelion by themselves, along with all the sound effects and music... which results with five minutes of black screen with the voice actors making cricket and missile noises, with a cappella "The Beast" playing in the background, which then ends with Misato going "EVA-01 just defeated an Angel!".
    • And it works!
    • Rei suddenly turning into a Motor Mouth and slapping the tar out of Asuka. Words cannot describe the hilarity.
      • "'Anta baka, anta baka!' You're the baka!"
    • Pen-Pen also suddenly talking, also a Motor Mouth, and Asuka pretty much doing the same thing to shut him up!
    • Even better is that in this audio drama, Asuka's complaining that the newly redesigned plugsuits are too revealing, mentioning specifically that they show her panties completely and that her nips are clearly visible and it's even obvious what colour they are. When the "Test" plugsuits were unveiled in Rebuild of Evangelion, they were oddly familiar...
    • Asuka calling Kaworu "homo-boy" hands-down.
    • His response is to tell her she shouldn't make assumptions without proof and then says that the only thing she does lack is restraint. Toji then joins in that she shouldn't get mad because he's right, pointing out her lack of endowments and the two proceed to royally piss her off, Kaworu even calling her fat. Kensuke just laments their lack of teamwork.
    • Related to that, Kensuke openly acknowledging that for better ratings they need Kaworu back and Misato having already called him is hilarious in a meta way. "Alright, we get it, have him back...sheesh."
    • Behold the hilarity here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
  • These two videos, taken from the official Studio Gainax-sanctioned games for the Sega Saturn made back when the show was still airing on TV in the mid 90's, are quite hilarious, due to the characters doing rather OOC things like the "Three Stooges"note  & Hikari putting on a band, Shinji doing the duck walk in front of his classmates, Shinji kissing Hikari of all people and Asuka getting jealous about it, and (albeit unintentionally) the hideously QUALITY animation, where nobody seems to even blink, the same shots are used over and over, background extras stand around motionlessly, recycled animation from the TV series itself abounds, and everyone stands around talking with only their mouths opening and closing.
  • The little-known EVANGELION-VOX, an album of rnb and hip hop covers of songs from the score of the series, contains the gem "X-plicit ", summarizing the general audience reaction to the hospital scene from End in a Cluster F-Bomb:
    ''What the fuck, nigga!? Hell nah! What the fuck you doin' muthafucka!? What!? You's a crazy ass muthafucka!! The fuckin' bitch is in the fuckin' bed dyin'. muthafucka!! And you're fuckin'... beating the fucking bitch like a BITCH!! What the fuck is goin' on, muthafucka!? Please, you better fuckin' recognize ! Hell yeah ! You sorry-assed motherfucka!! Please! Hell motherfucka an' me step to me right now! Muthafuck that nigga, please...!!
    *a chorus of "Anta Baka?!" and "I'm the lowest" samples to a baller drum machine loop plays* ''
    • A bonus to this is that the above is printed in EVANGELION-VOX's lyric book.
  • Someone made a parody video of Alex Jones explaining to Joe Rogan that we're living in the NGE 'verse.


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