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  • Any moment with Valt, whether it be his klutzy nature and ditziness, or just getting overly excited about something.
  • Every time Daigo has to play parent to Wakiya and Rantaro when they argue.
  • Just any time Principal Shinoda gets caught in the middle of Aiger's training regime with that machine of his.


     Season 1 
  • Episode 1:
    • Valt is registering for the Regional Tournament, but his nerves get the better of him and he ends up biting his tongue right when the camera takes his picture. This ends up being his profile pic until episode 5.
    • Valt reminding himself to remember the "FUN-DA-MENTALS"!
      • Valt seemingly getting angry over losing to Rantaro in the first battle, only for the music to cut out and Valt to begin gushing over how excited he is. Rantaro's increasing sweatdrops of confusion make the scene even funnier.
      • And of course, there's Valt and Rantaro throwing things at each other while cleaning up the gym supplies, culminating in Valt ducking an object aimed at him, and Rantaro getting hit in the stomach with it instead.
  • Episode 4: Chiharu "insisting" that Ken stay for dinner is both funny and heartwarming.
    Ken: (Keru) Uh, y-yes ma'am! (Besu) We would be much obliged.
    Chiharu: Good answer.
  • Episode 5: Valt stalking Daigo all over the school in order to get him to join the Bey Club. He even follows him into the restrooms. The episode ends with poor Daigo being chased down a hallway by Valt, who is excitedly yelling for him to join.
  • Episode 6:
    • Rantaro's idea of helping Valt overcome his hotheadedness:
    Rantaro: Find your happy place! Butterflies! Puppy dogs and stuff! *Cue face fault from everybody except Valt and Rantaro*
    • The twins' reactions to Valt and Rantaro getting into yet another tussle.
    Nika: *asking Toko* Do you ever feel like we're babysitting them?
    Valt and Rantaro: Not cool! We're older than you!
    Toko: That's what's scary...
  • Episode 7:
    • Rantaro throwing a basketball at Valt's back after he insists it's the only way to get his Flash Launch right, only for the two to get into an argument over it.
    • Rantaro and Daigo literally butting heads over who should battle Hoji when he comes asking for a challenge.
    • Rantaro's reaction to finding out that everyone talks to their beys.
    • And later, while Daigo is preparing for his battle with Hoji:
    Daigo: *speaking to Valt, subconsciously* Valt, you better pay close attention. This battle should give you some pointers for your own battle.
    Valt: What? Did you say something?
    Daigo: *chuckles* You aren't even thinking about picking up pointers. Classic Valt.
  • Episode 9:
    • The twins reveal that Valt had gone over to the Murasaki house to help their mother deliver a large order of bread. Rantaro's reaction is priceless:
    Rantaro: Hang tight. This hero is on his way to rescue you! Let's do this, peeps! *sprints off to the Murasaki house with Ken following close behind*
    Daigo: A little over the top.
    • And of course, there's the moment when Rantaro and Ken barge into the house...:
    Rantaro: Alright, punks! I'm the one you want a piece of! Who's gonna go first?
    Ken (Keru): Help has arrived! You're safe, Valt!
    • ...Until they see that Valt isn't in any danger.
    Rantaro: Wait, what? What's happening here?
    Ken (Besu): Just an old fashioned battle!
  • Episode 11: Valt and Shu both getting brain freeze from eating shaved ice.
  • Episode 14: Xander knocking Valt down when trying to give him a fist bump.
  • Episode 18:
    • Yugo's reaction when he asks if there's any beyblade bread for his Yegdrion, and the twins say they ran out of time.
    • Valt's attempt at drawing Xander's Xcalius bey:
    Yugo: Looks like a turtle.
  • Episode 24: In the second match between Valt and Rantaro, Roktavor sidesteps in between Valtyrek’s attack, leading it on a one-way trip to self destruction. Valt's face sells it all.
  • Episode 25:
    • The Masked Blader. Yes, Zac dresses up as a superhero based off Kamen Rider. To sum up the episode, Zac goes around thrashing the main characters, including Wakiya. To say the latter has resentment from that battle is an understatement.
    • Zac asking Nika and Toko about finding Valt and helping him out, but until they realize his identity, they start throwing random items at him, culminating in Zac with a spinning bucket over his head.
    • Valt thinking his battle with Zac was a dream.
    • The fact that only Valt was fooled by Zac's Paper-Thin Disguise.
  • Episode 27:
    • Overlaps with Moment of Awesome, but Rantaro defeats WAKIYA by tricking him into using Shield Crash, resulting in Wyvron getting crushed by the Biting Stadium's fangs.
    • Wakiya responds with absolute shock, and won't admit that it's up to Hoji and Daigo to win.
  • Episode 28:
    • Wakiya LOSING AGAIN thanks to Daigo and Shu's plan to abuse the Shield Crash. Rantaro rubbing it in after losing is priceless.
    • Wakiya steals an entire plate of kabobs meant for Rantaro, leaving him only a single green onion, and the latter positively freaks out.
    Rantaro: Man cannot survive on green onion alone!
    • Wakiya not giving the others a ride back to the city. Though he did appreciate what Valt's siblings did for him.
  • Episode 29:
    • Valt losing Valtryek. The face he makes is pretty hilarious.
    • Valt makes a reference to The Scream when he is told he'll be giving the Athlete's Pledge in front of thousands of spectators.
    • When Xander is introducing Valt to Quon:
    Xander: He's an old friend of mine from the dojo.
    Valt: Don't tell me he's one of those guys who's like, 100, but isn't!
    Xander: Dude! He's an old friend. I didn't mean he's "old"!
    • The Japanese version makes it even funnier with Valt constantly referring to Quon as a god for finding Valtryek.
  • Episode 30: Wakiya's reaction to Valt attempting to hug him.
  • Episode 33: Ukyo pulling his "Shadow-Walker" schtick on Daigo. It's enough to make the latter jump twice.
  • Episode 37:
    • Shu offers for everyone to take a break. Everyone drops in confusion except Valt, and they do it a second time when Valt agrees with Shu.
    • Wakiya is looking for his equipment and is reminded that he gave most of it to the Bey Club, which means he can’t train.
    • Wakiya and Rantaro have an ego measuring contest, resulting in a girl’s balloon getting stuck in a tree. They both get it, but then Wakiya realizes how high up he is.
    • When Rantaro tries to tell the others about Wakiya's fear of heights, Wakiya covers up Rantaro’s mouth while telling the others not to worry about it.
    • Valt being super hyper when he meets Shu, and saying he wants to eat the sun because it looks like a giant sunny-side-up egg with ketchup on the side.
    • Shu’s face when the others instantly ask for seconds after they finish eating.
    • Valt’s face when he didn’t pick himself for the final team tournament.
  • Episode 38: Last episode, Wakiya tried to bribe Valt by allowing him to pick whoever went into the next battle. But, when the former tries to go in anyway, Rantaro reminds him that he told Valt he could choose whoever he wanted, and that it should be up to the captain, and Wakiya makes the most hilarious Oh, Crap! face ever.
  • Episode 41: Valt trying and failing to pronounce the name of Jin Aizawa's beyblade, Jumbo Jormuntor.
  • Episode 45: Valt and Wakiya start off the episode with a race (kicked off when Valt accidentally bumps into Wakiya), which Daigo and Rantaro later get in on. After reaching the beystadium in the park where Shu is, they get into an argument over who won, and Shu reluctantly declares Honcho the winner.
  • Episode 49:
    • Zac decides to return to Beyblading after being inspired by Shu defeating Lui in the first round, causing the crowd to go into an uproar. Wakiya’s response?
    (Dub): NO ONE CARES!!
    (Sub): Is he fer real?
    • In the Japanese version, Valt accidentally misnames Southern Cross Shot as Seriously Troubling Shot while in the dub, he mistakes Crux Boost as Crush Boost, much to the twins' dismay.

     Season 2 
  • Evolution #15:
    • Silas suggests Valt and Rantaro play rock-paper-scissors to decide who participates in their next match. Valt only wins when Silas gets angry with his own idea, pissing off Rantaro and leading to him accidentally using paper against Valt’s scissors.
    • Valt decides to ask Ghasem how he did his launch. When Ghasem angrily kicks at him, Valt translates that as going barefoot, to the chagrin of Arthur and the referee. Surprisingly enough, it works, and Valt wins the match. Then Rantaro plans to take off his shoes in order to stabilize his toes, even though he doesn’t need to be barefoot to notice!
    • Valt loses against Ghasem because he accidentally slipped while launching. Even Ghasem laughs at his failure.
    • While Honey and Kit praise Rantaro’s confidence, Shasa is not easily impressed.
    • Most Beyblade characters have either a Meaningful Name or a Punny Name. Honey and Kit finally realize that as they witness Stan eating a hamburg steak. After his bullying of Valt and Rantaro, it's pretty satisfying to see Stan get a taste of his own medicine.
    Kitt: Stan’s eating a hamburg steak!
    Honey: Well, he’s Stan Hamburg, right?
    Valt:: You got a "beef" with me?
    • Valt and Rantaro get a call from who they think is Shu, but it's actually Wakiya trying to tell them about Shu’s disappearance. When they find out who it is:
    Valt: Valt Aoi, here. You wanted an interview?
    Wakiya: I'm not some reporter!
    Valt: Aw, bummer. It’s just Wakiya…
    Wakiya: What do you mean by just?!
  • Evolution #16:
    • Wakiya is still afraid of heights and is too scared to zipline down, so Cuza travels back around and pushes Wakiya while tightroping on the zipline.
    • When the gang first arrive in Mexico, Wakiya is clearly enjoying the sights...then we have Rantaro, Valt and Daigo baking in the sweltering heat.
    • Daigo leaves a trail of breadcrumbs to help the gang find their way back to the airport, but then Carl eats them all.
  • Evolution #22:
    • Carl attacks Joshua's director and steals his glasses, revealing his Big Anime Eyes, when he complains about having pets on the set.
    • Pretty much any scene with the director.
  • Evolution #25 has Xander accidentally breaking the door to SB Rios' dojo. And his dialogue implies that this has happened before.
  • Evolution #26:
    • Valt trying to copy Ghasem's kick. Even Carl is embarrassed.
    Rantaro: *talking about Valt* There goes the street cred...
    • Cuza scaring his teammates with a suit of armor.
    Cuza: Does this suit me or what?
  • A flashback of Evolution #30 features Daigo being picked to battle Clio when he comes to challenge and later join AS Gallus.
    Daigo: Saw that coming.
  • Evolution #36: While the simulations that Shu underwent in the Requiem Project were very nightmarish, it's Actually Pretty Funny to see him land face first on the ground in one of them.
  • Evolution #37: What's the first thing Free asks upon returning to BC Sol?
    You got anything to eat?
  • Evolution #41: Clio's way of challenging Norman.
    Clio: I'm thirsty.
    Norman: Okay...?
  • Evolution #44: Silas immediately brags that this is the match where he'll triumph over which Free nonchalantly rebuffs him.
    • While Silas' strategy nearly succeeds in the first round, Rantaro comments that he is "just not good enough" when it fails, something Silas somehow hears and chews him out for.
    • Free actively avoiding Satomb in the second round so that it can't leech off of Fafnir's energy. This pisses Silas off, and he angrily screams that Free can't run away forever. Free interprets that as a challenge, and Fafnir lightly taps Satomb, causing both beys to spin out. Several seconds of silence follows as the shots pan out to show everyone's reactions before Silas asks what happened, to which Free says that he just ended the battle.
    • The referee and announcer being confused as Free just walks off without a care in the world after his match, leaving Silas to have a meltdown.
  • Evolution #51: Valt once again proves that he cannot cook when he puts peanut butter in a batch of Napolitan. Made even funnier by the gang's reactions and the music slowing to a halt when they taste his food.
    • Beforehand, Wakiya demands an apology from Shu, stating he knew he'd come back, only for Kit to point out that he earlier said he was a lost cause.
    • And when Shu does apologize:
    Wakiya: ''That's not good enough! That said, your pasta might change my mind.

     Season 3 
  • Turbo #5: A sleep-deprived Aiger hallucinating that a nearby bush is Lui. Bonus points for said bush actually looking like Lui's hair.
  • Turbo #6: Ranjiro's idea of training for his upcoming 3-on-1 Battle Royale with Lui, Fubuki and Aiger is to visualize the having his gang act as the beys: Benimaru as Brutal Luinor, Tobisuke as Crash Roktavor, Jonji as Emperor Forneus, and Gumita as Z Achilles.
  • Turbo #16: Valt tripping over himself when he discovers that he's going to be giving the athlete's pledge for the Battleship Cruise. Even after two years and ascending to the title of World Champion, he's still the ditzy goofball we all know and love.
  • Turbo #18:
    • The shenanigans on the abandoned pirate ship in general, but the funniest involved Laban—first he gets caught out by a rigged roulette wheel, then just before he drops into the ocean, he remembers commenting earlier that day that he'd like to take a dip in the water, since it looked nice. Guess what he ends up doing...
    • The pirate ship is said to be haunted by a ghost child. Naru and Tobisuke are naturally freaked out, but the others reassure them that there's no such thing as ghosts. At the very end of the episode, the ghost child appears right in front of them.
  • Turbo #21:
    • The force of Xavier's Penta Saber sending Suoh's Heat Salamander straight into the other half of the room shocks Ranjiro and Suoh so much that the explosion freaks the two out. Suoh's Oh, Crap! face really says it all.
    • In a surprising degree of care, Gumita tries to get him to cooperate with Ranjiro for their tag-team battle and praises his strength. Suoh just chooses to tell her to get lost, and she remains salty about it for the whole battle. Unfortunately for Suoh, karma hit him right during his beybattle for that slight.
    • Aiger gets mad that Fubuki burst his bey alongside Laban's during their tag team battle. Fubuki just handwaves it with a smile to annoy him further.
  • Turbo #22: Ranjiro's reaction to how the Phi-Ranjiro-Kyle battle panned out. He just could not believe that he technically beat Phi (although he was unaware of what Kyle was up to, and why Phi sacrificed a star).
  • Turbo #23: Emperor Forneus dodging all of Heat Salamander's attacks like it's nothing is both funny and awesome; made even better by Suoh's increasing frustration.
    Suoh: Come on! Why can't I land a hit?!
  • Turbo #32: Gumita calling an unmasked Kyle "cute". Made even better by her facial expression and the others' reactions.
  • Turbo #33: While the scene of Aiger racing against the clock to defeat the infinity Beys before the ceiling descends upon them was intense, it's still hilarious to see Ranjiro's hair get flattened.
  • Turbo #36 has a Spot the Imposter moment where Count Nightfell disguises himself as Ranjiro in an attempt to steal Z Achilles. Then, the real Ranjiro shows up, and their antics are hilarious. From mirroring each other's movements to trying to guess what Ranjiro's favorite food is.
    Count Nightfell: It's obviously a ballotine and beef tenderloin in foie gras.
    Ranjiro: What even is that? Try curry with rice, hamburgers, and ramen!
    Count Nightfell: What?! How can you be so pedestrian?!
  • Turbo #42: After surprising the students with a new double-decker Turbo stadium, Principal Shinoda hosts a six-way Battle Royale between Aiger, Ranjiro, Fubuki, Toko, Suoh, and Koji...with himself as both the ref AND the announcer. At one point he slips up and accidentally says "Turbo Aiger" instead of Achilles.
  • Turbo #44: Just any moment where Xavier is blatantly showing off to Aiger, though especially the moment from the start of the episode, where Aiger lands on Xavier's home island...and is promptly treated to a red-carpet welcome, topped off by Xavier arriving riding a white horse. Aiger's confusion makes it even better.
  • Turbo #48: The moment where Toko, Nika, Koji, Tobisuke and Gumita scare themselves upon opening up the video from Phi vs Shu, since Toko opened it when Phi was using his resonance.
  • Just the fact that Shu is now living in New York City, in a penthouse, at 13 years old.

    Season 4 
  • Dante and Amane are prepping for a friendly match, and when Amane puts on his headband, Dante decides to put one on too. This leads to the two trying to one-up each other by putting on one headband after another. By the time the camera pans back to them after briefly focusing on Tango and Ichika, Dante and Amane have literally mountains of headbands on their heads.
  • Lodin chucking a disc at Fumiya when he tries to make him a part of the Spark Devils.
  • Episode 11: As Dante promises the rest of the Victories to celebrate after he wins the Bey Carnival and they smile alongside him, Joe slides in completely unexpected as the music suddenly stops once they all notice him.
    • When Joe promises to pay Dante back (in a Beybattle), the latter mistakes it for money.
    • Dante finds Lodin training and blowing away all of the water in the pool, and falls down flailing like a fish! Lodin picks him up with no problem whatsoever and tries to shock him to death, causing Dante to make his nervous face. THEN when Takane walks in looking for Dante, their epic staredown nearly shocks the poor kid to death.
    • This exchange between Fumiya and Lodin:
    Fumiya:You're pretty good. But you're just a stepping stone to my second championship.
    Lodin:You don't even have two?
  • Episode 12, Dante finds it hard to cheer for either Lodin or Fumiya. After noticing Ichika giving him a dirty look, he starts cheering Fumiya on in the most adorable way possible.
  • Episode 17: Pot pranking one of his dojo-mates by painting on his face and then luring the Victories into a tiger pit, of which both Dante and Amane fall for. Twice.
  • Episode 24: Pot pranking Delta of all people. His trick of choice? The fake hand trick. Even Delta was freaked out by it.
  • Epsiode 25: Dante falling into numerous tiger pits while trying to get to Aiger and Amane's match. Three guesses to who set them. Plus, there's Pot doing a small brow twitch when the Victories refuse to sit close to him.
  • Episode 26: The preview shows Dante blowing on the Dice Launcer screen in an effort to roll a 6.

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