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Tear Jerker / Beyblade Burst

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Season 1

  • Ken's backstory. He's changed schools so many times, he's lost count. And then later he has to leave Beigoma due to his family's career, just when he was finally starting to open up.
  • Any moment Valt has a Heroic BSoD.
  • Wakiya's backstory is pretty sad if you think about it. He was left in the care of his servants growing up, while his parents were too busy to take care of or discipline him which is why he ended up the way he is. He also had trouble making friends until he met Hoji.
  • The fact that Daigo's younger brother Ryota spent most of the first season in a hospital.
    • Piling it on, Daigo and Ryota are the only characters of the season 1 main cast whose parents have not yet been seen or mentioned,note  implying that they're either absent or deceased.
  • Daigo's guilt over cheating in his battle with Yugo. Seeing him get reduced to tears afterwards just makes you want to give the poor kid a hug.
  • Wakiya beating himself up after losing to Shu. He trained day and night just to defeat him and fought with everything he had, but it still wasn't enough. Wakiya may be a spoiled jerk, but it's hard not to feel bad for him after that scene. Good thing Hoji was there to snap him out of it.
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  • Shu's Yank the Dog's Chain moment towards the end of episode 49. What's more is that he realizes that it was his fault Spryzen broke.
Season 2
  • Wakiya's match with Violet Eye in the Snake Pit. It's the one time his acrophobia isn't Played for Laughs.
  • The destruction of Ghasem's Maximus Garuda. All he wanted was to become a strong Blader and uphold his dad's legacy with a new Bey by someone who trusted him. After having what he wanted, he gets challenged by Red Eye thinking it'd be a fun challenge, only to be left sulking on the floor in agony as his bey is crushed in the gears of Big Ben.
  • Just the fact that Shu had become so obsessed with getting stronger that he'd abandon his friends and old life, and allow himself to be brainwashed. You can practically hear the audience begging him not to put on that mask.
    • The fact that Shu had been bottling up his anger and bitterness from his first battle with Lui for at least a year and a half, and that one match with Free made him snap.
  • After Boa loses to Valt, he considers throwing away his bey after seeing his life and loss as a waste. Thankfully, Valt and his fellow urchins reach out to him in time.
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  • The look on Norman's face when Shu's Spryzen breaks Twin Noctemis.
  • Shu ripping one of Ken's dog puppets is an almost literal example of Kick the Dog. It just goes to show how far he's fallen. He gets better, thankfully.
  • While the season 2 finale has a happy ending, seeing Shu return to Japan by himself is kind of sad, implying that it's because even though his friends all forgave him for the Red Eye debacle, he feels he doesn't deserve forgiveness.
  • Watching Valtryek's Reboot tip get destroyed during the International Blader's Cup is also hard to swallow. As if Valt getting disowned and pushed aside by his former best friend in Evolution episode #36 wasn't bad enough, now he has to watch as his beloved bey is damaged by said best friend. It's a miracle he found it in his heart to forgive Shu for his actions.
  • Meta Example: Gabe Khouth, Ken's English VA, passed away from cardiac arrest in July 2019; meaning that Beyblade Burst would be his final anime voice acting role.
Season 3
  • Suoh breaking off his friendship with Fubuki after obtaining Heat Salamander. It's not unlike what happened with Valt and Shu in Evolution.
  • Taiga's worst fear comes true when his son slowly becomes consumed by dark resonance. It reaches a head when Aiger completely shatters Valt's Wonder Valtryek.
  • The moment where Valt wins back his World Champion title from Hyde is soon followed by perhaps the biggest TearJerker in this season so far; with Aiger watching Z Achilles, the very Bey he made himself, get completely destroyed during his and Phi's battle. What's more? Achilles screams Aiger's name just before breaking. The last we see before the episode ends is Aiger tearfully standing alone in the rain, overcome with remorse over what he's become.
    • What makes this worse is that a few episodes beforehand, Aiger stated that Achilles hasn't been speaking to him lately. This means that Achilles' first and final word after that statement was screaming Aiger's name in pain.
    • Piling it on, those phantom pains that Aiger believed were a sign of true resonance was actually Achilles trying to warn him that something was very wrong. The real problem was that Aiger wasn't listening to his Bey, and now he's forced to face facts.
  • Episode 41 provides us with a Tear Jerker possibly on the level of the example up above: Hyde and Phi's backstory is revealed (in which Phi is revealed to be a Big Brother Bully towards Hyde, who was always in his shadow), Phi breaks Dread Hades in his fight against his brother, and to top it all off, Evel goes and backstabs Hyde in favor of Phi. You had to feel for Hyde this episode, and it can really hit close to home for those who have grown up with older siblings who bullied them.
    • Furthermore, it is revealed that Phoenix and Hades were given to the twins as gifts from their father. We never see him, but imagine how he must've felt knowing that the Beys he so deeply cherished in his youth and were meant to be passed down to his sons as sign of his love for them led to the boys splitting up and one of them going on a destructive rampage.
  • Geist Fafnir getting destroyed by Dread Phoenix. Breaking someone's Bey is one thing, but for it to happen to the former No.1 Blader in the world is entirely another. When Valt yells for Free to get out of there, you know things are bad.

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