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Nightmare Fuel / Beyblade Burst

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A face that manages to be MORE frightening than Lui
Just because this Beyblade series is lighter and more kid-friendly doesn't mean that it can't have some scary moments.
  • Boa managing to complete the Snake Pit's trials and obtaining Ark Balkesh is awesome in and of itself, but seeing how worse for wear he looked at the end (and with that scar, no less), one has to wonder just what kind of horrible stuff he went through.
  • Xander becoming disappointed in Valt after seeing him get curb stomped by Ren Wu in their Battle Royale. It’s the first time we’ve ever seen Xander get truly angry, and it’s unsettling.
  • Lui, whenever he flashes his unnerving smiles. And need we say more about his Nightmare Boost?
  • Silas, while one of the good guys, can also have some intimidating smiles.
  • Free has his moments. He exerts his body when he is serious, gaining new strength, but appearing more monstrous, with veins popping out of his body, and his normally dark eyes turning gold. It's almost like Ryuga when he was being controlled by Lightning L-Drago.
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  • The moment when Suoh first obtains Heat Salamander. In one scene, we see a dark shadow of Salamander’s avatar.
  • Hyde, Phi's younger twin brother, can be this:
    • He often sticks out his tongue and licks his lips, laughing "HAHA" and shouting. Then there's whenever he calls upon Hades' special moves, all in a wildly creepy high-pitched voice.
  • Shu, while under the effects of Spryzen Requiem's power. To see the normally kind, calm and gentle 11-year old boy become this angry, psychotic, power-hungry monster is both this and a Tear Jerker.
  • Aiger's resonance slowly becoming corrupt. Stemming from his fear of Phi's intention to destroy his Bey, he becomes more and more obsessed with winning (aka, destroying his opponents), and refuses to listen to his friends when they want to help him. He also develops Glowing Eyes of Doom.
  • Phi, the Big Bad of Turbo. Just EVERYTHING about him is Nightmare Fuel, until the last episode.
  • The Snake Pit. Although the show depicts nothing dark, one can imagine the trauma of being in there. Some even headcanon of eventual death. In reality, it is a secret organization devoted to creating the ultimate Bey using research, and is made up of a team of elite Bladers.
  • While he was never really considered an antagonist, Theodore Glass, the owner of the Snake Pit Organization and manager of the Raging Bulls, used Shu's moment of weakness to convince him to become part of the Snake Pit Organization. Shu should consider himself lucky Theodore didn't have any ulterior motives.
  • Evolution #43: Joshua's reaction when he unknowingly loses to Free with a Burst Finish; he sinks to the floor in anguish in a similar manner to Julian from the Metal Saga.
  • Evolution #49: Shu vs. Lui in the semi-finals of the International Bladers Cup. Two of the strongest, most psychotic bladers finally face off. And it does NOT end well. It says a lot when Lui of all people is concerned after witnessing the destruction of Shu's previous opponents.
    Shu: Spryzen, DESTROY HIM.
    • Lui's expression becomes increasingly scary as Nightmare Luinor is destroyed, culminating in a mix of terror and excitement.
  • Turbo #18: While the ghost kid appearing at the end may be funny, there's still the fact that a young child apparently died on the pirate ship.
  • Turbo #24: Phi makes an especially grotesque face (pictured above) when his dark nature is discovered by Laban, then he outright taps into his dark resonance and breaks Laban's Vise Leopard in two.
    "You will be punished."
  • Turbo #25: When Raul returns, his left eye has been replaced with a cybernetic. One can only wonder what could've happened to warrant such a procedure.
  • Turbo #43: Free's Fafnir getting destroyed by Phi, and Valt immediately challenging Phi after witnessing it. Phi enjoys his opponents’ misery, however, so he claims Valt to be his last "sacrifice" as a reason to make Valt see his friends suffer first.
  • Turbo #47: Phi attempting to corrupt Shu again (fortunately it didn't work), and destroying Turbo Spryzen, especially the moment where Shu was seemingly swallowed up by that scary black mist.

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