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  • This exchange from "50 Ways to Leave Your 50-Foot Lover".
    Lupin:You really though Nessie would be attracted to this tin can?
    Dr. Oz: Her mating habits are obscure!
    Lupin: I'm guessing yours must be too if you really though this lame plan would work!
  • The Shin Lupin III episode "ZenigataCon": Lupin impersonating Zenigata? Amusing. Lupin's entire gang impersonating Zenigata? Priceless.
  • An early manga chapter features Jigen riding in a car with a mob boss and his driver. The following exchange occurs:
    Driver: Hey boss, do you have a detachable steering wheel?
    Jigen: There's no such thing.
    Driver: Then we've got a problem.
    Boss: Stop the car!
    Driver: No can do, boss.
    Jigen: What's stopping you?
    Driver(looking out the window of the car, which is now falling from a cliff): Gravity.
  • Lupin III versus Detective Conan ends with the gang finding out about how Conan is actually a teenager, and Fujiko trying to "examine" Conan so she can discover the "secret to rejuvenation."
    • From the same movie, Zenigata has one mixed with CMOA: Conan misses and accidentally puts him to sleep to reveal the identity of the villain, but after 30 seconds Zenigata woke up with a very noisy yawn. Cue a terrified Conan wondering how it was even possible and calling him a monster, given that his sedative would have put an elephant to sleep for an hour.
  • As stated on its main and Trivia pages, there's four english dubs for The Mystery of Mamo... and each one has its own take on certain lines and bits of dialogue. A good example would be when the 10-wheel truck chasing Lupin and the gang runs Zenigata off the road...
    Zenigata (Toho dub): Did you see that driving power?!
    Zenigata (Streamline dub): *nervous laugh* What am I laughing about?
    Zenigata (Manga dub): Yeah-ha-ha-ha! You don't run me down as easy as that!
    Zenigata (Pioneer dub): *maniacal laugh* Watch out, Lupin!
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  • Episode 78 of Red Jacket. Pretty much the whole thing, which is partially a parody of the 1965-74 TV series, The FBI, but with lots of old-school cartoon gags. Especially the Running Gag of Zenigata trying to get a cab ride.
  • In the Red Jacket episode "Lupin, Whom I Loved (Part 1)", the entire sequence with Jigen and Goemon in the cemetery is hilarious. To wit, they're surrounded by a bunch of reanimated corpses and the first thing Jigen does is check if he's dreaming... by kicking Goemon and asking if it hurt (Goemon returns the favor by whacking him over the head). After trying unsuccessfully to fight the zombies, they accuse each other of hitting with the dull edge of Zantetsuken/not firing any bullets before finally giving up and running like the dickens.

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