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  • Episode 2 has Ledo and Chamber destroying the pirate ships and eliminating the pirates' asses from this universe. Literally.
  • In the third episode, he does it again without killing anybody. His dispatching of the pirate leader is noteworthy for consisting entirely of Chamber screaming at her to surrender while spinning her around, a funny contrast to the previous "vaporize everything" approach that shows that Ledo is willing to think outside of the box.
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  • In the fifth episode, Ledo has to deal with his fair share of pervy creeps when venturing into a shadier part of town, but he manages to deal with them two more times in order to retrieve Pinion's mysterious box. By the end of it, his shirt is in tatters, he's covered in lipstick, and he's utterly confused by what happened, but he singlehandedly saved what might have been a very bland barbeque.
  • Episode 7 has a great one. Laser weapons are ineffective under water? Use your bare robot hands.
  • A minor but notable example: When Ledo gains strong evidence that Hideauze are capable of sentience and not necessarily monsters, he immediately refuses to continue destroying them as he'd previously spent his whole life doing. That's right. Ledo throws off a lifetime of brainwashing and grudges through basic moral integrity. Badass. A sign of his change is when he called them, the babies at least, "Whalesquid" not "Hideauze".
  • Most of episode 12, the glorious battle involving Ledo/Chamber, Pinion and Lukkage against Kugel/Striker and his cult.
    • Ledo defeats Striker by body-slamming her into a smokestack at full thrust!
    • Without Striker, the Cult is honestly curbstomped and reduced to wreckage in short order with zero losses on the allied side.
    • Melty nearly kills herself trying to get warning to Gargantia. She said she wasn't sure if she could do it, but she tried it anyway.
  • Episode 13, as befits the finale of a series, is phenomenal.
    • Amy acting as a spotter for Gargantia's mass driver artillery strikes, flying her fragile little surf-flier well within visual range of a Machine Caliber battle. That takes guts.
    • Chamber's Famous Last Words that also double as a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner
      Chamber: (to Striker) Response to final warning: Go to hell, tin can!
  • The ending of the second OVA. It might have been part of the beginning of Kugel's anti-Hideauze cult, but one can't deny how cathartic it was to have him to see through Aleria's false attempts to be the new high priestess and give the monster exactly what she deserved.
    Kugel: (impales Aleria with his Alliance sword) Sacrifice your life, as a priestess.
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  • The first half of first episode. Come on. Tens, if not hundreds, mecha fighting alien in outer space? Check. Coordinated operations? Check. Opening Wormhole to directly attack Hideauze's nest? Check. No one is considered one man army in that like Macross or Gundam and ability of every surviving pilot is marginally equal? Check. They failed the mission, but still it's battle in outer space with mecha.
  • Another one, humanity survived The End OF The World As We Know It on two ways. 1. Staying in the Ice Age era for looong time as ice melted. 2. Select few of them and send them to outer space. Both Survived.
    • The Earth inhabitants survived and become from ice age dweller to seafarer. Note: as ice age going by sea is dangerous, iceberg and such.
    • Space maybe have Orwellian government, but they survived and having around cool-looking mecha is still awesome.


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