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  • Some of the beys can activate their ability when using clicks.
  • From season 2 onwards, some Bey layers have gimmicks, such as mode changes, being able to remove certain parts, etc.

     Season 1 
  • Episode 1: Valt finally defeating Rantaro in the tournament with his Rush Launch.
  • Episode 3: After being backed into a corner, Valt finally Bursts Ken's Kerbeus.
  • Episode 4: Shu unleashing Counter Break on Kerbeus.
    • Earlier, the match between Valt and Rantaro barely ends with Valt becoming the official leader of the Beyblade Club.
  • Episode 5: After getting his confidence back, Valt continues his battle with Daigo, and they end up tying eleven times before the final battle. Never in any Beyblade series has a battle been so intense and evenly matched.
  • Episode 7: Hoji's power is immense and his special move, Horusood Field, creates a vacuum more powerful than any seen special move, causing Daigo's Bey to Burst.
  • Episode 8: Valt accidentally Out-Gambitted Hoji, using Rush Launch instead of Flash Launch.
  • Episode 9: Wakiya curb stomping Valt 4-0 with both Shield Launch and his new special move, Shield Crash. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker, since it sends Valt into a Heroic BSoD in the next episode.
  • Episode 11: Valt's rematch against Wakiya finally occurs. And Valt wins the first round with a Flash Launch, finally shutting up Wakiya's ego. However, Wakiya reveals he's been wearing weights the whole time (the dub omits this by just saying he's not holding back), and ends the episode with a power pose, frightening both Hoji and Shu.
  • Episode 12: Despite Wakiya getting another point, Valt fights back and ties with him twice. Near the end of the battle, he uses the rim of the stadium to perform the Ultra Flash Launch.
    • Shu vs Orochi. Orochi proves that he's no slouch and causes both beys to Ring-Out Finish.
  • Episode 13: Shu overcomes Orochi's Odax not just through abilities, but through looking ahead because he wanted to be able to battle Valt. Plus, he timed Counter Break well enough to break through Odax's Blast Beat.
  • Episode 14: Shu and Valt are evenly matched throughout the first battle, and Shu defeats him with a brand new move, the Upper Launch, a Beyblade uppercut.
  • Episode 15: Valt is down 2-0, his Rush Launch and Ultra Flash Launch have both failed against Shu, so what does he do in the next match? Perform Ultra Flash Rush Launch, a combination of his two strongest special moves. This results in Valt becoming the first person to cause Shu, a Supreme Four member, to Burst!
    • Valt and Shu use Ultra Flash Rush Launch and Ultra Counter Break, both beys smashing each other at hyper speeds around the stadium, which nearly results in a tie.
  • Episode 16: Valt vs Yugo, where both characters use the spikes against one another, but Valt breaks through with Ultra Flash Launch.
  • Episodes 18 & 19: Gratuitous Ninja Ukyo from Sword Flames defeats Rantaro and Daigo, the former forcing him to unleash his full power.
  • Episode 20: Ken reveals his completed special move, Chain Launch, which defeats both Ukyo and Yugo. Even Xander gets psyched to battle him next episode.
  • Episode 21: Valt finally gets a point against Xander. The latter uses his special move, Saber Strike, and causes Valtryek to Burst.
  • Episode 24: Hoji attempts a perfect counter to Wakiya's bey: attacking Wakiya before Wyvron hits the ground, weakening it enough to Burst. Unfortunately it fails, but even Wakiya was worried since the timing would've resulted in the opposite effect.
  • Episode 25: Zac dresses as a Kamen Rider, and has fun performing multiple backflips (to various degrees of success) and treating the main cast as planets in his sun's orbit. To note:
    • He casually shows up to Wakiya's mansion unannounced. When the latter tells Hoji to remove him, Hoji is about to comply when Nika and Toko reveal Masked Blader's identity, and he immediately demands a battle. Zac agrees, and Bursts Horusood in one shot while it was using Horusood Field.
    • When Wakiya chooses to battle him, Zeutron casually neutralizes Wakiya's Shield Launch, and makes it Burst as it's using multiple Shield Crashes against Zac's bey. This is topped by Zac commending him on his strength, but advising the rising star to control his hubris.
    • And in his battle with Valt, Valtryek's Super Awakening is able to knock back Zeutron before accidentally causing a self Ring-Out Finish. While Valt knocks himself out by mistake, the Masked Blader still notes that he has promise as a blader.
  • Episode 28: Daigo, Shu, and Hoji hatch a plan to make Wakiya's special move work against him in the Biting Stadium. And it works!
    • The whole gang working together to help Wakiya (who's acrophobic) and the twins cross an old, rickety bridge.
  • Episode 30: Quon defeats Valt with his Quill Quetziko, and then later calls him out on his poor leadership.
  • Episode 32: Valt not only gets a point against Zac, but causes both of them to Burst. If Valtryek had Burst second, Valt would've been the first to have defeated a Supreme Four member.
  • Episode 33: The entire quarter-finals match between Beigoma Academy Bey Club and Sword Flames is one.
    • Wakiya nearly defeats Xander with Wyvron's Shield Crash by countering Xcalius' attacks, severely reducing it's stamina and Xeno Xcalius' Burst layers. However, Xander created a new special move: Duel Sabers, which incorporates Xcalius' Energy Layer and Burst disc lining up perfectly into a powerful One-Hit KO when it's nearly defeated. To Wakiya's credit, Xander notes that he would have saved that for the Individual Tournament, had it not been for Wakiya and Wyvron's efforts.
    • Daigo finally has his rematch with Ukyo, but Ukyo studied Daigo's Quake Launch patterns from their last match. Just as they're about to launch, Daigo instantly recognizes Ukyo changing launch positions and switches to a horizontal launch at the last minute, resulting in Doomscizor trapping Unicrest in the center of the stadium and winning with a Ring-Out Finish.
    • Yugo uses Yugen Yegdrion's gliding material to reduce friction in his match with Shu and aim at an angle where the damage he takes from Spryzen is immensely reduced, but Shu counters that plan by focusing on causing Yegdrion to Burst instead of reducing its Stamina, declaring a Badass Boast while Yugo continues to fight back!
      Shu: No way you can escape my power in that position. Your time's up and your bey's gonna Burst any second!
      Yugo: That might look good on paper, but not in practice!
  • Episode 37: The finals between the Bey Club and Rideout begins.
    • Rantaro finally wins a match in the team tournament, using Roktavor Zone to knock his opponent out of the stadium in one blow.
    • Daigo vs Gabe Brunai, captain of Rideout. Daigo puts up one hell of a fight despite the disadvantage, and while Gabe speeds up to catch him, Daigo still evades and pulls off a counter against him. While Daigo lost, both beys were nearly tied for the double Survivor Finish, and Doomscizor only lost by a second.
    • Shu reveals his secret: his left-hand launch, and his bey launches perfectly, finishing off his Rideout opponent with Counter Break.
  • Episode 38: Lui defeats Valt in one blow, but Valtryek managed to outspeed Luinor twice, causing both present Supreme Four members to watch in shock. Plus, Valt doesn't experience a Heroic BSoD after losing.
  • Episode 39: Valt and Lui tie in round 6, and Valt breaks out the Ultra Flash Launch to do it.
    • In the final round, Lui beats Valt by using his special move, Lost Spiral.
  • Episode 41: Valt kicks the butt of the scientist who nearly got him disqualified from the tournament. It is so awesome to see the smirk wiped from Naoki's face.
  • Episode 42: After being blinded by a flash of light that caused him to mess up his launch during his second battle with Jin Aizawa, Shu stuns the audience in the third battle by pulling off a launch not just with his left hand, but also with his eyes closed! It allows him to win the match by a score of 4-1.
    • And at the end of the episode, Valt curb stomps Naoki with a Burst Finish, using his signature Rush Launch.
  • Valt and Quon have their rematch in the National Tournament in episode 43, and neither of them disappoint. We even get Metal saga levels of awesome, as Quon improves his Bound Launch to have Quetziko flip like a skateboard, and Valt perfects Valtryrek's Super-Awakening with a new move: Winged Launch, to the point where the two special moves clash above the stadium.
  • Two doses in episode 44.
    • We get a close match between Ben and Ken, and the latter has come a long way, even inventing a new launch style to counter Beast Betromoth's overwhelming attack.
    • Gabe manages to Burst Zac in their first match. Zac retakes the lead in the second match, but in the third, Gabe's Gaianon Burst on its own. If it hadn't, Gabe may have defeated a Supreme Four member before Valt.
    • A subtle one here, but what's Gabe's response when Lui chews him out for "being happy that he lost"?
      Gabe: It's called being a good sport.
  • Episode 45:
    • Wakiya finally gets his wish to battle Shu. He's got a brand new move, the Hyper Shield Crash, and not only takes a point off Shu, but even though he loses, the second attempt puts a dent in Spryzen.
    • Ken made his battle against Lui a surprising Curb Stomp Cushion. Sure he lost, but he held out against him, and was the only opponent thus far to not get Burst twice by him in the individual tournament.
      • Valt manages to get nearly the entire stadium (sans Ride Out) cheering for Ken.
  • Episode 46: Valt vs Xander! Just watch the awesomeness that ensues.
  • Episode 47: Just EVERYTHING in the episode is sheer awesomeness!
    • Akira makes a flashy entrance with some impressive backflips. Then there's his wicked rapping skills.
    • Zac manages to silence the crowd just by raising his hand.
    • Even though his Defense-type Anubion was at a disadvantage against the Stamina-type Zeutron, Akira manages to score a Burst Finish against Zac using his special move, Perfect Circle. It's enough to even the score at 2-2. He proves he can talk the talk and walk the walk.
    • Mid-battle, Zac is able to perfectly copy Akira's launching technique after only seeing it ONCE! He's not one of the Supreme Four for nothing!
  • Episode 48 starts the semi finals of the Individual Tournament with the match between Valt and Zac. First, Valt perfects Sprint Boost with Winged Launch the first time and knocks out Zeutron. In round two, Zac unveils his new special move: Solstice Boost, which gives Valtryek a Ring-Out Finish.
    • In round three, Valt and Zac go all out in a clash between Solstice Boost and Sprint Boost. Despite Victory Valtryek delivering the mother of all barrages with Winged Launch, Zeutron still holds its ground, even shining like a supernova in the center. When Valtryek begins running out of stamina, everyone worries about Valt losing. The V duo don’t give up, and when Valtryek reaches Zeutron, it’s revealed that all of Valt’s attacks may have not affected Zeutron’s stamina, but it was enough to damage all the Burst layers, allowing Valtryek to use that one tap in order to Burst Zeutron.
    • And to top it all off, we get the first battle between Shu and Lui, and Shu busts out a new technique: Crux Boost (Southern Cross Shot) to defeat Lui and cause Luinor to Burst.
  • Episode 49:
    • Lui debuts Nightmare Boost, causing a huge storm and casually turns his back on the battle before Luinor defeats Spryzen in round two. But not only did Spryzen avoid a Burst, Valt was able to perfectly grab it, leaving a very pissed off Lui.
    • In the final round, Shu breaks out Ultra Counter Break to counter Nightmare Boost, but that ends up with Shu and Spryzen being knocked away and losing stamina. However, Shu's and Spryzen's determination engulfs the bey in flames, resulting in the strongest Counter Break thus far, attacking Luinor with all his power. The final clash ends with Luinor losing more stamina and Spryzen about to win....until Spryzen's injuries catch up to it.
  • Episode 51: Valt vs Lui. All of it. And to top it all off, Valt doesn’t complain about the outcome, even though luck played a part in the final match.


     Season 2 
  • Towards the end of Evolution #5, Free tells Rantaro to win the next match against Wakiya. Instead of worrying like Valt does, Rantaro accepts this with a better understanding of Berserk Roktavor, and sets out to defeat Wakiya in the rematch. In episode six, he manages to claim the center this time, and Bursts Tempest Wyvron with his evolved special move: Ultra Roktavor Zone.
  • Evolution #15:
    • Valt defeats Arthur, the leader of the Royals, thanks to taking off his shoes and stabilizing his toes. Not only does that stabilize Genesis Valtryek’s launch, its speed and power have increased past the usual launch power. Then he uses Spring Winged Launch to deliver the finishing blow. Not only that, Rantaro also perfects his Stamina Launch and finally defeats an opponent in the World League with Ultra Roktavor Zone.
    • Even though Valt messed up his launch, he and Valtryek managed to give Ghasem an even fight before the latter used Maximus Garuda’s special move.
    • Silas creates the ultimate counter to Garuda’s attack. He uses the rubber parts of his bey's Energy Layer to block Garuda's attacks, goads Ghasem into using his special move, and finally uses Roller Defense, blocking Garuda's special move with the rubber parts and weakening Garuda enough to KO him with Cyclone Loop! And Silas even notes his plan would’ve failed had Garuda been closer to the center of the stadium before delivering a Badass Boast after acknowledging Ghasem’s existence.
  • Evolution #16: Wakiya gets his own Moment of Awesome that also overlaps with some Heartwarming when he not only tells Valt and Rantaro about Shu's disappearance, but also takes them (and Daigo) out on his private jet all the way to Mexico to look for their missing friend. In other words, Wakiya is the VERY reason they ever found out about Shu and the Snake Pit in the first place.
  • Evolution Episode #18: Facing an opponent that can predict the future with Shadow Doomscizor, Daigo refuses to lose in round 2. Instead of letting the battle finish with a Ring-Out, Daigo has Krusher Doomscizor intentionally bounce off the stadium walls to descend from the air, performing a One-Hit KO Burst Finish on Shadow Doomscizor with Flying Double Strike.
    • Cuza's match with Gray Eye and Shadow Cognite is worth mentioning. The kid managed to win by pulling off a new move, Gravity Boost, which involves hanging upside-down from a stalagmite! Wakiya even wonders if Cuza is part cat. And just like with Daigo, Cuza also managed to One-Hit KO his opponent.
  • Evolution Episode #25:
    • Xander walks straight through SB Rio’s bladers/martial artists, defeating one with nunchucks, and casually tossing the other aside. Then, Ren Wu drops in (riding an eagle, no less), and he still holds his own despite the latter using a wooden staff in hand-to-hand combat. When Ren Wu's collision with the wall nearly causes it to fall on him, Xander breaks the whole section with a palm strike.
    • Following that, the owner of SB Rios, Banner Clay, tests him by challenging 100 opponents in a row. Despite facing physical fatigue and the country’s heat, he refuses to give up. When Banner declares he'll face his last 3 opponents at once, he still doesn't back down. After his launcher breaks, Xander even declares that he'll spin free-hand if he has to.
    • Afterwards, Banner gives him his own launcher, and he beats all three of his final opponents with a new special move, TRIPLE SABER!
  • Evolution #26:
    • Valt finally masters Genesis Reboot with Rickson's help. Plus, his battle with Ghasem has both unleashing their special moves at the same time, and Valtryek dodging Garuda in slow-motion!
    • Shasa also gets her own Moment of Awesome as well. Specifically, she forgoes trying to take the center of the stadium despite her bey being a Stamina-type and goes on the offensive, curb stomping her opponent with a single strike. Not to mention her epic one-liner!
      Shasa: There's only one way out of this battle! Let me show you the door!
  • Evolution Episode #27:
    • Wakiya and Xander have their showdown, and it does not disappoint at all. Earlier, Ataru and Wakiya developed a strategy that would allow Wyvron to Burst the Infinity bey in one shot. In his battle, he immediately unleashes it: Tempest Wyvron creates a twister of friction where it hovers across the stadium walls and charges straight at Xcalius, nearly causing a Ring-Out Finish!
      • Xander nearly loses, but Surge Xcalius recovers and retaliates with Triple Saber, which was able to overpower Super Tempest Attack.
    • Boa single-handedly clawing his way out of the Snake Pit and being rewarded with his new Bey: Ark Balkesh!
  • Evolution Episode #31: Though Daigo loses to Free, he's the first in the show to figure out that Joshua throws away the first match and tries to take advantage of that by Bursting him. It fails, but points for effort. Meanwhile, after Cuza barely loses to Ren Wu, Valt avenges BC Sol's loss and finally masters Genesis Reboot in their match.
  • Evolution Episode #32: Daigo becomes the first non Big Five blader to come the closest to beating Joshua, not only surviving his Cyclone Counter by using Double Strike to save himself and accelerate, but also knocking Blast Jinnius out of the stadium and nearly winning the whole match until Doomscizor Burst, especially after getting his team to the semi-finals of the World League. And Valt finally defeats Xander in the World League to move on to the finals.
  • In Evolution #40, Cuza uses Carl to attack Kurt’s gang for heckling Shu and Valt before security arrives to detain them.
  • Evolution Episode #41: Boa's training and Final Guard pulls through in his match against Shu, shocking everyone! Then Shu counters with Requiem Whip, bursting Ark Balkesh so fast, it appears the bey burst twice!
  • Evolution Episode #42: Silas wins his rematch with Xander after losing the first match, with Dual Sabers and Cyclone Loop clashing with each other. The rebound causes Surge Xcalius to Burst before it could perform Triple Saber when both beys collide with the stadium's edge, Satomb's rubber parts shielding it from Bursting.
  • Evolution Episode #43: Joshua actually got a point off of Free by using Cyclone Wall as an upper shield to prevent Free's Drain Spin.
  • Evolution Episode #48:
    • Cuza finally defeated Kurt at the International Blader's Cup after the majority of his battles were curb stomp losses. Not only does Alter Cognite survive Boom Khalzar's Bolt Attack in round 2, Cuza follows with a new Special Move: Spinning Moon Dive, a mix of Everything's Better with Spinning, Diving Kick, and Death from Above, bursting Kurt's bey. Now, with Valt and Kurt's scores at three wins and two losses, Cuza's victory allowed Valt one more chance to make it to the finals of the International Bladers' Cup.
    • Kurt and Valt clash in their rematch, resulting in a Double Ring-Out and Burst Finish, respectively. In round 3, Kurt's Bolt Attack reaches Rush Launch levels of fast, and Valt overcomes the onslaught with Ultimate Genesis Reboot, emerging victorious.
  • Evolution Episode #49:
    • The semi-finals of the International Blader's Cup are here: Shu vs Lui and Valt vs Free.
    • In round one, Shu easily gives Nightmare Luinor a Ring-Out Finish. Lui instantly wins the second round with Metal Dragon Crush, even telling Spryzen Requiem to Burst.
    • In round three, these two clash head on without special moves, then follow up the charge with Metal Dragon Crush and Requiem Whip. Shu's Special Move overcomes Luinor as it's sent flying in the air, while Spryzen Requiem recovers in the stadium, charging full blast into Luinor as it falls back to the stadium floor!
    • What's more, Shu finally pays back Lui for their previous battle by defeating him and breaking his bey in half, nearly leaving his tormentor in a state of shock until Lui notices something in the cracks of his now destroyed bey.
    • Free starts the battle in his aggressive state, easily Bursting Genesis Valtryek with Nothing Breaker straight into the wall. Valt fights back in round two, using Ultimate Genesis Reboot and Genesis Whip to knock out Drain Fafnir!
    • And Free perfectly catches Fafnir, leaving him shocked, yet excited at Valt's strength.
  • Evolution Episode #50:
    • Valt and Free finally tie with a Burst Finish with the clash of Ultimate Genesis Reboot and Winged Launch against Nothing Breaker.
    • Really, the battle was so close that even if Free hadn't injured his arm, it could've gone either way!
    • And finally, it's the battle we've all been waiting for...Valt vs Shu!
      • For starters, (with the exception of Lui) every character from both seasons appears to watch the final match, including the ones who were put on buses.
  • Evolution Episode #51:
    • Valt finally defeats Shu, freeing him from Spryzen Requiem's control and keeping the promise they made from season one. Bonus points for the two tying fifteen times after Valt's first Burst Finish on Shu's bey.
    • We finally get to hear Valtryek actually speak to Valt.
      Valtryek: Valt, I believe in you!
    • We get a tiny glimpse into the upcoming 3rd Burst season, Turbo, with the introduction of a young boy named Fubuki Sumiye.

     Season 3 
  • Turbo Episode #1: Valt and Aiger have an equal battle, forcing the latter to go Super Saiyan and give Valt a run for his money. Also, Valt's Wonder Valtryek is the only bey Valt has mastered with little difficulty.
  • Turbo Episode #2: Aiger pushes his new beyblading potential to his limits. Not only does he engage in an eighty-eight winning streak and half of a gang, he follows up that again by defeating one hundred beybladers at Beigoma Academy.
    • Then Aiger battles Toko, who now has his own unique bey, Spiral Treptune, and knocks Z Achilles away with Spiral Counter. Aiger responds in round 2 with Z Breaker, and negates its special draining abilities to win with a Burst Finish.
    • Aiger and Fubuki's battle does not disappoint, and the two clash with their special moves. Aiger also narrowly wins the first round with a Ring Out Finish.
  • Turbo Episode #6: Naru gets away with calling Lui an idiot after he insults her brother and Ranjiro, so he offers a challenge to the three bladers: a battle royale against him and Brutal Luinor. The first thing Aiger does is swallow his pride and ask Fubuki and Ranjiro to work together to defeat Lui. They refuse, but slowly come around to him, spending the night practicing for the match.
    • When said match comes, the winner is obvious, but the trio go down fighting. Fubuki's Emperor Guard holds back Luinor for a while, only for Lui to pull a page out of Valt's book and rebound off the wall to Burst Forneus. Then Ranjiro uses Roktavor Typhoon, which knocks Luinor back into the stadium, but Luinor uses the recoil to activate Dragon Scream and power straight through with a Burst. Tired but not out, Aiger attacks and, using both Z Launch and Z Breaker, nearly pushes Luinor out with a Ring-Out Finish. But Lui surprises everyone with a second special move, Brutal Squall, from the air with a barrage of light arrows and crashes straight into Z Achilles.
  • Turbo Episode #12: Shu Kurenai makes his first physical appearance in the season when he had only been seen previously in flashbacks.
  • Turbo Episode #13: The anticipated final battle of the Luinor Cup between Aiger and Souh gets underway. In round one, Aiger uses Salamander's risky jumping attack barrage by sending Achilles into the air via rebounding off the walls, knocking Heat Salamander out of the stadium. In the second round, Suoh uses a new defensive special move: Crimson Lotus Blaze, actually burning Z Achilles with hellfire until it loses in a Survivor Finish. This prompts Aiger to master both defense and attack at the same time. In round three, Z Defense and Lotus Blaze reach a stalemate, but Aiger wins by countering Swirling Inferno with Z Whip, sending Heat Salamander crashing into the stadium until Z Achilles finishes it off with the sword edge.
  • Turbo Episode #14: After properly focusing, Aiger battles Hae-jin and Ranjiro at the same time, winning with two Burst Finishes in a row without using a special move. Confident in his abilities now, he and Lui face off in round one, nearly matching each other blow for blow. When Luinor uppercuts Achilles, Aiger anticipates it and uses his new special move: Z Dive. However, Lui changes his own destiny (beware of falling objects) out of sheer willpower, and uses Dragon Crash to burst Achilles yet again.
  • Turbo Episode #20: In a 9-way-battle-royale: Phi Bursts all beys, defeating Suoh, Hae-jin, Xavier, Laban, Ranjiro, and Kyle in one move, with only Fubuki and Aiger surviving the impact. Then in the second layer, he beats both of them in one hit.
  • Turbo Episode #22: Laban using Howling Bite to defeat both Fubuki and Xavier was cool, but Suoh managed to eliminate Aiger and Hae-jin, ultimately giving him a good challenge to a battle that needed the replays to be decided.
  • Turbo Episode #23: Fubuki defeats Suoh by taking a page from Shu's Crux Boost, allowing him to perfect his new move: Emperor Crash! Bonus points for Fubuki using Suoh's own words against him as well.
    Fubuki: No matter how much I struggle, I can't beat you. Isn't that right?
    Suoh: Yeah, that's right, so what!?
    Fubuki: Hate to break it to you, Suoh, but that attitude won’t make you any stronger!
  • Turbo Episode #24: Achilles not only survives a Penta Saber, barely avoiding a Burst Finish, but counters Xavier's overwhelming power as Aiger finally uses Z Dive after its ineffectiveness against Lui in its first debut, earning a victory against Xavier for the first time.
  • Turbo Episode #25: Free returns with his upgraded bey, Geist Fafnir, getting the upper hand in his battle with Aiger, in spite of Aiger's resonance slowly starting to overtake him.
  • Turbo Episode #26: Xavier managing to score a point against Phi (which is something not even Aiger had managed to do) using Penta Saber, reminding us that he is indeed strong. Phi responds with his new special move Revive Crush, where both Phoenix and his Revive Armor attack Breaker Xcalius at the same time!
  • Valt shows an incredible level of maturity when his Wonder Valtryek is shattered by a darkness-corrupted Aiger. Instead of crying, breaking down, or getting angry, he simply notices that Aiger is acting exactly like Shu did under Spryzen Requiem's possession, and vows to free his new friend from the grasp of his dark resonance.
  • Turbo #30: Hyde curbstomping Aiger with his new move, Dread Gravity. It involves trapping Z Achilles in a purple circle and slowly closing in on it, then blasting it out of the stadium with a pillar of energy! It can also be seen as a nice dose of karma for Aiger after what he did to Valt back in #28.
  • Turbo #31: Free vs Kyle: Kyle stops holding back and does everything he can to prevent Geist Fafnir from absorbing Hazard Kerbeus' energy, even down to trying an aerial Chain Counter, but Free tanks everything he can throw and retaliates with a powerful Absorb Break.
  • Turbo #32: We finally get to see manga-exclusive character Count Nightfell make his debut in the anime!
  • Turbo #35:
    • Shu unveils his new Bey, Turbo Spryzen, and then proceeds to curb-stomp Aiger with 2 consecutive Burst Finishes!
    • Shu yelling at Aiger to get him to listen about his corrupted resonance is worth mentioning, even if it ultimately fell flat. Especially considering up to that point, Aiger would blatantly refuse to listen to his friends' concerns about his behavior.
  • Turbo #37: Despite failing to activate Valtryek's Turbo Awakening in the first round, Valt manages to turn the tables against Hyde and win back his World Champion title.
  • Turbo #39 & 40: Just like with Toko, Kit Lopez returns with his own unique Bey, Air Knight. And it seems he's now able to control wind! And just look at how he makes that entrance with his hang glider!
  • Turbo #45: Laban returns and is revealed to have gotten Vise Leopard fixed! Especially notable in that he kept Leopard's original design instead of replacing it with a different version.
  • Turbo #47: This episode has quite a few.
    • Shu not only uses the full extent of his Bey's resonance, but he also resists Phi's attempts to corrupt him. He really has come a long way since the last season, and has proven he's not the same person he was 2 years ago.
    • Overlapping with Heartwarming, Valt immediately challenges Phi in order to avenge his best friend.
    • Aiger himself has a moment of awesome when he tells Valt to let him battle Phi instead, knowing that he couldn't risk Valtryek ending up like Spryzen. He's also shown a lot of growth since the beginning of the season.
    • Even Phi has a moment of awesome when he managed to do the same thing Kit tried (and failed) to do with Valt: Deactivate the Turbo Awakening, something that even Shu was surprised by.
  • Turbo #50: Considering how he'd get startled by Phi's outbursts, and how the latter was showing his true colors as an unstable, power-hungry psychopath at this point, it's really awesome seeing Hyde stand up to his big brother by calling him out for being a Sore Loser, blaming his loss on his Bey, and then not even understanding WHY he lost.
  • Turbo #51: How do we start the final battle between Valt and Aiger? Negating the other's Turbo Awakening and bursting each other at the same time!

    Season 4 
  • Episode 11: Dante switches back to Ace Dragon for round 3. Not just trying an all out attack, Dragon pushes Joker to the outer ridge of the stadium, where both clash midair. However, Dante does the unthinkable, having Dragon reflect Joker's blades for The Judgement with Spring Cannon (which he hasn’t done since his first battle with Arman) into the stadium for a Burst while Dragon flies into the air, catching his partner and avenging the Victories.
  • Episode 24: Delta becomes the first person to score a Burst Finish against Pheng, using Devolos' splitting gimmick.
  • Episode 33: Just the fact that Gwyn, a boy with absolutely no Beyblading experience, won his first ever Beybattle all through the use of arithmetic and simple instructions from Dante.
  • Episode 46: Blindt becoming the only Blader other than the protagonists, antagonists, and legendary bladers to achieve a Flux ability.
  • Episode 50: Arman defeating Arthur. From countering Bigbang Slash with Tower Counter, to mastering Hyper-Flux and holding its own, to using Hurricane Defense, Ashindra deflects Bigbang Apocalyse's Dark-Flux enhanced Prime Reboot straight into the opposing wall. Not only does it cause Apocalypse to lose its Burst Limiters, Arman uses the Speed Double Stadium's center to soar, becoming the first blader to Burst a blade with the Big Bang Armor. Not Dante, not Delta, but Arman, winning through a combination of his intelligence and gaining more confidence through his efforts, and support from his team and bey.
  • Two words: Rainbow Turbo!!

  • Meta Example: A character poll was held in Japan in 2018, and the s1/s2 characters beat out the s3 characters by a landslide. And in the individual rankings, Shu, Free and Valt were listed as the three most popular Burst characters. When another poll was held in 2020, those same three characters placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd again!


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