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  • Young Bladers like Valt and Shu are shown going to school. Well, how often do they take time on education compared to Beyblade? Do they even do homework?
    • Maybe they do. We just don’t see it, because it’s just an anime.
  • How did Boa get that scar, starting from Episode 27? Some good Fanfic Fuel here.
    • Maybe the same way Shu got his scar?
    • Maybe something a lot darker?
  • A lot of characters are at an unknown age, especially those in the second season. But a lot of fans debate on Norman’s age, for a variety of reasons. So what is his age?
    • Some suggest he’s only in his midteens. That causes friction, because some accuse Norman/Theodore shippers of supporting a pedophilic ship.
    • Maybe he’s around late teens, around 18-20. He sounds like an adult, but he looks fairly young. The International Blader’s Cup lets in Kurt, who seems to be an adult as well. Perhaps the tournament accepts no one past full adult?
      • Then again, a lot of characters in this series are younger than they seem to be.
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    • Some people just make him a full adult, probably as a shipping excuse.
    • Turbo seems to be having the same problem with Phi and Hae-jin. While Xander, despite being 6 feet tall and muscular, could (probably) be excused, Phi and Hae-jin seem to already be adults, yet the latter was allowed to compete in the Luinor Cup. Perhaps this is Burst's way of saying that Beyblade is for anyone, not just children?
  • In the International Blader's Cup, why did Shu destroy Nightmare Luinor, Twin Noctemis, and Valtryek's Reboot tip, but not Ark Balkesh, Alter Cognite, and Boom Khalzar?
    • Maybe the destroyed Beys belonged to those he saw as significant, and are actually some sort of “threat” to him.
    • Still doesn’t explain why he destroyed Ghasem’s Maximus Garuda. Seriously, the guy did absolutely nothing to warrant that.
  • What’s up with the referee in this series? The referee doesn’t seem to do anything whenever a Bey breaks (there are no disqualifications or such).
    • I take it whenever a bey breaks, it counts as a Burst. Especially since there are times where a bey gets broken by accident, and the only people that would go out of their way to break Beys are Phi and Aiger under the influence of Dark Resonance. Even then, the ref treats it as a Burst Finish. I guess it helps that the majority of the characters that had their beys broken end up getting them repaired/fixed at one point, even strong Bladers such as Valt, Shu, Lui, Aiger, and even Free.
  • How did Raul get his cybernetic eye?
    • Sadly, that's never explained. I guess when he was working on a Bey, he got into an accident that cost him his eye. He does love to mess around with advanced technology after all, so it was bound to happen.
    • Or, it's possible that given his old age, he was losing vision in his left eye and so got the lens to restore it.
  • What's with the lack of language barriers? Nearly everyone on the show speaks with American accents (in the dub), and speaks fluent English.
    • Considering that characters are traveling all over the world, language barriers would indeed make sense. However, given the amount of nationalities represented in Evolution alone (Spanish, Japanese, British, French, American, etc.), it would become extremely annoying if characters frequently had to stop interactions just to ask each other what the heck they're saying.
  • Why doesn’t the anime ever acknowledge that Zac and Count Nightfell are brothers, nor that Ange and Kit are mother and son?
    • Probably because it's not important to the plot or an integral part of their character. Think about it: it's important to know the relation between Toko, Nika, and Valt, because the former two are the siblings of the protagonist, and cheer him on when the going gets tough. It's important to know the relation between Ryota and Daigo, because that's who Daigo is giving his all for. It's important to know the relation between Rantaro and Ranjiro, because Rantaro taught Ranjiro how to blade, and inspired him to become a blader. It's especially important to know the relation between Phi and Hyde, because their argument in their youth is what caused Phi to go on his Bey-breaking spree and kick off the plot of the second half of the third season. However, it's not important to know that Kit and Ange, nor Count Nightfell and Zac are related, respectively, because it doesn't impact anything.

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