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  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Is Lui really a Jerkass who constantly puts down Bladers he sees as weak, or is he only dishing out Tough Love to his opponents in order to motivate them to get stronger?
    • To what degree of Shu's actions as Red Eye were of his own doing and/or Spryzen Requiem's influence?
    • There's also the matter over what Shu's real motive for becoming Red Eye was. Was he upset because he lost to Free? Bitter over his previous losses to Lui? Ashamed at breaking his pact with Valt? Or a combination of all of the above?
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    • Was Shu actually possessed by his Bey, or did he simply become so obsessed with power that he forgot why he sought it in the first place? A few flashbacks in the season 2 finale seem to support this.
    • Did Stan spread the false rumor about Valt due to misinterpreting the interactions between him and Daigo, or did he do it to spite Valt for Django's absence?
    • Did Trad leave BC Sol for the Raging Bulls because he realized that his training style wasn't working for the team, or simply because of World Champion Free being on the Bulls?
    • In Turbo, were the characters (save for a few) really oblivious to what Aiger did to Valt, or did they know but chose not to bring it up for fear of incurring Aiger's wrath?
    • Did Suoh break off his friendship with Fubuki due to Heat Salamander's influence, or was he tired of always being called a duo alongside him and wanted to prove he was strong on his own?
  • Angst? What Angst?:
    • Shu spent almost the entirety of Evolution brainwashed by the Snake Pit and then possessed by Spryzen Requiem, yet when he's brought back in the season finale, everyone pretty much acts like the "Red Eye" arc never happened. While he does express some regret over what he let himself become, he suffers no apparent trauma from his ordeal.
    • Even after seeing Aiger obliterate his Wonder Valtryek, Valt quickly gets over it and harbors no resentment towards him for it. Though, this may be because he knew that it wasn't really Aiger's fault since the latter was corrupted by darkness at the time.
  • Author's Saving Throw: After complaints that the main protagonists from the Metal Saga era were near perfect and lacked character development, this series introduced Valt, who was a flawed character that loses every so often and had actual character development, and is considered one of the better protagonists of the whole franchise.
  • Awesome Music:
    • The English openings, Our Time for season one, Evolution for season two, and Turbo for season three all sound amazing. The original Burst Finish, Evolution Burst, Chouzetsu Muteki Blader, and Gatti'n Roll are blood pumping as well with a mix of catchy, upbeat lyrics.
    • Especially true for the English OP for season 3, sung by NateWantsToBattle, no less!
    • Ditto for the Japanese endings, as well as the background music for both versions!
  • Badass Decay: Wakiya doesn't fair well in Beyblade Burst Evolution. His team, Sunbat United, is eliminated from the running in the team championships early on (in an admittedly close match against a team with two members of the Big Five), and he's defeated by Valt and Rantaro while both were still inexperienced with their upgrades while he was fully familiar with his.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Rantaro Kiyama is heavily debated as a character: Some are fine with him for being The Heart/Plucky Comic Relief while also being occasionally serious and calling Wakiya out for his demeanor. Others hate Rantaro, find some of his jokes more annoying than funny, and accuse him of being a Jobber and a terrible blader despite his win-loss-ratio being equal. This debate continues in Evolution, as Rantaro is a member of BC Sol alongside Valt and the discussion stems to whether or not Rantaro is worthy enough to justify being a member, which gets worse as the season goes along.
    • Ranjiro, Rantaro's younger brother, falls under this for similar reasons. On one hand, some fans find him to be a breath of fresh air, as he has his own differences, such as being a Beyblade gang leader as well as calmer and more serious than his brother is. On the other hand, his comical elements, while not as apparent as Rantaro, are still there. It's heavily debated whether Ranjiro is different enough from his older brother, or if he's just another Rantaro, even down to his role during the series being similar to his brother's roles in the first two seasons.
    • Zac has been highly divisive throughout the series' run. Supporters love his flashy personality, his Nice Guy tendencies in a series filled with Jerkass rivals, and how he's a memetic troll with a lot of Hidden Depths as a character. He also receives praise for being the only consistent Stamina type blader in season one, and many wish to see him return in Evolution with Galaxy Zeutron. Detractors find him annoying in spite of his positive attributes, and argue that he is the weakest Supreme Four Blader, despite the win records of all four being near identical. His idol mannerisms in particular are used as a major argument, as fans who hate the character usually complain about his supposed homosexuality (despite a lack of evidence in the show) and homophobic statements. The middle ground understands both sides of the argument, but ask the community to refrain from spreading homophobic remarks. As of Evolution, the friction is still there, although a fair majority of fans wish for Zac’s return in the future.
    • Aiger from Turbo has quickly become this. As a Contrasting Sequel Main Character, fans are split on whether or not this makes Aiger awesome. His Instant Expert Status and his win streak in Episode 2 doesn't help.
    • Hoji's brother, Koji, is this in Turbo. Some feel sorry for the way Aiger treats him whilst others view him as just as much of a Scrappy as Stan.
    • Shu has gotten this reception as of late. Although he's still incredibly popular throughout the first three seasons amongst the fanbase, he has since gained a number of detractors. His fans love him for his Tragic Villain status and his Character Development throughout the series whilst his detractors dislike him for his Disproportionate Retribution in Evolution, which resulted in them viewing him as Unintentionally Unsympathetic.
      • His insane popularity is also another core reason why he has gained detractors, as some find him overhyped, and have therefore drawn attention to his flaws.
  • Broken Base:
    • Fans are divided over whether or not they like the new English dub voices of the s1/s2 characters appearing in Turbo.
    • Hasbro's version of Takara Tomy's Turbo Beys, the "SlingShock System", has become heavily debated due to the Beys' Layers having their metal replaced with plastic.
    • Takara Tomy's latest addition to the Turbo series, the "Turbo Awakening" series, has been met with some backdraft due to the fact the Beys have "Burst stoppers" to prevent Burst Finishes.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: The "reveal" in Evolution that the mysterious Red Eye is in fact Shu Kurenai was pretty much called from the moment Red Eye was introduced.
  • Contested Sequel: A lot of fans who enjoyed season one didn't enjoy season 2 all that much due to pacing issues. Fans were divisive on the Red Eye arc: Either it's an interesting quest and they like Red Eye's mysterious appearance being similar to Shu, or it's disregarded as filler. The fact that this was a tournament season also resulted in comparing Evolution to Metal Masters and the WBO tournaments from the original series, favoring those over the current World Tournament in Evolution.
  • Crazy Awesome: All the characters have impressive beyblading skills, but Valt's are especially epic, considering he has come up with winning strategies without even knowing about it.
  • Designated Villain:
    • Lui may come off as a Jerkass, but he's just like any other blader who only strives to be the best.
    • Theodore Glass is often portrayed as the Big Bad of season 2 due to the shady vibes he gives off and being the leader of an intense underground training facility, but the worst he ever did was convince Free to leave BC Sol and coax Shu into joining the Snake Pit. And just like everybody else, he simply wants to win the World League by putting together a team of strong Bladers, and never outright resorts to cheating or deception.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Lui can be this to those who blame him for Shu becoming Red Eye. While he did once take things too far in season 1 by flinging Spryzen at Shu's eye and scarring him, and later trying to do the same thing to Valt, people often overlook the facts that A.) Lui stopped doing this after season 1 and is no different from any Blader who aims to be the best, and B.) it was Shu's own choice to betray his friends simply because he couldn't handle a few losses.
  • Estrogen Brigade: Shu is quite a popular character, and has a massive amount of fangirls.
  • Fanfic Fuel:
    • Due to lack of insight on the Snake Pit, fans have many questions about it. How was it founded? What dark secrets does it have? What happened to the eliminated Masked Bladers?
    • Not to mention Norman’s disappearance at the end of Episode 47. Fan art and fanfictions have spawned due to this.
    • What could've happened to Raul that he needed a cybernetic eye?
    • How did Lui become the hardened Blader he is now while living overseas?
    • Valt and Shu swapping roles, with Shu being scouted by BC Sol and Valt as the one who joins the Snake Pit.
  • Fanon: Thanks to popular fanfiction writers from this fandom, a lot of fans headcanon that Norman had a sad backstory.
    • Since Silver Eye had little to no personality, a lot of fans portray him as cocky and annoying (though the latter is mainly used for laughs).
  • First Installment Wins: Most people tend to agree that the first season was the best, due to having a more consistent storyline and good, fleshed out characters.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Valt's tactic of convincing Shu to battle Ken by humorously claiming the latter was secretly plotting to destroy his Bey becomes hard to swallow when we see Shu actually begin to destroy Beys as Red Eye in season 2; and even moreso with Phi in season 3.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Ken being Demoted to Extra, as well as nearly falling off a cliff in episode 19 of season 1 (in the Japanese version) have all become this in light of Gabe Khouth's death in July 2019.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Wakiya becomes this in episode 45. It's hard not to feel sorry for him when he breaks down in tears after losing to Shu.
    • Stan counts as this too after feeling unimportant to BC Sol in episode 20 of Evolution.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Valt can be seen as one, especially considering his friendship with most of the characters.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The sound of a Burst Finish, Ring-Out Finish, or of points being awarded can be very satisfying to hear after a hard-fought battle.
  • Narm: Shu being "possessed" by Spryzen is pretty hard to take seriously alone, but one scene in Episode 50 of Evolution takes the cake.
    Theodore: You've done well, Red Eye. Very impressive! Keep up the good work and victory will soon be yours. Then the last phase of the Requiem Project will be complete. (picks up Spryzen)
    Shu: Hands off!
    Theodore: Huh? What do you say?
  • Never Live It Down:
    • Even though he's been long since forgiven for the Red Eye debacle, some fans will never let Shu live down pushing Valt aside and ordering him to get out of his way, especially since it's left ambiguous as to whether or not he was brainwashed during that time.
    • Some people will also never forget the moment where Shu rips one of Ken's puppets, either.
    • Many fans were outraged when Aiger shattered Valt's Wonder Valtryek. It doesn't help that almost nobody (except for Free, Fubuki, Taiga, and the twins) cared about what happened at all, acting nonchalant about the whole situation, and only cared that Aiger won.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Even though it was only for a few seconds, Shu finally appears in episode 12 of Turbo.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Aiger was initially a Base-Breaking Character to some fans, due to his Instant Expert status and over-inflated ego. However, later episodes have him losing more often and becoming friendlier and more humble, which has helped him gain some popularity.note  Although his popularity took a hit when he, under the effects of his dark resonance, destroyed Wonder Valtryek and stole Valt's title of World Champion. Fortunately, he's starting to win back some fans now that's he's been brought back to his senses and on the right path to becoming a better Blader.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Since his debut in the Turbo series, Kyle Hakim has become this to fans of Ken, as he also wields a Kerbeus, the same motif as Ken's bey.
    • The main complaints stem from his lack of connection with Ken, as the anime has made no attempt to explain how he got a Kerbeus outside of briefly mentioning he went through harsh conditions to get it.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Stan isn't well liked by a portion of the fanbase, because of his petty grudge against Valt as well as coming off as a massive Jerkass toward him after Django leaves BC Sol. It also doesn't help that he faced no consequences for spreading a false rumor about Valt, either. However, this is lessened somewhat after he later joins SB Rios, where he's seen interacting with Valt and Rantaro on friendlier terms.
    • Trad is also this for mostly the same reasons as Stan, such as his cynical and unpleasant demeanor, his closed-mindedness towards the newer team recruits and bias against Valt (including blaming him for the team's faults), turning a blind eye to Stan's bullying, and his shallow reason for leaving BC Sol (Free was there at the time). It doesn't help that he's never once been called out for it, and is usually always presented as the one in the right.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • In almost all of Blast Jinnius' appearances, it is without its Core Disk, leaving the Frame looking like it's floating around. This gets close up shots too, so it's very easy to notice and makes it glaring to say the least.
    • In Episode 4 of Beyblade Burst Evolution, as Wakiya is about to use Shield Crash against Berserk Roktavor, a brief shot of Wild Wyvron could clearly be seen rolling back instead of Tempest Wyvron.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Hasbro's adaptation of the Beyblades from Turbo under their Slingshock System was met with heavy disappointment due to replacing originally metal parts in the Energy Layer with child-safer plastic. While having attempted to make up for it with Slingshock-exclusive unique gimmicks, their overall lighter weight still leaves them less useful and competitive than their heavier metal-clad Japanese counterpart, some being even weaker than their predecessor models.
    • Brutal Luinor becomes weaker than its predecessors due to being the only Beyblade in the Luinor line to lack any metal in its Energy Layer.
    • Orb Engaard was originally known for its unique suction cup gimmick that held it in place on the stadium, greatly reducing its chances of being knocked out. In Slingshock however, the soft rubber Quest Performance Tip was instead molded with hard plastic, allowing for aggressive movement around the stadium akin to an Attack-type, which is unfitting considering Orb Engaard was meant to be a Defense-type Bey.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • In Turbo, Toko becomes free from his role as Mr. Exposition and instead finally becomes a recurring blader owning his own unique bey. He even had his own focus in Episode 9 of said season and in Episode 13, he's left in charge of the Bey Club by Fubuki. Unfortunately, it seems to have stopped there (as of now anyway) since his screentime has been reduced once again and is constantly Out of Focus, which is a shame since the character went from the Moe to someone with a backbone and interesting development.
    • Despite Guardian Kerbeus and Galaxy Zeutron being featured in the SwitchStrike system, Ken and Zac each had little to nonexistent roles in Evolution.
    • Lui only appeared during the Luinor Cup arc of Turbo and was never seen for the rest of the season. This has left fans imagining what a battle between him and Phi would've been like.
    • Originally a manga-exclusive character, Count Nightfell was brought in for the Dread Tower arc of the anime series, and then disappears afterwards, with no further explanation for his Bey-theiving ways.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Some feel the Snake Pit arc wasn't properly resolved. Besides pacing issues, there was no origin on the place and Theodore walks away facing no repercussions.
    • Given the lack of focus on what Shu went through in the Snake Pit besides donning the Red Eye mask and going through the Requiem Project, many feel that his plot in Evolution was rushed and that he should've been given more time to reflect on his choices and realize his mistakes.
  • Unexpected Character: Who'd have expected Kit to return in Turbo with a new Beyblade?
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic:
    • As much as a jerk Lui is, the worst he's ever done is scar Shu and belittle Bladers he views as beneath him, and he simply wants to be the best blader, a right he possesses just as much as the rest of the cast does. Seeing his Nightmare Luinor break during his battle with Shu in the International Blader's Cup can make one want to feel bad for Lui, even if some argue that he deserved it.
    • While Aiger had been acting like an arrogant jerk for most of the season, and his possessed behavior and refusal to listen to others didn't help, many fans felt that having his Z Achilles get destroyed was too much.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic:
    • Shu can come off as this sometimes. While he's had many terrible things happen to him (getting scarred by Lui, his Bey breaking, and getting brainwashed), it becomes hard to sympathize with him once you realize most of what happened to him was his own fault (except for the scarring from Lui), as he was aware that his Storm Spryzen wasn't in condition to battle Lui, yet went along with it anyway, resulting in said destruction of his Bey.
      • This got worse in season 2, after we learn that he willingly threw away all of his friendships and allowed himself to be possessed by Spryzen Requiem for the sake of becoming powerful enough to beat Lui and Free. He also had no qualms about breaking other peoples' Beys. It also doesn't help that whenever he has a problem, he tends to push away those who want to help him. And while he did apologize to everyone in the end, some felt that his way of doing so made it seem like he only sorry for letting Spryzen control him, and not for betraying them for selfish reasons.
    • Yugo was understandably angry at Daigo for cheating in their battle, but any sympathy he may have had vanishes when he not only refuses to forgive Daigo (who bent over backwards to atone for his mistake, and even went the extra mile by dropping out of the match to allow the former to take his place), but even straight up tells him he doesn't deserve to be a Blader.
    • Django in episode 6. We're supposed to feel sorry for him after he gets demoted to the B-team, but how can we feel bad for him when he and Stan have antagonized Valt and Rantaro, as well as treating them as bottom ranks?
      • Stan also qualifies in this area just the same.
    • In season 2 episode 20, we’re made to feel bad for Trad when Kris ignores his advice and suggestions, which culminates in him deciding to transfer to the Raging Bulls. However, he is almost always seen criticizing Kris' decisions and actions despite her being the club manager, blaming Valt and Rantaro for the team's losses, refusing to acknowledge or even have any faith in the newer recruits, and never putting a stop to Stan's bullying (even going as far as to treat him as the victim). He does later admit to Kris that she was right to believe in her team, though he never actually apologizes for his earlier attitude.
    • As mentioned above, while some people felt bad for Aiger when his Bey was shattered, others felt that him being upset about it when he had earlier done the exact same thing to Valt and acted like it was nothing made him come off as a hypocrite.
  • Vindicated by History: Though the first season was (and still is) popular, those who didn't enjoy it at the time of its release will look back at it more fondly now when compared to Evolution, which suffered from pacing issues.
    • This is later inverted, since Evolution seems to have gained a lot more attention as of now and is arguably more well-known compared to the first series, with more focus on popular characters like Free and Shu.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • In season one, when the Beigoma Academy Bey Club are set to go up against Quon Limon and his team, Ice Blaze, Valt decides to send himself in just because he believes that as team captain he's the best choice, despite his teammates (especially Wakiya) warning him that all the members of Ice Blaze use Defense type beys, and that Rantaro, who uses a Stamina type, would be a better choice. It goes about as well as you'd expect. Had Wakiya not won the next match, the Bey Club would've been axed from the tournament then and there. Quon later calls out the team for their lack of teamwork and Valt for his poor leadership.
    • Another moment pops up in season 2, when Shu loses a battle to Free. Instead of doing the logical thing by simply shrugging it off and battling Free over and over to gather intel and come up with a good strategy, he goes into a Heroic BSoD, allowing Theodore to take advantage of his vulnerable state and brainwash him.
    • In the Japanese version of the Red Eye arc, after Valt confronts Shu (as Red Eye) and questions why he has Shu's bey, he answers back that Shu is dead. To make such a bold claim towards his former friends just to hide the fact he is Shu seems very melodramatic, but what makes this even worse is that his coach, Theodore Glass (as his alter-ego Ashtem), actually backs this up by explaining that his supposed demise was because he fell into the pits after losing a match in the Snake Pit. While it's argued he didn't literally mean that Shu was dead, his poor choice of words combined with how Theodore explained Shu's disappearance made it sound like that was the lie he intended to use.
      • The English dub handled this much better by replacing the word "dead" with "gone" (though this was most likely for censorship reasons).
    • In one episode, Valt and Rantaro are in danger of being booted from BC Sol due to Stan eavesdropping on their conversation with Daigo. Not only do Kris and Trad believe Stan on his word alone, but they don't even allow Valt or Rantaro to explain themselves. It took Valt defeating Shasa, who was the only person willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, to prove his loyalty to the team.
  • What Do You Mean, "It's for Kids"?: The simulations that Shu undergoes in the Requiem Project are rather dark, considering that this series is supposed to be more kid-friendly.
  • The Woobie: Has its own page.

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