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  • Upon his escape from the hangar, Ledo promptly kidnaps Amy and makes off with her hanging over his shoulder. Her initial reactions, as Chamber notes, are less than amused.
    Chamber: Those were statements regarding reproduction with one's mother, as well as an exclamation of sanctified excrement.
    Ledo: As I thought, they're savages!
    • At some point during the aforementioned scene, as Amy is screaming her lungs off at Ledo, Chamber remarks that his analysis of the "alien civilization's" language is less than halfway complete. Ledo pats her on the ass and says encouragingly, as one might to a pet, "Keep talking, girl."
  • Episode 2: Amy offers Ledo half of a dried fish as a goodwill offering. Ledo and Chamber are rather confused by this:
    Chamber: It is an undersea organism's corpse.
    Ledo: Corpse!?
    (Amy eats half of it, demonstrating it's harmless, and offers the other to Ledo)
    Ledo: What am I supposed to do with it?
    Chamber: Analysis: It is harmless nourishment. Food.
    Ledo: I'm supposed to eat it!?
    Chamber: Conjecture: It is a friendship ritual.
    Ledo: But it's a corpse!
    Chamber: I leave the decision of how to respond to the situation up to you.
    • In the second episode, Amy makes a long, impassioned plea for Ledo's help to fend off the pirates, Ledo, of course, is just standing there clueless. Chamber tactfully translates the entire speech for Ledo merely as "SEEKING ASSISTANCE". Followed by Ledo completely ignoring Amy's emotional state and deciding to help so he'll have some leverage for bartering later. And he immediately turns his back on her without a word to jump on his robot.
  • Episode 3 has Chamber electrocuting Pinion's ass for accidentally falling into his cockpit.
    • The way that Chamber and Ledo defeat the enemy mecha in episode three involves him lifting them up into the air and spinning around, with chamber repeatedly announcing "WARNING! PLEASE SURRENDER!" until they finally go flying.
  • Episode 5 has plenty of these moments:
    • Ledo while searching for a job winds up on a farm. The farmer asks him to help with some manure — a fifteen-foot high pile of manure that takes up an entire barn. Ledo promptly refuses.
    • Amy and her friends forcing Ledo to strip down to his boxers and then proceeding to enjoy the view for a bit. Also, Ledo in a Hawaiian shirt.
    • Amy teaching Ledo how to swim.
    • Chamber not understanding why the girls are talking about maintaining their weight when they're planning on eating a luxurious amount of meat. Pinion's explanation is basically "That's just the way some girls are."
      Chamber: That does not compute.
      Pinion: You can say that again!
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    • Ledo and his encounters with the gay bar employees, ending up with his shirt ripped and his face covered in lipstick marks. The first time he encounters them, he calls Chamber for help, but, thankfully (and hilariously) Pinion keeps Chamber from invoking some Disproportionate Retribution by making sure that Chamber remains a grill.
    • Pinion forgot an important thing for his barbecue, and sends Ledo to go get it. When Ledo finally gets to the old woman who has it, she makes it sound like the thing Pinion wanted Ledo to get is some dangerous Artifact of Doom. It's barbecue sauce.
    • Pinion suckers Chamber into becoming a grilling table. And Chamber still lying there at the end of the day, still having no clue what just happened, repeating his query over and over again.
    • It also turns out that Pinion skipped work for the party, and his coworkers catch up with him at the end of the episode.
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  • In the sixth episode, Chamber attempts to help catch fish. While he makes an impressive haul, the fish don't survive the process whole so he ends up dumping a mountain of pulped sea life on the deck, and responds to the fishermen's complaints by arguing that the nutritional value is still the same.
  • Episode 12: A certain pirate queen declaring that she loves Pinion... in Italian... while saving him from a fall... with the help of a boat piloted by her bodyguards/sex slaves/girlfriends/subs/some unknown combination of the above... in the middle of a small war... while things explode. And the only thing that doesn't have an explanation is the Italian.
  • During the final battle between Chamber and Striker
    Striker: You are clearly not functioning properly. Reformat and reboot immediately. This is your final warning.
    Chamber: Response to final warning: Go to hell, tin can!
  • From the bonus episode 14: Anything involving ghosts.
    Ledo: Chamber, define this term "ghost".
    Chamber: A direct translation does not exist within the standard Galactic Alliance lexicon.
    Ledo: So it's something that exists only on Earth?
    Chamber: Conjecture: It is a creature of some sort.
    Ledo: Are these "ghosts" enemies?
    Amy: Well...
    Ledo: Shall I kill them?
    Amy: No! No, don't do anything to them!
    Ledo: ...understood.
  • Part one of "Meguru Kōro, Haruka". A flashback reveals Amy wanted to get to know Ledo she secretly tried asking Chamber about him. It goes as well as you'd expect.


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