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Funny / Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

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  • The first episode is mostly serious, but there's a moment at the very end: Mumei shows off her badass chops by beheading a Kabane with her sandal-blade... only to overshoot and get the blade stuck in a nearby post, undermining the awesomeness of the moment.
    • Even funnier, she later reappears lacking said sandal, meaning she actually failed at pulling it out of the wood.
  • Ikoma knows that you need blood to lure a Kabane and cuts his wrist to get some. He immediately regrets it after realizing just how painful it is.
  • If you're not in awe of Mumei's rampant badassery, you'll be chuckling at her nonchalance. From a casual Groin Attack on a guy twice her size for touching her, to a Dynamic Entry on a pair of Kabane that steals Ikoma's spotlight, Mumei epitomizes the ability to kick butt and not care.
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  • Suzuki might very well be a Crowning Character of Funny- he speaks in Gratuitous English complimenting his Japanese to show that he's from an English-speaking country in-universe, and the (possibly unintentional) comedy caused by him has made him an Ensemble Dark Horse.
  • Episode 4 begins with Ikoma (having lost control of his body due to a lack of blood) preparing to bite an immobilized and shocked Ayame, in a rather disconcerting position. The reactions of his friends? Call him a perv.
  • Episode 7 contains quite a few moments that could qualify, including Mumei being thoroughly impressed by Kajika's bargaining skills, Kurusu walking in on Ayame while she's stuffing her face (with the whole setup playing out as if he had walked in on her changing), and Takumi using his holiday wish to wish for three beautiful wives.
    • Kurusu become embarassed when asked about his own wish, which is heavily implied to be marrying Ayame.
    • Mumei wishes to eat a bowl of rice. In context it's a crowning moment of heartwarming, but since only Ikoma knows why, everyone else is entirely confused by it.
  • Despite the otherwise seriousness of the episode, in Episode 8 a random Wasatori shows up that has two other kabane strapped to it; one over it's head and another over it's heart. When the one over it's heart is dispatched, another one climbs into it's place. Since Wasatori are normal Kabane who have gained further combat knowledge, this one somehow learned about it's own weakness, found a way to mitigate it, and then convinced at least three other kabane to be it's shield. Even funnier is the Kabane on it's head sticks there by sucking on it like a large lollipop, and when knocked off immediately starts running back like he's missing his fix.

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