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  • The easily-angered Popuko and mostly-calm Pipimi themselves—and to some, especially their cute looks with constant Cat Smiles on their faces.


  • The first strip, in which Popuko punches Pipimi twice asking if she's mad. She's not.
  • The girls are in a plane and are asked by an attendant if they want beef or chicken. Popuko gets mad, so Pipimi helps sparing the flight attendant as she chooses beef.
    Popuko: *spits* You barely escaped with your life, motherfucker.
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  • Two strips have Popuko talking to Pipimi, in which the latter is distracted by thinking about male musicians.
  • Popuko is pissed off. A man nearby later states when she is hungry, she goes all "Poptepipic" and needs a Snickers. However, Popuko runs over the guy with a car before he could even finish his sentence.
  • Popuko and Pipimi are in planes shooting a big, anthropomorphic bear. He slashes the girls out of spite, but they fortunately have 9998 lives left. The bear becomes completely annoyed because of that.
  • The "Bacon Mushamusha-kun" strip has the titular character stating he likes to eat bacon.



  • The Stylistic Suck nature of Bob Epic Team can be this.
  • The insert songs.
    • "Let's Pop Together" basically states that haters are a waste of time and will become fans anyway.
    • "Tree of the Heart" sounds calm at first...and it gets even more joyful when the lyrics state that you're just not trying your best as it becomes a bit more harsh.
    • The deleted song, "Time to Sleep, Kon-chan", has Popuko later raging, really wanting Kon-chan to sleep as she ruins the entire stage. Pipimi shrugs it off questioning "Isn't that chuunibyou?"
  • The episode Cursed Mansion ~Jukan~ can be this—since it's especially with the adorable albeit surreal girls scaring people.

By episode

  • The Bob Epic Team version of the "Are you mad" strip has Popuko then beating the crap out of Pipimi after she has stated she is not mad from two punches, then going to a factory as she's turned into pickled radishes. She's still not mad.
  • In the end of the "POP TEAM STORY" skit, one of the villains later has a fidget spinner on their middle finger for no reason whatsoever.
Hellshake Yano The Dragon of Iidabashi: Pipi's Revenge
  • The adaptation of the Lemon skit takes a sharp swerve. Instead of Popuko licking a lemon before Pipimi plays a guitar song, the skit is instead portrayed as a Yakuza drama with the lemon licking replacing them swearing an oath with drinks in jail.
Ginza Hostess Detective Pipimi
  • This line from Pipimi, which doubles as a slight Moment of Awesome:
    Pipimi: In Ginza, we call women like you a damn fool!
  • The OP for the first half of the episode is another OP featuring the cast of Hoshiiro Girldrop. As for the second half, the OP starts as the same Hoshiiro Girldrop, only for it to get hijacked by the cast of Bob Epic Team.



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