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  • Every time Shu manages to comfort Valt after he loses his cool or is distressed.
  • Any time Daigo goes to visit Ryota in the hospital.

     Season 1 

  • Episode 4 has some memorable moments:
    • Valt learns about Ken's backstory, and invites him to join the Bey Club.
    • When Ken agrees to join the club on the condition that he gets to battle against Shu, Valt manages to convince the latter to battle with Ken.
    • After losing to Shu, Ken asks (through his puppets, Keru and Besu) if he'll battle him again sometime, and we have this:
      Shu: Which puppet voice is the "real" you?
      Valt: (to Ken) Dude! They're both you, am I right?
    • Later, Ken shows up at the Aoi house to tell Valt that he's decided to join the Bey Club.
  • Episode 5:
    • Rantaro carrying a sleepy Toko and Nika home after they all spent hours watching Valt train.
    • Shu bringing Valt back to his apartment and making carbonara for him after he passed out in the park from intense training.
    • During their match, Daigo realizes how much Valt reminds him of his brother Ryota and all the times they spent together battling.
    • Very small one here, but Valt is seen with a normal profile pic in this episode, as opposed to the one he had for the last few episodes of him biting his tongue. It's possible that the officials allowed Valt to retake his picture.
  • Episode 6: Daigo is revealed to have joined the Bey Club, and although it's likely he only agreed to join to get Valt off his back, it shows that Valt's persistence ultimately paid off.
  • By episode 8, Valt and the rest of the Beyblade Club have officially become True Companions.
  • Episode 10: How does Valt get over losing and being insulted by Wakiya? By watching his siblings play with their friend, and remembering that whether you win or lose, the point of a beybattle is to have fun.
  • Episode 14: Valt, Shu, and the twins reuniting with their old friend, Xander.
    • Made even more poignant not only by the fact that Valt, Shu and Xander have known each other since Kindergarten, but also because Toko and Nika couldn't have been more than a year old during that time, and they were still able to remember Xander.
  • Episode 15: We get to see a flashback of young Valt, Shu and Xander. It's both adorable and funny.
  • Episode 16: While heading to Xander's village to see Shu, Nika reveals a little heart-shaped tart she made for him. Simply adorable.
  • Episode 21: The Bey Club hosts a going-away party for Ken.
    • Valt and Ken agreeing to always be friends, no matter how far apart they may be.
  • Episode 24: Wakiya wishes Valt good luck right before the latter's battle with Rantaro, telling him not to lose. It's still anyone's guess on whether he was being sincere or not, but it's nice to see Wakiya acting friendly to Valt for once.
  • Episode 25: Zac's interactions with the twins throughout the episode imply that he's fond of children.
    • During his match with Zac, Valt passes out from exhaustion due to training all day with Rantaro, but Zac nonetheless compliments him for putting up a good fight, and simply tells Nika and Toko to make sure their brother is well-rested for their rematch.
    • Just the fact that Zac thinks very highly of Valt in general.
  • Episode 26: Shu comforting a remorseful Daigo after he cheated in his battle with Yugo, and then later lying to Ryota to cover for him.
  • Episode 28: Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome; Wakiya shows that he does have some good in him when he goes out to look for Toko and Nika after they get lost in a forest during a storm.
    • When he finds them, he comforts them after seeing how frightened they are.
    • As thanks for helping him and the twins, Wakiya decides to let Valt be the team captain. It's rather nice Character Development on Wakiya's part.
  • Episode 33: During Wakiya's match with Xander, Orochi mentions that Wakiya has now started to appreciate Beyblade more, most likely due to Valt's influence.
    • And later, when Wakiya is venting his frustration over losing, Valt and Rantaro remind him that he's one of the team, complete with Valt telling Wakiya how awesome he is.
  • Episode 36: Ichiro, Momoko, Hiroshi and Keita are interviewing the Bey Club members, and Daigo mentions that he used to only care about his own battles, but now he has friends who've helped him grow as a person and blader. It's enough to move Momoko to tears.
  • Episode 37: Wakiya offers the Bey Gang his training equipment.
    • Daigo’s brother, Ryota, is finally healed and both Daigo and Ken celebrate. After Daigo falls asleep from fatigue, Besu pets him on the head.
    • Shu wanting to tell Valt:
      Shu: I've been thinking about how glad I am that you asked me to join the team.
    • After Daigo loses, he apologizes to the others. Wakiya’s response?
      "If someone loses a point, their team gets it back. That's how teams work. You said that, remember?"
    • Ken holds up Ryota to help him reassure his brother that the team hasn’t lost yet.
    • To top it all off, Rantaro tells Daigo how lucky he is to have such a great little brother like Ryota.
  • Episode 38: Daigo voting for Valt to be the one to face Lui in the fifth match, and everyone supporting that decision.
  • Episode 39: All of the Bey Club support Valt’s decision to battle Lui again, even Wakiya, followed by a montage of the Bey Club truly becoming a team.
    • Though Valt lost, they’re still proud of him for giving it his all.
  • Episode 40: When Valt nearly ends up forfeiting his match due to a fake phone call courtesy of Naoki Minamo, Wakiya purposely stalls his own match in order to buy Valt more time. Fortunately, Valt makes it. Wakiya later complains that he had to look out for Valt. As much as he hates to admit it, he really does care about Valt.
    • Keep in mind that this is the same Wakiya who mocked and belittled Valt at nearly every opportunity he got, and yet he couldn't bring himself to let Valt be disqualified from the Individual Tournaments.
  • Episode 42: Valt telling Naoki that while he doesn't like the idea of using beys as science experiments, he still thinks that research in general is cool, and tops it off with him saying he wants to battle him again sometime.
    • Daigo proving Jin's innocence when the others believe that he tried to sabotage Shu during their match.
  • Episode 43: Valt learns indirectly from Quon the reason why Shu and Wakiya left the Bey Club; they both respect him as a fellow blader.
    • After winning their rematch, Valt finally earns Quon's respect.
    • Quon deciding to return to the dojo with the Sword Flames.
  • Episode 45: We get to see Mr. Aoi, Valt's father, for the first time.
    • Hoji snapping Wakiya out of his Heroic BSoD.
      Hoji: "I know you. We've trained a lot together. I know how much effort you put into this. You're not the type of blader who throws in the towel after one minor setback. You're different. It's tough times like these that help you improve. So what if you lost? You'll keep getting stronger."
    • Ryota sticking up for Ken after Wakiya insulted him.
      Ryota: "Quit your chirpin', you big meanie!"
    • And at the very end, Wakiya admits to Shu that he was able to become stronger because of his influence.
      • Made a little humorous when Valt and Rantaro playfully tease Wakiya about having a heart.


     Season 2 

  • In Evolution #11, Ivan assures Valt and Rantaro that their losses are necessary, and they have the strength to make BC Sol stronger as he leaves. This scene is even more poignant when Silas rejoins BC Sol towards the end of the episode.
    • After joining numerous Bey Clubs only to find that no other bladers can provide a challenge for him, Silas decides to return after Wakiya of all people battles him, convincing him that Valt and BC Sol will need his help. Or as Wakiya states, "to make the World League interesting for him".
  • Evolution #12: Shasa being the only one to give Valt and Rantaro the benefit of the doubt when a false rumor goes around that they were leaving BC Sol. She even nominates Valt to take her place on the team for the next match.
  • In Evolution #15, we see Arthur Lawrence, the captain of the Royals, witnessing Ghasem’s struggles and offering him a bey called Maximus Garuda because he wanted him to aim higher, saving Ghasem and starting him on the path that would make his father proud.
    • While Ghasem winning the first round was bad from BC Sol's point of view, Ghasem got some closure from defeating Silas, as it finally allowed him to avenge his father’s old beyblade and legacy.
  • Evolution #16 has Valt telling Cuza all about Shu and everything they've been through together.
    • That moment with Rantaro carrying Wakiya on his back is both funny and cute.
  • Evolution Episode #25: Carlos, Ana, and even Ren Wu slowly start to warm up to Xander after watching him push himself during his 100-man challenge, even rooting for him to continue pushing forward.
  • Evolution Episode #27: Hoji, Nika, Toko, Chiharu, and Wakiya’s lackeys arrive to greet Valt, BC Sol, and Wakiya after their flight back to Japan. Heck, even Ken returns!
    • Silas actually smiling and even blushing a little when Nika asks him for his autograph.
    • Rantaro’s Roktavor unintentionally saves Valt’s Valtryek from receiving a Ring Out Finish at the cost of his own victory, technically giving BC Sol a team win against Xander and Wakiya.
    • SB Rios and Sunbat United unite with Sword Flames and Wakiya’s old crew, heartwarmingly respecting and enjoying each other’s company.
  • Evolution #37: Boa befriending a group of young kids who admire his skills. Every time they're shown, they're cheering him on. When he loses to Valt in #47, they're able to help Valt snap Boa out of his Heroic BSoD. He's visibly touched by their words, and later seen sitting with them while watching Valt take on Kurt.
  • Evolution #38:
    • Though Shasa was understandably angry with Free for retuning to BC Sol after having previously left them, she later admits that she was upset because she missed him.
    • Honey trying to comfort her big sister down after the latter loses to Freee in a battle.
    • Shasa and Free shaking hands after their battle, though made humorous by the others face faulting when Free says he's never shaken hands with anyone before.
  • Episode #42: After Valt and Cuza's losses, Silas' win finally gives BC Sol a morality boost. Wakiya also gets props for helping Silas out beforehand to defeat Xander. He even warns Kris about his suspicions with the Snake Pit Bladers.
  • In Evolution #48, Boa truly accepts Valt's friendship and warns him about Theodore and Ashtem being one and the same.
  • Evolution #50:
    • Kris and Free have a heartwarming moment when she gets the latter to accept the forfeit (because he couldn't move his arm) in his match with Valt. Free and the rest of BC Sol have one in the aftermath of this, as Free finally comes into the fold of the rest of the group, with Shasa telling Free that of course they were worried about him, because he's their friend.
    • Plus, there's that little sweet moment where Free holds Honey's hand and gently reassures her that he'll be okay.
    • Free admitting to Valt that even though he lost, he still had fun.
    • Toko and Nika tackling their older brother, and the three of them hugging and laughing with each other.
    • Daigo sticking up for Ken after Shu ripped one of his dog puppets is worth mentioning.
  • Evolution #51 shows us that true friendship can never be broken, as Valt and all of his friends welcome Shu back with open arms and hold no resentment toward him for what he did as Red Eye.
    • What's the first thing Valt does when he wins the final battle? Does he celebrate that he won? Nope! He immediately walks over to Shu, asks him if he's okay and offers him a hand. He doesn't even care that he just won the International Blader's Cup; all that matters to him is that his best friend is back.
    • This line spoken by Shu during the climax reveals that even when he was brainwashed, he never entirely stopped caring or thinking about Valt:
      Shu: I admit it, you're my best friend! It's true! That's why I can't fail! I would never be able to forgive myself if I lost this battle! I won't EVER let you defeat me, Valt!
    • Valt and Shu are able to honor the promise they made back in season one by having a Beybattle just like old times.
    • Shu, having returned to Japan, fondly remembers his friends having fun together on the Beigoma Academy rooftop, saying that he hopes to see them again soon.
    • And, when Fubuki Sumiye appears and asks to battle with him, Shu doesn't hesitate to agree.

     Season 3 

  • Turbo Episode 3:
    • Ranjiro showing his love and appreciation for his big brother, Rantaro, evidenced by the adorably framed photo of the two on Ranjiro's desk. A flashback even reveals that Rantaro not only taught him how to beyblade, but even gave him his old Raging Roktavor bey. Aww.
    • Mr. Muraki, the same BeyTrainer who created Rantaro's Berserk Roktavor, helping his brother upgrade his handed-down Raging Roktavor into Crash Roktavor.
    • The fact that Ranjiro and Tobisuke were already good friends even before their team was formed.
  • Turbo Episode 9: Aiger and Nika sticking up for Toko after Suoh conveys disappointment that he isn't like his older brother. After the match, Toko thanks Aiger for doing so, and declares that someday people will know him for being more than just Valt's little brother.
  • Turbo Episode 12: Hae-jin telling his archery trainers that he was able to get his concentration back because of his friend, Aiger. Beforehand, Hae-jin's trainers were exasperated that he was losing focus due to Beyblade, but changed their minds after witnessing his battle with Aiger. We also get to see Hae-jin smile for real while leaving with his trainers, but Aiger unfortunately doesn't.
  • Turbo Episode 17: Naru, Gumita and Tobisuke stowing away on the cruise ship because they wanted to help support Aiger and Ranjiro is both heartwarming and funny.
  • Meta Example: Xavier Bogard's Japanese voice actor, Natsuki Hanae, has been a fan of Beyblade since childhood, and getting the chance to voice a character on the show must've been a dream come true for him.
  • Turbo Episode 20: Through a flashback, we have Shu telling Fubuki that Beyblade isn't just about practice and hard work. It's also about having fun. And Shu knows this because a friend taught him that. And who was that friend? Valt Aoi himself!
  • Turbo Episode 21: In contrast to her usual apathetic attitude, Gumita attempts to convince Suoh to work with Ranjiro for their upcoming tag-team battle. It doesn't work, of course, but she definitely deserves kudos for her efforts, and it shows that she's a kind-hearted person deep down.
  • Turbo Episode 31: No matter what happens, Ranjiro will look out for Aiger, even as the latter struggles with his dark resonance. He shows this particularly by tagging along with Aiger as he goes off to a mysterious place known only as the Dread Tower.
  • Turbo Episode 32: Free actively helping Valt master his newly reforged Turbo Valtryek bey. He's really come a long way since Evolution.
  • Turbo Episode 35: The fact that Shu's reaction to seeing Valt again (for what is implied to be after a long time) is to smile and run over to him. Given the events of last season, this scene was much needed.
  • Turbo Episode 38: Shu traveling all the way back to Japan with Aiger to help him restore Achilles. As the manager of the Raging Bulls, you can imagine that he must be extremely busy, yet he decides to lend a hand regardless after seeing how devastated Aiger was.
    • Becomes even more poignant since Shu knows from experience what it's like to be consumed by one's desire for power.
  • Turbo Episode 39:
    • Kit calling Valt his "aniki". Aniki is a Japanese term meaning "older brother"note , and is a friendly way of referring to a superior or older person that someone greatly respects/admires. This becomes all the more heartwarming when one remembers that Kit is an only child, so he most likely does see Valt as the big brother he never had.
    • Also, taped to the wall of the roof of the school is a picture of Valt and all of his old friends, a nice and sweet reminder of old times.
  • Turbo Episode 42:
    • Principal Shinoda unveils a new double-decker Turbo Stadium, not just for the Beigoma Academy Bey Club, but for the Wild Bey Gang as well.
    • Suoh congratulating Toko for winning the Battle Royale.
    • This episode strongly implies that Fubuki and Suoh are back to being friends again, as they talk about they've both changed, and join in on Aiger and Ranjiro's battle at the end.
  • Turbo Episodes 44 & 45 feature Aiger going on a training journey in order to further strengthen the bond between him and Turbo Achilles. The fact in and itself that he's willing to become a true Blader says a lot about how far he's come since not just the first episode, but also his time when his resonance was corrupted. His first stop is Xavier's home island, where he's treated to a red-carpet welcome, as well as a delicious feast. Xavier may be a prince, but that hasn't affected his personality at all. Then, Aiger touches down in Africa, where he and Laban share a laugh after a humorous greeting.
    • Additionally, Xavier and Laban both teach Aiger an important lesson during each of their battles. Xavier taught Aiger about focusing on what's in front of you, while Laban's lesson is about not holding back and giving it your all.
  • Turbo Episodes 43 & 47 both had big tear jerkers of Geist Fafnir and Turbo Spryzen being shattered by Phi, but they also had Valt challenging the former in order to avenge Free and Shu, showing just how far he's willing to go in order to be there for his friends.
    • For #47, while Shu is explaining to Valt and Kit his plan for defeating Phi, his eyes briefly glow, causing Kit to think he's still Red Eye. But Valt reassures him that Shu is far beyond his past self.
  • Turbo Episode 51: After all the pain of this season, seeing Hyde and Phi start to get along is a major heartwarming moment. While there may always be a wall between the brothers due to their past, it's just nice seeing things start to change.

    Season 4 
  • Ichika comforting her brother after his loss to Lodin. They may be on rival teams, but they actually do care about each other.
  • Rise Episode 19: Pheng introducing the Victories to his dojo-buddies, then ordering said buddies to treat them to an extravagant feast.
  • Episode 23: After Fumiya loses to Delta in the Battle Journey, and his Wizard Fafnir's Layer falls in the water, Ichika goes into the water to retrieve it, showing just how much her brother means to her, and that she knows how much Blading means to him. And if you were paying attention, when Dante and the others are watching the battle, only Ichika is highlighted when Fumiya spots them.
    • Plus, there's the flashback of when Fumiya became inspired to create his Bey after seeing Free with Geist Fafnir on TV.
    • The last few moments of this episode in general really speak volumes about Fumiya and Ichika's relationship. Everything he's done, from him wanting her to rejoin the Spark Devils to creating Wizard Fafnir, was all for his sister.
  • Episode 24: When Pheng asks Delta if Dante is his friend, Delta quickly replies that it's none of his business. But note how he didn't deny it like the previous times. Maybe, he cares about Dante more than he lets on.
  • Episode 29: Aiger tells Dante that he became the person he is now because of his friends. Among those friends are Valt, Naru, Shu, Fubuki, Ranjiro, Toko & Nika, the Beigoma Bey Club, and the Wild Bey Gang.
  • Episode 30:
  • Ichika's happiness at seeing her brother getting his old teammates back.
  • Valt once again proving exactly why he's an All-Loving Hero by welcoming Delta back to BC Sol and lifting him out of his depression after Devolos' destruction.
  • Dante and Delta working together in their tag-battle against Arthur and Gwyn. Especially sweet considering that Delta initially wanted nothing to do with Dante at the start of the season.
  • Delta giving Dante's Dragon all of Devolos' spin power to keep him in the match at the cost of gaining a Ring-Out Finish, trusting him to finish the match against Gwyn.
  • Episode 50: Arman's victory against Arthur. As Dante and Tango point out, the Victories wouldn't even exist without him. He continued to train with Tango even after everyone else left, met Dante and improved alongside him despite his losses, Delta helped him learn Hyper-Flux and listen to Ashindra, whose Bey spirit motivated him even after losing against Arthur the first time. The whole reason the Victories got to become the heroes of Beyblade and be strong is because of Arman. Special points go to Dante for seeing Arman training endlessly and allowing him to participate over Delta.

    Season 5 
  • The veteran Bladers from the previous seasons now act as mentors to the new generation Bladers.
  • The Kiyama brothers' interactions with each other since their small interaction in a flashback in Turbo. Rantaro's also very proud of how far Ranjiro has come since starting.


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